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1 Baptists Note 1 Cor 11:2 DocTrinsograce Fri 07/1/16, 2:39pm 243256
  "We believe that the Baptists are the original Christians. We did not commence our existence at the reformation, we were reformers before Luther and Calvin were born; we never came from the Church of Rome, for we were never in it, but we have an unbroken line up to the apostles themselves. We have always existed from the days of Christ, and our principles, sometimes veiled and forgotten, like a river which may travel under ground for a little season, have always had honest and holy adherents. Persecuted alike by Romanists and Protestants of almost every sect, yet there has never existed a Government holding Baptist principles which persecuted others; nor, I believe, any body of Baptists ever held it to be right to put the consciences of others under the control of man. We have ever been ready to suffer, as our martyrologies will prove, but we are not ready to accept any help from the State, to prostitute the purity of the Bride of Christ to any alliance with Government, and we will never make the Church, although the Queen, the despot over the consciences of men." --Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892) *

*Not sure I entirely agree, but the general sense presents a consensus among Baptists (Take it with a grain of salt). On the other hand, Spurgeon would be someone with whom you could have far greater confidence in than with me!
2 The Seriousness of Sin Note Ps 1:5 DocTrinsograce Thu 06/30/16, 4:48pm 243255
  "It is actually a strong view of the pervasiveness and power of sin as we find in the Reformed tradition that reflects the highest view of man possible. To say that human beings are basically good is to say that sin is ultimately of little consequence. Sin would then be just a minor error, not a true violation of other image-bearers and even God Himself. If we were not made in the image of God, then sin would not really matter. It would have no more moral significance than any other event in creation such as the movement of subatomic particles.

"The person who has a low view of sin and tries to minimize my guilt before our holy God actually hates me and robs me of my dignity as the Lord's image-bearer. If sin is serious, then the fall was serious, and if the fall was serious, what we were created to be has profound significance. The higher our view of the power and extent of sin, the higher our view of our Creator's righteousness and holiness; and the higher our view of our Creator's righteousness and holiness, the higher our view of mankind and what He made us for, namely, to reflect that righteousness and holiness in all that we do." --R. C. Sproul

3 Theology Note Ps 108:5 DocTrinsograce Thu 06/30/16, 3:02pm 243254
  Goal of theology to glorify God and enjoy Him forever (doxology). The objective of theology is to repentance.
4 Keep Learning! Note 1 Cor 3:23 DocTrinsograce Wed 06/29/16, 4:51pm 243253
  Know what you believe...


Free courses and lectures.
5 For Thy Name's Sake Note Prov 8:36 DocTrinsograce Wed 06/29/16, 2:06pm 243252
  "How ought they who are mocked react towards those that mock at them? Well, the first thing is, never yield an inch. You young men in the great firms of London, you working men that work in the factories -- you are sneered at. Let them sneer. If they can sneer you out of your religion, you have not got any worth having. Remember you can be laughed into hell, but you can never be laughed out of it. A man may by ridicule give up what religion he thought he had, but if he cast away his soul, his companions who caused his loss cannot help him in the day of his travail, and anguish, and bitterness, before the throne of the Most High. Why be ashamed? 'They called me a saint.' I remember once a person calling me a saint in the street. All I thought was, 'I wish he could prove it.' Once a man, passing me in the street, said, 'There is John Bunyan.' I think I felt six inches taller at the least. I was delighted to be called by such a name as that. 'Oh! but they will point at you.' Cannot you bear to be pointed at? 'But they will chaff you.' Chaff -- let them chaff you. Can that hurt a man that is a man? If you are a molluscan creature that has no backbone, you may be afraid of jokes, and jeers, and jests; but if God has made you upright, stand upright and be a man. Moreover, there is one thing you should always do when you are ashamed -- pray. 'Oh! that God would turn the captivity of Zion.' The best refuge for a believer in times of persecution is his secret resort to God. Let him to on his knees and say, 'My Lord, I have been counted worthy to be spoken ill of for Thy name's sake. Help me to bear it. Now is my time of trial. Strengthen me to bear this reproach. Grant that it may be no heavy burden to me, but may I rather rejoice in it for Thy Name's sake.' God will help you, beloved. Then next to that, pray always, most for those who treat you worst. Make them the constant subjects of your prayer." --Charles H. Spurgeon

From his sermon, "Are you Mocked?" 09/17/1871

6 You Can Easily See the Difference Note 2 Pet 1:21 EdB Tue 06/28/16, 5:29pm 243251
  This excellent! And something many forget or ignore to their destruction!
7 You Can Easily See the Difference Note 2 Pet 1:21 DocTrinsograce Tue 06/28/16, 3:06pm 243250
  "The Holy Spirit may be distinguished from the Word, but to separate the Word and the Spirit is spiritually fatal. The Holy Spirit teaches, leads, and speaks to us through the Word and with the Word, not apart from or against the Word. How grievous it is to the Holy Spirit when unbridled spirits mock God by claiming the leading of the Spirit when they are acting against the Word of God." --Tim Challies (2011)

8 Missing Objectivity Note Neh 9:32 DocTrinsograce Tue 06/28/16, 2:19pm 243249
  "By the way, I accept it as fair that if a person advocates positions in writing, his ideas may be criticized and disagreed with vigorously -- I won’t squeal about spirited and rational public discourse. Indeed, more of that may lead to more peace rather than less. Perhaps some readers will agree that good interaction, even allowing dissent, may have positive effects and consider my suggestions about discourse, which ask us to think objectively [uninfluenced by one's emotions or prejudices] about methods, well-intentioned leaders, and power as we move forward. I imagine Dr. Aquila, who was also whined about because his 'news magazine' -- published relevant previous GA Minutes ... and a discursive article, might even invite equal time for folks to continue this debate in his magazine, especially since some publications cannot find the digital space to include articles that do not support their editorial agenda." --Reverend David W. Hall

9 No Agreement on the Definition of Libert Note Acts 20:29 EdB Mon 06/27/16, 4:33pm 243248
  Wow if Lincoln did say that he missed it. The story says nothing about the definition of Liberty. I speaks pnly to the sheep's and wolf's perspective of the shepherd. Their definition of Liberty was never discussed.

10 Growing Into a Temple Note Eph 2:21 DocTrinsograce Mon 06/27/16, 4:11pm 243247
  "Growth in grace is one way to be happy in our religion. God has wisely linked together our comfort and our increase in holiness." --J. C. Ryle


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