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1 Our Call to Worship Note 2 Cor 1:2 DocTrinsograce Sun 10/11/15, 9:18am 242617
  I greet Thee, who my sure Redeemer art,
My only trust and Savior of my heart,
Who pain didst undergo for my poor sake;
I pray Thee from our hearts all cares to take.

Thou art the King of mercy and of grace,
Reigning omnipotent in every place;
So come, O King, and our whole being sway;
Shine on us with the light of Thy pure day.

Thou art the life, by which alone we live,
And all our substance and our strength receive;
Sustain us by Thy faith and by Thy power,
And give us strength in every trying hour.

Thou hast the true and perfect gentleness,
No harshness hast Thou and no bitterness;
O grant to us the grace we find in Thee,
That we may dwell in perfect unity.

Our hope is in no other save in Thee;
Our faith is built upon Thy promise free;
Lord, give us peace, and make us calm and sure,
That in Thy strength we evermore endure.

--John Calvin (1545)
2 While the Preacher Preaches Note Luke 1:77 DocTrinsograce Sat 10/10/15, 1:16pm 242616
  Dear Ed,

Thank you for your comments. Here are a few of my own:

Piety tends to have a negative connotation in my mind from the historic context. Pietism arose among German Lutherans in the late 17th century and on into the 18th century. I suppose that it might have even had its roots amongst Roman Catholics. The Lutherans were making an effort to return Protestantism to a kind of practical piety rather than doctrine. Hence the concern: When piety is not rooted in doctrine, it becomes experientialism.

On the other hand, if our doctrine fails to lead to a doxological life, then we have something that has only affected our heads and not our hearts. That, too, ends up leaving us in quagmire.

I think that when our consideration of living a pious life begins in earnest, it is good to think about our approach to the sacraments -- for it is in the broader context of our lives in the church from which our piety arises. The idea of strict memorialism can, I think, leave us with the idea that communion is unimportant.

At the church that I am now attending, communion is practiced on a monthly basis. The week before communion Sunday, the pastor calls us all to prepare ourselves in the coming week for communion. I thought a lot about how one ought to prepare. How is this done? What does it look like? Here is what I concluded:

1. Approach communion with holy fear, when we partake we are actually approaching God.
2. Recognize that in communion we are in God's holy presence.
3. Search the heart to be certain that we are not treasuring iniquity in our hearts. Deal with it!
4. Turn to God with genuine humility and affection.
5. Remember and be fully persuaded that God appointed this sacrament.
6. Share in the bread and wine according to God's will, with all that that entails.
7. Always heed the deceit that no preparation is needed.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list. However, I think that it addresses the most essential aspects of preparation for communion. Of course, we can only be prepared through God's grace by way of the power of the Holy Spirit. So after communion, I take some time to examine how worthily I performed it. If I find that I did well, I offer thanksgiving to the Lord for His enablement. If I find that I did poorly, I confess, and ask for His forgiveness, and for the grace needed to do better next time.

Bayly deals with this so well. God is gracious to have given us his instruction, and drawing our attention to it now.

Thank you for your thoughts, Ed. Sorry if I have been too long-winded.

In Him, Doc
3 While the Preacher Preaches Note Luke 1:77 EdB Sat 10/10/15, 9:55am 242615
What I really picked up on was the way he said what he said. He did not mince words, was not trying to be politically correct, it was finite and most of all true. So different than much of the writing of today.
Piety is often mentally connected with hypocrisy, because so many preach about it but few live it. However I'm beginning to see a call for change. For far too long young pastors have been taught to herd sheep instead of feeding sheep.
I was also very excited of his view on communion. My fear is way too many take communion with no real thought of meaning. To many it has become a meaningless ritual that must be tolerated within the church they attend.
His emphasis on the meaning, importance and most of all our responsibilities in communion was right on.
That is just a ver few points of what I got excited about in his writing.
4 Cain feared who would kill him? Answer Gen 4:13 EdB Sat 10/10/15, 9:37am 242614
  Since we have no time frame and assuming there was intermarriage ( brother sister, uncle niece) there are estimates that as many as 100,000 people could have been alive by this time. Again this is an assumption not documented in scripture.
Plus Cain realized that before his death many more people would be on earth, so his fear was justified.
5 where is suicide in Bible Answer Bible general EdB Sat 10/10/15, 9:31am 242613
  Suicide has been discussed many times on this forum. Do search for suicide in the box on the upper right. If after reading the various posts and viewpoints you still have a question, just ask.
6 Genbesis chpter 11 verse 1 why do evolu Answer Gen 11:1 EdB Sat 10/10/15, 9:27am 242611
  Most evolutionist insist that evolution took place before this verse. That man came from the slim and they have no problem with all humans speaking one language at this time. However scripture tells us God created man, man did not just happen.
7 A Poetic Rephrasing of Psalm 23 Note Ps 23:6 DocTrinsograce Wed 10/7/15, 3:39pm 242607
  The 23 Psalme

The God of love my shepherd is,
And He that doth me feed:
While He is mine, and I am His,
What can I want or need?
He leads me to the tender grasse,
Where I both feed and rest;
Then to the streams that gently passe:
In both I have the best.
Or if I stray, He doth convert
And bring my minde in frame:
And all this not for my desert,1
But for His holy name.
Yea, in deaths shadie black abode
Well may I walk, not fear:
For Thou art with me; and Thy rod
To guide, Thy staff to bear.
Nay, Thou dost make me sit and dine,
Evín in my enemies sight:
My head with oyl, my cup with wine
Runnes over day and night.
Surely thy sweet and wondrous love
Shall measure all my dayes;
And as it never shall remove,
So neither shall my praise.

--George Herbert (1633)
8 Cain feared who would kill him? Note Gen 4:13 justme Wed 10/7/15, 7:33am 242606
  Doc. very good. It stans to reason that we have no clear understanding of the time frame in years, that all this took place. These type of issues that lie behind the clear out front details that I think for a better term are "digging for gold nuggets". This really makes "Reading the Bible for all it's worth" as the Bible Answer man says. Thanks for making this a very interesting dialogue.

9 Cain feared who would kill him? Note Gen 4:13 DocTrinsograce Tue 10/6/15, 3:04pm 242605
  Hi, Justme...

Given that Cain says "...whoever finds me will kill me." (Genesis 4:14b) and God's reply "Therefore whoever kills Cain..." (v15a) imply that the community of men was either growing or expected to grow.

John Calvin comments with: "Cain, however, in this place, not only considers himself as deprived of Godís protection, but also supposes all creatures to be divinely armed to take vengeance of his impious murder. This is the reason why he so greatly fears for his life from any one who may meet him; for as man is a social animal, and all naturally desire mutual intercourse, this is certainly to be regarded as a portentous fact, that the meeting with any man was formidable to the murderer."

In Him, Doc
10 Cain feared who would kill him? Note Gen 4:13 justme Tue 10/6/15, 9:20am 242604
  Doc; would it stand to reason that when Cain married his sister were there not other brothers that would eventually be a threat?


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