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Thu 10/30/14, 10:36am [CT]  

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1 Professing to be wise... Note Rom 1:22 DocTrinsograce Tue 10/28/14, 4:22pm 241431
  Check out these statistics of American beliefs:
2 Rev. 3:16 mean, I will vomit You out Answer Bible general DocTrinsograce Tue 10/28/14, 4:19pm 241430
  Duplicate question.
3 Rev. 3:16 Answer Rev 3:16 DocTrinsograce Tue 10/28/14, 4:19pm 241428
  Hi, Nora...

Welcome to the forum!

To cast up one's gorge; i.e., vomit. The meaning here is that Christ will dispense with them, that they shall cease to be part of His church. Laodicea, by the way, is still uninhabited.

In Him, Doc
4 provide assurance in lfe Answer John 14:1 EdB Mon 10/27/14, 8:17am 241424
  I gives you the promise of a eternal life in Christ.
5 What should we learn from the story of T Answer Genesis EdB Mon 10/27/14, 8:15am 241422
  I think that has been answered by Doc.
"God's eternal purpose cannot be thwarted by the efforts of men nor any other power."
6 Is Tamar a seductress or a survivor? Why Answer Genesis DocTrinsograce Sun 10/26/14, 4:47pm 241418
  Hi, Nickey...

We wouldn't want to give the impression that there are only two possibilities. That would lead to a false dichotomy. We could certainly argue aspects of both, and a number of other possibilities. I would even argue that she was a good strategist. Did she use seduction to achieve her goal? Yes. Was survival an aspect of her purposes? Yes. Be careful of reductionism -- although it is very popular these days.

In Him, Doc
7 Chapter 38 1-30 Answer Genesis DocTrinsograce Sun 10/26/14, 1:17pm 241415
  Hi, Nickey...

The theme of Tamar's life as presented in Scripture is about Christ. God's eternal purpose cannot be thwarted by the efforts of men nor any other power. There is no such thing as a "plan B" when it comes to the work of our God.

In Him, Doc
8 Genesis 38 Answer Matt 1:3 DocTrinsograce Sun 10/26/14, 1:14pm 241413
  Hi, Nickey...

Welcome to the forum!

Tamar carried the lineage from Judah, fulfilling Jacob's prophecy (Genesis 49:10) among others.

In Him, Doc
9 Walking in Knowledge not Impressions Note Hos 14:9 DocTrinsograce Fri 10/24/14, 5:00pm 241409
  "I hope that none of us will ever fall into the snare of following the guidance of impressions made upon us by texts which happen to come prominently before our minds. You have judgements, and you must not lay them aside to be guided by accidental impressions." --Charles H. Spurgeon
10 His personality pulsates in every word Note John 1:39 DocTrinsograce Thu 10/23/14, 5:14pm 241408
  "As a child I received instruction both in the Bible and in the Talmud. I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene... No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life." --Albert Einstein

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