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Tue 09/23/14, 8:22am [CT]  

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Imagine ... a free Study Bible with an unlimited margin, that contained helpful verse notes, and was continually expanding.
  ... a resource -- a place -- a Bible -- where one could access and contribute to a dynamic repository of verse notes -- a virtual expository repository.
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1 feelings in heaven (?)Unanswered-Primary Not Specified meemawbrooks Mon 09/22/14, 8:50pm 241288
  when you are in heaven do think about loved ones on earth how can you not miss being with them

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1 WHO WERE THE SLAVE DRIVERS AND FORMEN? Answer Exodus DocTrinsograce Mon 09/22/14, 4:22pm 241287
  Hi, olive...

Welcome to the forum!

Always remember that every chapter has a context of the book itself. Read chapter 1 of Exodus and see if you can identify the taskmasters of the children of Israel.

In Him, Doc
2 no forgiven sins Answer 1 Pet 2:24 DocTrinsograce Mon 09/22/14, 4:17pm 241285
  Hi, littlew...

Welcome to the forum!

The sins for which we cannot be forgiven are the ones that we bear ourselves.

In Him, Doc
3 Did Paul ride a horse to Thessalonica? Answer Acts DocTrinsograce Sun 09/21/14, 6:29pm 241281
  Hi, FCN...

Welcome to the forum!

The biggest problem we have is that the Scriptures do not tell us. We wouldn't want to assert something with greater authority than the Word actually gives us to assert something. I do not know of any prohibition against equestrian use for Jews except on Shabbat. Keep in mind, though, that a horse, even today, costs as much to care for as does a human being. Consequently, regular use of horses tended to be something predominantly reserved for the wealthy or important people. Even in American history the horse only became ubiquitous because of the unusual distances. Common people could rarely afford keeping them.

In Him, Doc
4 whendougotoheaven Answer 2 Cor 5:8 DocTrinsograce Sun 09/21/14, 9:46am 241278
5 Proverbs 10:22 Answer Prov 10:22 DocTrinsograce Sat 09/20/14, 5:33pm 241275
  Hi, Justin...

The Hebrew word translated toil or labor have their root in the word for the travail of childbirth or the work in the soil to produce fruit. The blessing from the Lord are untainted by such struggle.

In Him, Doc
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