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1 Free will, or ? Note Rom 9:16 DocTrinsograce Wed 05/25/16, 2:16pm 243118
  Hi, justme!

Keep dealing with whole books of the Bible. Tossing out pericopes, verses, chapters, etc. will fend off heterodoxy. We live by EVERY word of God. Our wisdom rests in Him alone, not in someone's ability to pick and choose the passages that make them feel good.

Check out the Jefferson Bible if you want to see the ultimate in that practice. Sit in the pulpit of many of our churches if you want to see it commonly done. Did you know that there are churches where the pastors have never preached exegetically?

Anyway, you might want to be sure that your email is not sending your messages to the junk folder. If you see it in the junk folder, go in, and tell your email that it is not junk, but a trusted sender.

In Him, Doc
2 Free will, or ? Answer Rom 9:16 EdB Wed 05/25/16, 8:19am 243117
  Justme I think it shows wisdom to sidestep debates such as these. God bestows Grace as God chooses. However John 3:16 places a requirement for that to happen. Man must have the faith, to believe and to receive.

That said salvation today in ALL camps is severely lacking being the "light to world". That is far more important than how one got saved. While many sit around arguing theology thousands are going to eternal damnation.

Critical thinkers of the world laugh at Christianity, saying, "you can't agree on how you got saved, but you want to tell me I need it."

Wisdom dictates we stop debating our faith and to start living our faith. Living it in such a way we don't blend in but we are in fact the fact the "LIGHT" we are called to be.
3 How long is a Sabbath day walk? Note Acts 1:12 EdB Wed 05/25/16, 7:51am 243116
  I fail to understand your answer. 2000 cubits is a far shorter distance than 8.75 miles. Most scholars place a cubit to be about 15 to 18 inches ( distance of elbow to index finger tip) 2000 cubits would be about 3000 feet, a little more than a half mile.
I fully understand that the Pharisees using loopholes circumvented these restrictions but again even the most generous interpretations still limited travel to less than 2.3 miles.

I was taught that a faithful Jew would limit their steps to 1000 approx 3000 feet. That they would build their homes to accommodate this distance to a local synagogue and nominal number of trip to outhouse.

Can you enlighten me to where the 8.75 miles figure came from?
4 Free will, or ? Note Rom 9:16 justme Wed 05/25/16, 6:35am 243115
  Doc. I waited for an answer, as I knew you or someone would answer asap. Buy it never came so I checked here. And for sur it was answered. Something is wrong as I am not getting emails when answers are made. any suggestions? Thanks for the answer.

5 How long is a Sabbath day walk? Answer Acts 1:12 DocTrinsograce Tue 05/24/16, 4:50pm 243114
  Hi, Well...

The Sabbath to the Jew would be from Sunset Friday through Sunset Saturday. A Sabbath day's journey would have been about seven furlongs (about 8.75 miles). Joshua 3:4 describes it as two thousand cubits. That would make sense, since by the Mosaic Law. The normal mode of transportation was riding upon an ass. That was prohibited on the Sabbath. Interestingly enough, riding a horse on the Sabbath was permissible. (Of course, there were few of them because of the cost of their upkeep.) Nonetheless, even riding a horse was not allowed to exceed the two thousand cubits mentioned above.

In Him, Doc
6 Free will, or ? Answer Rom 9:16 DocTrinsograce Tue 05/24/16, 4:37pm 243112
  Hi, Justme...

I don't think that you CAN sidestep the debate. You know how Paul in Romans asks those rhetorical questions along the way? Any study of Romans has failed in its exegesis unless the reader finds himself asking those very questions. They are guideposts in following the apostle's explanation of Christian theology. Furthermore, you must never take any book of the Bible and pick and choose which passages suit your own taste. Context is king. You must understand the book in its entirety, front to back. Only the many cults in our world select which passages are more significant than others. As the old divines put it, "All things in Scripture are not alike plain in themselves, nor alike clear unto all; yet those things which are necessary to be known, believed and observed for salvation, are so clearly propounded and opened in some place of Scripture or other, that not only the learned, but the unlearned, in a due use of ordinary means, may attain to a sufficient understanding of them. (2 Peter 3:16; Psalms 19:7; Psalms 119:130)"

Also, realize that the Doctrines of Grace are far more than the silly issues that the Remonstrants brought up in Holland. You may right use their objections to define historic Arminianism, but you will falling very short in thinking that TULIP is all there is concerning Calvinism. Read Calvin's Institutes, there is nothing that can stand beside them in such careful Biblical exegetical veracity before the King of Kings.

In Him, Doc
7 Why Imitate Christ? Note Gal 5:8 DocTrinsograce Mon 05/23/16, 3:55pm 243108
  Why should Christians imitate Christ? They should do it for their own sakes. If they desire to be in a healthy state of soul-if they would escape the sickness of sin, and enjoy the vigor of growing grace, let Jesus be their model. For their own happiness' sake, if they would drink wine on the lees, well refined; if they would enjoy holy and happy communion with Jesus; if they would be lifted up above the cares and troubles of this world, let them walk even as he walked. There is nothing which can so assist you to walk towards heaven with good speed, as wearing the image of Jesus on your heart to rule all its motions. It is when, by the power of the Holy Spirit, you are enabled to walk with Jesus in his very footsteps, that you are most happy, and most known to be the sons of God. Peter afar off is both unsafe and uneasy. Next, for religion's sake, strive to be like Jesus. Ah! poor religion, thou hast been sorely shot at by cruel foes, but thou hast not been wounded one-half so dangerously by thy foes as by thy friends. Who made those wounds in the fair hand of Godliness? The professor who used the dagger of hypocrisy. The man who with pretenses, enters the fold, being naught but a wolf in sheep's clothing, worries the flock more than the lion outside. There is no weapon half so deadly as a Judas-kiss. Inconsistent professors injure the gospel more than the sneering critic or the infidel. But, especially for Christ's own sake, imitate his example. Christian, lovest thou thy Savior? Is his name precious to thee? Is his cause dear to thee? Wouldst thou see the kingdoms of the world become his? Is it thy desire that he should be glorified? Art thou longing that souls should be won to him? If so, imitate Jesus; be an "epistle of Christ, known and read of all men." --Charles H. Spurgeon
8 Three Days and Three Nights Note Bible general Archive 4 DocTrinsograce Sat 05/21/16, 11:51am 243107
  Dear ipl,

That's a good question! When people do not site a source, we must assume that it arises only from their own ponderings. Speculations like that can easily be ignored. As orthodox Biblical Christians we understand that "The infallible rule of interpretation of Scripture is the Scripture itself; and therefore when there is a question about the true and full sense of any Scripture (which is not manifold, but one), it must be searched by other places that speak more clearly. (2 Peter 1:20-21; Acts 15:15-16)" Consequently, let us not be concerned when nothing is provided as support for someone's speculation!

In Him, Doc
9 Three Days and Three Nights Note Bible general Archive 4 ipl Fri 05/20/16, 10:10pm 243106
  Is the following statement in Hesiod's "Works and Days" a satisfactory example? "Show them to the sun ten days and ten nights ...". Nothing can be shown to the sun during the night. I found a post on academia.edu that is very insightful called "Counting of days and nights in the Bible". Unfortunately it lacks citations. Maybe you can contact the author at sil.org for possible examples.
10 In Accordance with the Law Note Acts 24:14 DocTrinsograce Wed 05/18/16, 2:15pm 243105
  "The nature and use of the law (which goes before the covenant of grace) having been unfolded, we must now treat [discuss] of the covenant itself. Since it is of the greatest importance in theology (being as it were the center and bond of all religion, consisting in the communion of God with man and embracing in its compass [totality] all the benefits of God towards man and his duties towards God), our highest interest lies in rightly knowing and observing it. Hence the discussion of it demands peculiar accuracy (akribeian), that the truth may be confirmed against the errors by which Satan has endeavored in almost every age to obscure and corrupt this saving doctrine." --Francis Turretin (1992)

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