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1 Does God have an Elect set of people? Note Rom 8:29 justme Tue 07/28/15, 8:13pm 242371
  Doc: very well put indeed.

2 Does God have an Elect set of people? Note Rom 8:29 justme Tue 07/28/15, 8:11pm 242370
  Sandh: What you say about the 144,000 is what JW's believe. That's not Orthodox Christianity what you have stated. Could you please restate what you mean please.

3 Does God have an Elect set of people? Answer Rom 8:29 justme Tue 07/28/15, 8:08pm 242369
  Welcome to the Study Bible Forum moonzzup. Psalm 139:16 is a good place to see where God says that God has written in His book all our days that have been ordained for us. I believe God knows who will become His follower and who will reject Him meaning Jesus Christ, then it can be said some will be chosen for His Kingdom and some will enter eternity in hell forever. The question is not does God make them go to hell, but rather He knows who will and who will not become a born again genuine believer In Jesus Christ. There is a fine line and it's all related to our free will which He knows before we are even born.

I hope this helps.


So if God knows who will be a genuine born again follower of Jesus Christ
4 Is masturbating a sin? (give Bible ref) Note Colossians justme Tue 07/28/15, 7:53pm 242368
  May I suggest Dr. James Dobson book on "BOYS"
This subject is dealt with in a more healthy way and one which is more practical and honest.

5 Open the Eyes of my Heart Note 2 Cor 3:16 DocTrinsograce Tue 07/28/15, 5:11pm 242367
  "O Lord Jesus Christ, open the eyes of my heart, that I may hear Your word and understand and do Your will, for I am a sojourner upon the earth. Hide not Your commandments from me, but open my eyes, that I may perceive the wonders of Your law. Speak unto me the hidden and secret things of Your wisdom." --John Chrysostom (347-407)
6 What was Isaiah relationship to theKing Note Is 6:1 DocTrinsograce Tue 07/28/15, 5:05pm 242366
  Hi, Jim...

Welcome to the forum!

The Lord Himself grants sight and withholds sight (see Isaiah 44:18-20; John 12:40; Romans 9:18). God's timing is perfect. Just at the right moment He granted sight to Isaiah. God removes the scales from the eyes of those He chooses.

In Him, Doc

7 What was Isaiah relationship to theKing Note Is 6:1 James E. Gordon,Jr. Tue 07/28/15, 3:39pm 242365
  what kept Isaiah from seeing the Lord, before King Uzziah died?
8 Intended to use as part of sermon Answer Acts 9:40 ipl Tue 07/28/15, 11:08am 242364
  Acts 9:36-42 tells of Peter raising Tabitha/Dorcas.
9 Should pastors/preachers be evaluated Answer 1 Cor 4:4 DocTrinsograce Mon 07/27/15, 4:18pm 242360
  Hi, Sister Azure...

I cannot speak to how our Lutheran brethren handle this question. However, I do have some experience with Historic Baptists (ARBCA) and Presbyterians (OPC). The elders are ordained in both groups. Every church has at least three elders, often more. Some of the elders are teaching elders while others are what are called ruling elders. The definitions and roles vary somewhat even among individual congregations. Nonetheless, the elders are always meeting together for mutual edification and accountability. In addition, there is often a lot of interaction with other Reformed congregations. If the churches are newly planted (i.e., less than five years old), then the elders also meet regularly with their founding congregations. In this latter situation, there are measurable goals that are set for the new congregation. Often elders from one congregation will be assigned to a new congregation when their elder boards (or "sessions" as they are called by Presbyterians), lack qualified men. Sometimes whole families will be asked to attend a congregation that needs solid congregants. When needed, a teaching elder will take the pulpit of a congregation in times of need. I have even seen this done between Baptists, Presbyterians, and Dutch or Reformed Church of America pastors.

With a plurality of elders, efforts are continually made to insure that the men are walking in a manner worthy of the gospel (Philippians 1:27). The elders are not only measured by what they teach and affirm, but also by how they live. Orthodoxy gives rise to orthopraxy. This combination is commanded by our Lord, and forms the basis of all teaching.

In Him, Doc

PS I recently noticed the following short article. You might find it interesting; although it does not have direct bearing on your question.

10 How can I understand the Bible? Note Bible general EdB Mon 07/27/15, 12:37pm 242359
  That website mentioned above is sponsored by the Jehovah Witnesses which have been recognized as a Cult by all other Christian Organizations.
Be very careful where you go to seek info. Make sure it based on scripture and not the ideas of one man.

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