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Tue 10/21/14, 1:55pm [CT]  

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1 Is Nicodemus the rich young ruler ? (?)Unanswered-Primary Not Specified Enoch1637 Tue 10/21/14, 10:05am 241396
  Is Nicodemus the rich young ruler ?

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1 Sex before marriage ? Answer Bible general EdB Thu 10/16/14, 9:30pm 241395
  First to answer your question requires speculation and as you probably know speculation on this forum is frowned on.

That said and risking the wrath of many I will offer my speculation.

Matthew 22:1-14 speaks of this. The man in verse 11 thought he was saved but hadn't changed.

I think the church in America today is filled with people that believe they are saved but haven't changed.

J Vernon McGee once said over 65 percent of the people sitting in church are not saved.

I questioned this and surveyed brother pastors. The results I now believe that the actual number is only about 10 percent of those that attend church are actually saved.

Many think they can fool God.

Fornication is sin any way you cut it.
2 Vessels to honor or dishonor Note 2 Tim 2:20 EdB Thu 10/16/14, 9:14pm 241393
  I think I did answer, the verse says there are gold, silver and earthenware,wood any of these can be used for honor or dishonor.

As far as cleansing nothing but the blood of Jesus can cleanse. Our righteousness is as filthy rags.

That said this passage is taking of Christians. The ones of honor are the faithful, bold soldiers of Christ. The dishonored ones are the lazy, weak soldiers that refuse to honor the one that called them.

Put another way verse 21 is saying once we are washed by the blood (saved) of Jesus we then need to insure we stay away from dishonor.

We are called to be holy and pure
3 Vessels to honor or dishonor Note 2 Tim 2:20 00123 Thu 10/16/14, 10:38am 241391
  First, you didn't answer my question. Second, yes, we can cleanse ourselves and that is our responsibility. Read the next verse (:21).
4 Vessels to honor or dishonor Answer 2 Tim 2:20 EdB Thu 10/16/14, 10:05am 241390
  If you read the verse it is saying there are gold and silver and also wood and earthenware vessels.
Some honor and some dishonor.

Read the Amplified.

Remember a vessel can not cleanse itself, only it's master can do that. If our Master is Christ then we will be cleansed.
5 Theos - Adonai Note Bible general Rolff Tue 10/14/14, 11:23pm 241388
  I can read Greek with helps, and can pick up YHWH in the Hebrew text. Your comments now make much sense. It was an AhHa moment in church on Sunday. Thanks.

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