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1 Called to Deliver the Message Note Ezek 33:22 DocTrinsograce Wed 10/1/14, 4:19pm 241332
  "Perhaps, in the special sense in which Ezekiel uses this expression, we shall not expect to feel 'the hand of the Lord' upon us. God may not call us to prophesy as Ezekiel did, although in the Scriptural use of the word 'prophesy' the preacher of the Word is still called to deliver the message which he has received from his Lord's lips. The days of special visions and voices and prophesyings have passed away, but we can still say with Peter, 'We have a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.'" --Charles H. Spurgeon
2 Do Not Omit a Word Note Jer 26:2 DocTrinsograce Tue 09/30/14, 5:07pm 241331
  "Jesus is the only mediator between God and man. He alone is the One who brings us to God. The popular but mistaken notions regarding worship music undermine this foundational truth of the Christian faith. It is also ironic that while many Christians deny the sacramental role of those ordinances which the Lord Himself has given to the church (baptism and the Lord's Supper) they are eager to grant music sacramental powers. Music and 'the worship experience' are viewed as means by which we enter the presence of God and receive His saving benefits. There is simply no evidence whatsoever in Scripture that music mediates direct encounters or experiences with God. This is a common pagan notion. It is far from Christian." --Todd Pruitt (2014)
3 mystery numerals Answer John 3:16 ipl Tue 09/30/14, 4:02am 241330
  Looks like it is just indicating by numerical order letters in the English alphabet to say "love you".
4 mystery numerals Answer John 3:16 ipl Tue 09/30/14, 4:02am 241328
  Looks like it is just indicating by numerical order letters in the English alphabet to say "love you".
5 mystery numerals Answer John 3:16 ipl Tue 09/30/14, 4:02am 241326
  Looks like it is just indicating by numerical order letters in the English alphabet to say "love you".
6 Encouragement Note Ps 31:7 DocTrinsograce Mon 09/29/14, 4:21pm 241323
  "Shall light troubles make you forget weighty mercies?" --John Flavel (1627-1691)
7 verses in the bible about single mother Answer Bible general DocTrinsograce Mon 09/29/14, 4:17pm 241322
  Hi, sheilasavon...

Welcome to the forum!

To the right of the screen is a bible search utility that our gracious host provides us. I would start looking for words like widow.

In Him, Doc
8 Naming Created Things Note Gen 2:19 EdB Mon 09/29/14, 12:40pm 241319
  Keep in mind the Hebrew (the language Adam was thought to speak) names were more descriptive of the animal than the English names.

Like commonly seen in Latin the original languages names were combination of words and sounds that described the physical appearance or nature of the animal.

Example snake or serpent in Hebrew comes from a word in Hebrew that means to "hiss"
9 Old Testament go when die? Answer Luke 16:19 EdB Mon 09/29/14, 12:23pm 241318
  Jewish teaching tells of the Jewish belief that Hades/hell was the holding place of the dead. There were two sides a hot dry side and another called paradise or Abraham's bosom.

In Luke 16:19-31 Jesus' teaching using that same picture reinforces scholars confidence that, that was how Jews viewed the place of the dead.

Jesus again reinforced that when he told the thief on the cross that today, the thief would be with him in paradise/Abraham's Bosom.

We know Jesus descended into Hades/Hell and lead those held captive by death to Heaven Eph 4:8
10 Is accepting gratitude right or wrong? Answer Phil 2:3 Beja Sun 09/28/14, 5:07am 241315

Here you are taking a theological principle, "all praise ultimately belongs to God," and extrapolating a behavior from it which scripture doesn't expressly command. This is something you should be careful about, which you evidently are since you are asking here. But the main thing you want to do is to let your mind browse through scripture to see how it stands up.

For example, in this case I consider the rewards we are promised. Such as how if we give a cup of cold water to somebody on account of Christ we will not loose our reward for it. I consider how revelations says the bride is granted to be clothed in white attire which are the righteous deeds of the saints. So even though our works are granted to us, and ultimately God is the architect of our works Eph 2:8-10, yet we are going to be rewarded for them and adorned by them. They are granted by God to the bride, the church, for our beauty and glory.

So as I let my mind browse through scripture, while I do see God as the source of all good, and I do see that our good works are Him accomplishing good things through us, I also see God rewarding and adorning us through these good works. They are God's gifts to us, before they are our gifts to God. If I do something good, by God's grace, and if God intends to eternally reward me and adorn me through this, do you suppose he begrudges a man to tell me thank you? I would think not, so I would suggest the behavior your are speculating from this principle doesn't stand up to scripture.

I hope this helps.

In Christ, Beja

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