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On or After: Fri 04/3/15 Ordered by Date
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1 Take Heed Note John 13:2 DocTrinsograce Fri 04/17/15, 3:54pm 242141
  "Take heed, therefore, brethren, for the enemy hath a special eye upon you. You must have his most subtle insinuations and incessant solicitations and violent assaults. As wise and learned as you are, take heed to yourself, lest he out wit you. The devil is a greater scholar than you, and a nimbler disputant. He can transform himself into an angel of light to deceive. He will get within you and trap up your heels before you are aware... his bait shall be so fit for your temper and disposition that he will be sure to find advantages within you, and make your own principles and inclinations betray you. And whenever he ruineth you, he will make you the instrument of ruin to others. Oh, what a conquest he will think he has got if he can make a minister lazy and unfaithful... He will glory against the church and say, 'These are your holy preachers! See where their preciseness is and whither it brings them.' He will glory against Jesus Christ Himself and say, 'These are Thy champions! I can make Thy chiefest servants abuse Thee! I can make the servants of Thy house unfaithful!'" --Richard Baxter (1615-1691)

2 PRYING TO THE HOLY SPIRIT ? Note Bible general EdB Thu 04/16/15, 9:40am 242140
  I think if you examine the question a little deeper you will find that Catholics do pray to the Holy Spirit.

Also I know that he is our counselor and friend and as such I can understand addressing the Holy Spirit.

Also there is a few worship songs where the lyrics are speaking directly to the Holy Spirit such as "Oh Holy Spirit come fill this place".

I see no real problem praying to any person of the God Head but Jesus when asked by the disciples to teach them to pray addressed Our Heavenly Father (God). It could be argued that Jesus did this since He had not died or sent back the Holy Spirit at this point in time.

Again we are praying to God and God is God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. As humans we are incapable of fully understanding the God Head let alone trying to separate Them.
3 PRYING TO THE HOLY SPIRIT ? Note Bible general justme Thu 04/16/15, 9:16am 242139
  EdB: Dear Brother, I too had never heard of praying to the Holy Spirit until a somewhat recently. But the topic was not asked of me so I mulled it over in my mind and gave into some basic research and came up rather blank. So thank you for your input.
4 PRYING TO THE HOLY SPIRIT ? Answer Bible general EdB Thu 04/16/15, 8:01am 242138
  No, that said the Holy Spirit is part of the God head. We are instructed to pray to God, so in the sense that the Holy Spirit is God we do pray to Him.

I pray to God I the name of Jesus the Christ depending on the Holy Spirit to direct my mind to pray as I should.
5 Repent or Perish Note Acts 26:20 DocTrinsograce Tue 04/14/15, 4:27pm 242135
  " you a professing Christian or no, it is repent or perish. For every one of us, church members or otherwise, it is either turn or burn -- turn from your course of self will and self-pleasing; turn in brokenness of heart to God, seeking His mercy in Christ; turn with full purpose of heart to please and serve HIM: or be tormented day and night, forever and ever, in the Lake of Fire. Which shall it be? Oh, get down on your knees right now and beg God to give you the spirit of true repentance." --A. W. Pink

6 Christ the King Note John 18:33 DocTrinsograce Sun 04/12/15, 3:48pm 242134
  "None, therefore, but those who are born from above, are the subjects of Jesus Christ: for if the heart be not under His dominion, He reigns not at all as a spiritual monarch." --Abraham Booth (1734-1806)

7 Where Can I Answer Bible general DocTrinsograce Sun 04/12/15, 3:44pm 242133
  Dear Jose,

When you first come to the forum page, there is a yellow box near the top that begins with the words "DO NOT POST until..." In that yellow box there are two links: About the Forum and Terms of Use.

In Him, Doc
8 proverbs 3 questions Answer Bible general DocTrinsograce Sat 04/11/15, 4:42pm 242131
  Hi, Jose...

Welcome to the forum!

You didn't read the Terms of Use of the forum, did you? :-) Attention to such details will help you succeed in your classes.

In Him, Doc
9 God's people referred as lights in city Answer 2 Sam 22:3 DocTrinsograce Sat 04/11/15, 2:19pm 242128
  Hi, Zoem...

Welcome to the forum!

I'm uncertain if you are asking for a definition or a description. I cited the above verse (2 Samuel 22:3-4), however there are many passages that we could easily use. Many of the Psalms speak of God's providential care for His own. See, for example, Psalm 91.

In Him, Doc
10 Judgement Note Deut 32:21 DocTrinsograce Fri 04/10/15, 4:33pm 242125
  "It is therefore called the judgement of God, because it is contrary to the judgement of men, condemning what men choose, and choosing what men condemn. And this judgement has been shown to us in the cross of Christ." --Martin Luther


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