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1 Difficuty for writing an essay Answer Matthew justme Tue 08/23/16, 2:18pm 243511

2 ... Answer Matthew justme Tue 08/23/16, 12:59pm 243510
  A hearty welcome to the SBF maureenash. The Bible says as Christians we are to be honest and IMO upfront with our integrity in all we do. Matthew 5:16 we are to do good works.

I being an older guy who got my BA and two Masters degrees did most all of it with only a typewriter and a dictionary. The last year of my last Master Degree I got a "computer of sorts" DOS operated and Word Perfect 3. No Grammar checker or spelling checker. My work was mine. Believe me when I said term papers took all the semester.

I am not sure if you are advertising a service, but this is not acceptable here, as it is a Study Bible Forum. Thanks for your understanding.

3 Evidences that Give Assurance Note Gal 4:7 DocTrinsograce Mon 08/22/16, 2:56pm 243507
  "For Paul, the ability to cry 'Father!' was the work and therefore the evidence of the Spirit of the Son [Galatians 4]. The evidence of the Spirit is first of all Christian faith in God the Father or -- Christian prayer. The Spirit in these parallel texts is deliberately called 'the Spirit of (the) Son(ship),' not only because the Spirit belongs to the Son and is given in him, but because it is the Spirit's work to assure believers that they are, through the Son, truly sons of God. The gift of the Spirit is first of all the subjective assurance of the gift of adoption or justification. The 'objective' justification and the 'subjective' gift of the Spirit cannot be separated for one is acceptance with God and the other is knowledge of this acceptance. And what God has joined together no man should put asunder. The 'objective' justification never remains merely objective but is always accompanied mediately in the Word by its 'subjective' revelation, and this is the first work of the Spirit—this is the Spirit. His evidence is Christian assurance." --Frederick Dale Bruner (1970)

4 Rejoicing in Affliction Note 2 Cor 7:4 DocTrinsograce Sun 08/21/16, 12:56pm 243506
  "The godly do suffer and complain about it at times. But the Bible teaches plainly that their suffering, even after their conversion and reconciliation to God, is not punishment any longer, but chastening. It is not the punishment of a God who is angry with them, but the chastening of a God who is reconciled to them. Whom God loves, the Scriptures says, He chastens. He makes all things, including pain, 'work together for good for them that love God, and are called according to His purpose.' That should be the consolation and strength of the saints... That affliction is actually a blessing in disguise. At other times, the pain hurts so much that they cannot, through the tears, see the disguise. Momentarily they lament the heavy hand of God upon them, but when they are thinking in their most saintly character, they praise God. His rod and staff comfort them." --John Gerstner

5 Proof against election. Note Matt 18:14 DocTrinsograce Sun 08/21/16, 12:41pm 243505
  Shalom aleichem, baruch haba!

I am a Jew, saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. I am saved by works... indeed, I am saved by mighty and wonderful works... the works of God Himself. Consequently, I am quite grateful, praising God daily that He did not leave me to my own choices. If He had, I would never have been saved!

The Greek word pororidzo (predestine) appears in six verses in the New Testament (Romans 8:29, 30; 1 Corinthians 2:7; Ephesians 1:5, and 11). If you are interested in God's sovereign providence, then you would want to understand these verses in their context. Each of these verses speak to your soteriological question.

I am sorry that you have been "dismissed" as you tried "discussing this subject with them." Presumably by "them" you mean orthodox Biblical Christians. I cannot speak to their motivation. I would guess that it has to do with their being simply fed up with people who are more interested in defending their contribution to salvation than they are in the Word. The Scriptures do not elevate man's will above God's. However, not a single religion outside of these doctrines or even outside of Christianity, will admit to God's authority in all things. This is because, as Scripture assures us, that depending on the human heart will lead us only to being deceived (Jeremiah 17:9; Proverbs 28:25). In fact, the Word tells us that those who do so fundamentally lack sanity (Ecclesiastes 9:3b).

Regardless, your problem is not a matter of failing to rightly understand the doctrine of God's predestination. It is more fundamental than that. When you argue about soteriological predestination, it is like arguing about Trigonometry when you still do not agree with the principle of addition and subtraction.

Instead of trying to get people to argue the subject with you on the Internet, I would suggest that you find a pastor in your area with whom you could begin a discussion. He will help you with the basics concerning Scripture. Look for a church who hold to a confession (e.g., Lutheran Missouri Synod, Reformed Church of America, Dutch Reformed, Orthodox Presbyterian, or Reformed Baptist). The confession is what they understand to be the essential doctrines. Those without a confession will -- and do -- believe anything and everything. They will even place some things as having a higher authority than the Scripture.

The pastor that you speak to will be able to articulate all historical perspectives. He will be able to help you in a far more practical way than we might do -- which is, actually, beyond our purview.

Meanwhile, our forum, per our gracious host, the Lockman Foundation, is about Scripture. The Lockman Foundation sponsored the NASB and Amplified translations specifically because they believed that the Bible alone contains all that we must know to believe, to understand, and to obey our Lord. See the Terms of Use.

The Terms of Use give us broad permission to express what we understand from Scripture; provided they are consistent with the eccumenical creeds: Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, Chalcedonian Creed, and Canons of the Council of Orange. While we all hold the Scriptures as the highest authority, we are functioning in accord with Lockman's objectives.

Although some who participate in our forum hold their denominational praxis as having a higher priority than anything else (you will see them by their operation contrary to the Terms of Use) -- nonetheless, the rest of us will be praying for you specifically as you seriously seek answers to your questions in study in the church in your community. God will always respond when He is sought above all else.

In Him, Doc
6 Tilling the Soil Note Matt 11:5 DocTrinsograce Sat 08/20/16, 5:55pm 243504
  "Now it is perfectly true that men must be brought to Christ one by one. There are no labor-saving devices in evangelism. It is all hand-work. And yet it would be a great mistake to suppose that all men are equally well prepared to receive the gospel. It is true that the decisive thing is the regenerative power of God. That can overcome all lack of preparation, and the absence of that makes even the best preparation useless. But as a matter of fact God usually exerts that power in connection with certain prior conditions of the human mind, and it should be ours to create, so far as we can, with the help of God, those favorable conditions for the reception of the gospel. False ideas are the greatest obstacles to the reception of the gospel. We may preach with all the fervor of a reformer and yet succeed only in winning a straggler here and there, if we permit the whole collective thought of the nation or of the world to be controlled by ideas which, by the resisters force of logic, prevent christianity from being regarded as anything more than a harmless delusion. Under such circumstances, what God desires us to do is to destroy the obstacle at its root. Many would have the seminaries combat error by attacking it as it is taught by its popular exponents. Instead of that they confuse their students with a lot of German names unknown outside the walls of the universities. That method of procedure is based simply upon a profound belief in the pervasiveness of ideas. What is today a matter of academic speculation begins tomorrow to move armies and pull down empires. In that second stage, it has gone too far to be combated; the time to stop it was when it was still a matter of impassioned debate. So as Christians we should try to mold the thought of the world in such a way as to make the acceptance of Christianity something more than a logical absurdity." --J. Gresham Machen (1881-1937)

7 Proof against election. Note Matt 18:14 Lucia7 Sat 08/20/16, 2:29pm 243503
  Shalom! I hope I'm posting this on EdB's "Proof against election." (Kinda new here.) Good point, EdB, thanks for sharing. Hadn't considered this v. in this way before, and had to think about it from the perspective you presented. I think you're saying that since it is NOT God's will for any of these to perish, and yet we know that some of these will perish (have perished), there cannot be "election" or predestined salvation.

I hope some believers in the predestination idea will respond here, so that we can understand how they might view this v. (and similar v.v.). I've tried discussing this subject with them (elsewhere), but have been dismissed with a "you're kidding, right?" Dr. Michael Brown said that he used to believe in predestination because it seemed to him that it was a doctrine held by intelligent believers, but he later came to see it as error.

I would like to understand the bases for opposing viewpoints, so I hope others will respond.

8 The SBF what does it need to do? Answer Bible general EdB Sat 08/20/16, 2:16pm 243502
  I think for SBF to survive every poster must realize there are 3000 plus denominations in this country and each were founded not by atheist but by dedicated and faithful men that believed they found the truth. They weren't idiots, they weren't ignorant, they weren't uneducated, they were men that tried to follow God as best they could. That opens the question if this is all true where did these 3000 plus denominations come from? The answer is we all read with a predetermined prejudice that prejudice makes each and everyone of us to read scripture and come away with a slightly different opinion of what it said to us. Add to that the Holy Spirit and that scripture is alive and again we see scripture speaking differently to each of us.

When people get a firm grasp on that concept they also learn not to be so dogmatic that their theology is the only correct theology. Then we can discuss our differences as honest seekers of the fullness of God.

However When we try to educate all the "uneducated" to the truth of our theology we become insulting, overbearing and frankly unChristlike.

Today such people have control of the forum and limit open discussion of any theology that they don't agree with.
9 The SBF what does it need to do? Answer Bible general DocTrinsograce Sat 08/20/16, 11:27am 243501
  Dear Justme,

One of the enormous problems over the years has been the unwillingness of members to be tolerant, accepting, humble, patient, kind, and gentle. Look at how often such people have been criticized?

Our Terms of Use call us to be tolerant to those around us. Thus, I have quoted empiricists, liberals, Pentecostals, protestants, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, even atheists. I think that Lockman did its best with the Terms of Use, but I am persuaded that there are some whose faith is more about being against others than it is about being for anything.

I have received more than half of dozen emails from people who have been so upset with such participants that they have left the forum entirely. I cannot blame them at all. Indeed, I intend to leave very soon myself. Let the left wing of doctrine make of the forum what they wish. Peter speaks of the unlearned and unstable in 2 Peter 3:16. Perhaps we can allow their approach to restore what they make shipwreck.

I have always thought it was foolish beyond measure to ask people to post something contrary to what they believe. How does someone -- anyone -- come here and maintain a clear conscience? May God forbid.

If you want to see what Godly early members of the forum thought, simply look for Hank (Southern Baptist) and Kalos (Pentecostal) had to say on the matter. Their positions are like many of the old teachers of the past, now beyond their ability to be argued. Nonetheless, it is truth that sets us free, not opinion.

I have been active in this forum for thirteen years. Since then, I have prayed that God would magnify what brings Him glory, and that He would cause to whither what fails to do so. Since that time I have seen man's will magnified, man's opinion magnified, man's experience magnified, all at the expense of God's Word. Just as the enemies of the Word have vanished into history, while the faithful, though dead, still preach... we ought not expect the fads of men to prosper contrary to a forum based on Sola Scriptura.

What a blessing that God's will -- even when we hope for something contrary -- cannot be thwarted despite the efforts of those who glory in men.

Nonetheless, what a wonderful opportunity to pray explicitly for those who seek to subordinate the Word. It is through this very forum that we have been made aware of them, though they live faraway. God in His providence has given us their names, that we may daily pray that their eyes be opened.

Watch the character of people around you. It will be clear as to whether they are Christlike or fleshlike. Pray earnestly according to the needs of each. Time is short.

In Him, Doc

10 Be on Your Guard! Note 2 Pet 3:17 DocTrinsograce Sat 08/20/16, 10:51am 243500
  “There's a way to preach the Bible unbiblically... You can use the Bible as the springboard for all kinds of ideas, can't you? Look around in here and find something that fits your fancy and then launch a rocket off it. People say, 'That was amazing, wasn't it? Remarkable what he got out of that.' Well of course it is because he put it in before he got it out.” --Alistair Begg



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