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What is StudyBibleForum.com?

It's a free resource for users to ask Bible questions, give answers, write Bible notes, and experience spiritual growth as a result.

The StudyBibleForum.com is a source of evolving Bible questions, answers, and study notes linked to verses of the Bible..

It provides an opportunity for teachers, scholars, pastors, and students of the Bible to share your knowledge with others.

The StudyBibleForum.com is built from the Bible up. It's a synergetic Christian resource built to enhance and deepen your study of God's Word. It's not a discussion group or topical survey, but an ever growing "expository repository" that links Bible questions, answers, and notes directly to Bible veres or books..

We hope you find this resource to be a valuable tool in your personal Christian

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Please carefully proofread your content to ensure it represents your best efforts.

About Postings

The Lockman Foundation does not pre-screen Postings. Postings are the opinions of others and may or may not represent a commonly held view.

The StudyBibleForum is an inter-denominational Christian forum. This site encourages Bible questions and answers but we may determine what is acceptable at any particular time.

Postings may not be edited or deleted. Carefully review and edit your posting before submitting and please do not include any personal or identifying information you do not intend to be public forever.

Postings must be Biblically based and not opposing the Bible's sole authority (sola Scriptura), Christianity, or the deity of Jesus Christ. Whenever possible, postings should include supporting Bible references.

Postings must not be intended as a personal attack on other users of this forum. They must not be submitted as an effort to foster debates, arguments, divisiveness, ill-will, dissension or disruptions to this forum.

Pushing ones own personal and denominational views

Please limit, to the best of your ability, the known denominational biases that produce potential strife and undue conflict.

Please avoid interjecting obvious denominational biases, especially when urged by peers to cease. Otherwise, it becomes a battle of wills, and only tears down morale and causes division.

If we are notified that this situation is occurring we will review it and act as necessary.


Review Terms of Use.

The Lockman Foundation is a nonprofit, interdenominational ministry dedicated to the translation, publication, and distribution of the New American Standard Bible, La Biblia de las Américas, the Amplified Bible, and other Biblical resources. More...

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The Lockman Foundation does not pre-screen Postings.
Postings are the opinions of others and may or may not represent a commonly held view.

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Permission to quote guidelines.

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