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1 Charles Haddon Spurgeon Note Eph 4:21 DocTrinsograce Sat 01/31/15, 7:48am 241931
  Today is the anniversary of the death of one of God's great servants, more than 120 years ago: Charles H. Spurgeon.

For those of you who love those great teachers of the Word who were plundered from the world and gifted to the church by Christ (Ephesians 4), the following documentary will be a blessing:

2 Eph 6:18 Praying in the spirit? Answer Eph 6:18 EdB Sat 01/31/15, 6:28am 241930
  Hi Allison and welcome. In reference to your question about Ephesisians 6:18 Paul is giving us an imperative that goes hand in hand with the rest of Paul's teaching especially what he wrote to the Chuch in Corinth.

That said there is confusion and in many cases abuses of this doctrine. As Christians we are charged to seek God. That should and must be our focus. Too many have left themselves be sidetracked on one side of the road or the other over the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

Scripture tells us to cultivate our relationship with God allowing the Holy Spirit not man's arguments guide us to the truth.

If you care to discuss this my email address is in my profile and I would be more than happy respond to any question or concern.

Have a blessed and Jesus fill life.
3 Eph 6:18 Praying in the spirit? Answer Eph 6:18 DocTrinsograce Fri 01/30/15, 8:44pm 241929
  Hi, Alison...

Welcome to the forum!

There are no personal interpretations of Scripture (2 Peter 1:20-21). Anything in the Bible only means precisely what it meant when it was written -- no less and no more.

The epistle to the Ephesians is a good example of Paul's writing. The first three chapters are doctrine and the last three chapters are imperatives that arise from that doctrine. Consequently, the verse that you are asking about, is only meaningful once the doctrine of in the first half of the book is understood. Therefore, interpret the imperative of the passage, in the light of the indicatives. This is very important, and it is for this reason that the Holy Spirit gives us the clear warning of 2 Peter 3:15-16.

Always remember, that every word is in the context of a sentence, every sentence is in the context of a pericope, ever pericope is in the context of a passage, every passage is in the context of a book, and every book is in the context of entire Bible.

Most orthodox Christians hold to the doctrine of cessationism; i.e., that the sign gifts existed only during the brief period of the establishment of the primitive church (1 Corinthians 13:10). These believers will respond to your question based on that perspective. I am such a person, and if you like, you can check my profile for my email address to discuss the topic from a Biblical standpoint.

The converse of cessationism is called continuationism; i.e., that signs and wonders are genuine manifestations to this day. Thus, those holding this teaching, will respond to your question based on that perspective. EdB is such a person, and if you like, you can check his profile for his email address. I am certain that he would be happy to answer your questions based on his experience.

Those of us reading your post will be in prayer for you; that God will graciously grant you a clear understanding of the truth. We are already grateful to Him that He has caused you to seek His truth from the Word (Hebrews 1:1-2), rather than from feelings, experience, or the trickery of men (Ephesians 4:14).

In Him, Doc
4 The Love of the Law to the Saved Note Ps 119:163 DocTrinsograce Fri 01/30/15, 4:11pm 241926
  "The Gospel does not abrogate [repeal] God's law, but it makes men love it with all of their hearts." --J. Gresham Machen (1881-1937)

5 Why did they wait? Answer Luke 24:1 DocTrinsograce Thu 01/29/15, 5:34pm 241925
  Hi, Sand...

Welcome to the forum!

It wasn't a matter of waiting, rather the women got there at the soonest opportunity -- at daybreak per Mark 16:2. They had to travel from the city to the sepulchre, but before that they had to obtain and prepare the proper spices for embalming. Neither of these activities could begin for Jews until sunset on Saturday, the end of Sabbath. Indeed, it is quite possible that they were working on these preparations all the night, then left as soon as possible, but still in the darkness, for the tomb. Therefore, rather than seeing the women's arrival as being an unnecessary delay, we ought to see their arrival as evidence of great haste. A haste borne of their devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Him, Doc
6 Why did they wait? Answer Luke 24:1 EdB Thu 01/29/15, 12:09pm 241924
  They had to wait until after the Sabbath. The first day following the Sabbath is also the first day of the week.
7 When God permited taking enemy wives Answer Deut 21:11 DocTrinsograce Mon 01/26/15, 5:16pm 241922
  Hi, Ken...

Welcome to the forum!

Wouldn't we deem that this was permitted for the Israelites no later than the time that Moses penned it?

In Him, Doc
8 Despise None, Adore None Note Acts 12:22 DocTrinsograce Mon 01/26/15, 3:55pm 241919
  "Quote the Scripture rather than men for thy judgment. Not, so saith a learned man; but [rather] thus saith the holy Scripture. Yet, take heed of bending this direction too far the other way; which is done when we condemn the judgment of such whose piety and learning might command reverence. There is sure a mean to be found betwixt [between] defying men, and deifying them. It is the admiring of persons that forms the traitor to truth, and makes many cry 'Hosanna' to error, and 'Crucify' to truth. Eusebius, out of Josephus, tells us of Herod's - that Herod whom we read of, Acts 12:23, as being eaten up of worms -- coming upon the theatre gorgeously clad, and that while he was making an eloquent oration to the people, his silver robe, which he then wore, did, by the reflex of the sunbeams shining on it, so glister, as dazzled the eyes of the spectators; and this, saith he, occasioned some flatterers to cry out, 'The voice of God, and not of man.' And truly the glistering varnish which some men's parts and rhetoric put upon their discourses, does oft so blind the judgments of their admirers, that they are too prone to think all divine they speak, especially if they be such as God hath formerly used as instruments for any good to their souls. O it is hard then, as he said ... to love and esteem man as a man, to reverence him such so, as not to be in danger of loving their errors also. ... Call therefore none father on earth; despise none, adore none." --William Gurnall (1617-1679)

9 Use of preposition "for" in Isaiah 61:3 Note Is 61:3 mamabear6 Mon 01/26/15, 12:05pm 241918
  Thank you so much, Tim! I appreciate your time!
10 Use of preposition "for" in Isaiah 61:3 Answer Is 61:3 Morant61 Mon 01/26/15, 7:25am 241917
  Greetings Mamabear!

In this verse, there is a word,'tachath' (Strongs number 8478)that can be used as a preposition. It has the meaning of 'in lieu of'.

Your Brother in Christ,

Tim Moran


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