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1 False Brothers Note 2 Cor 11:26 DocTrinsograce Thu 05/26/16, 2:31pm 243123
  "Talk radio is either the fertile valley or the fruited plains of popular speech. As a regular listener to several genres I have noticed both hosts and listeners confusing these two words: quasi and pseudo. One may almost understand why there might be confusion. At the very outer edges of the meaning of both they almost touch but they are distinct words with distinct senses. According to the Oxford English Dictionary the adjective pseudo comes from the Greek adjective (pseudes) which, according to Liddell and Scott, means lying or false. In Greek the root (pseud-) was used as a prefix just as we do in English. Liddell and Scott give to interesting examples: (pseudo-didaskalos; false teacher) and (pseudo-kerux); in Sophocles a false herald but in Christian usage a false preacher.This is a significant adjective in New Testament usage. In his catalogue of hazards, Paul says that faced danger from rivers, robbers, his own people (Jews), the city, wilderness, the sea, and from false brothers (2 Cor 11:26), i.e., those who pretended to be Christians but who, in reality, were not and who put his safety or life in jeopardy. In Galatians 2:4 he complains about 'false brothers" who pretended to be Christians but were really Judaizers, who were looking for an opportunity to accuse him (and others) for not keeping the Old Covenant (Mosaic) ceremonies and imposing them on the Gentile Christians.

"Thus, the correct usage of pseudo is a substitute or a synonym for false. 'She put on her pseudo-lashes and went out for the evening.'" --R. Scott Clark
2 How long is a Sabbath day walk? Note Acts 1:12 DocTrinsograce Thu 05/26/16, 6:08am 243122
  Hi, Ed...

I was trying to keep it simple, but clearly I failed to do so.

On top of that I incorrectly converted a mile to furlongs rather than vice versa. I think something over seven furlongs is a mile. Thank you for pointing out my error.

By the way, the Pharisees were not always "looking for loopholes." Rather they were trying to protect themselves from transgressing the law by fencing the laws with additional proscriptions or enjoinments. Certainly they neglected or even sought means to minimize what God had commanded. I have a Mezuzah on my door. It serves to remind me of the Shema (Deuteronomy 6). It is a great reminder, for we Jews took Deuteronomy 6 seriously and literally: Placing the command on our foreheads and on our doorposts... yet utterly failing to place them in the heart.

So, let's see, I answered your explicit statement. The implicit statement as to where the figures come from can be found in the Talmud Bavli (Babylonian Talmud), chapter 4. In Christ's day this would have been part of the Mishnah. If you read through it you will see the 1000, 2000, and 3000 cubit references. You'll also find a bit of their explanation as to how the Sages came up with all of this stuff.

Oh, another by the way, the walk from the Jerusalem city center to the gates was about 1000 cubits. An additional 1000 cubits was allowed from the gate. Gethsemane was about 1000 cubits from the gate. Since the Halakah allowed for another 1000 cubits to return, one can understand why Gethsemane was a popular place to visit on Shabbat.

In Him, Doc

3 How long is a Sabbath day walk? Note Acts 1:12 DocTrinsograce Thu 05/26/16, 5:19am 243121
  Yeah, but Talmudic thinking isn't the same as Western thinking.

4 How long is a Sabbath day walk? Note Acts 1:12 ipl Wed 05/25/16, 10:06pm 243120
  The book of Joshua does not mention the Sabbath by name. It must have been one of the seven days that Jericho was to be marched around. Josh 3:4 does not set the limit on how far someone is to travel somewhere. It is setting the minimum distance to stay behind the ark of the covenant when it is moved.
5 Free will, or ? Note Rom 9:16 EdB Wed 05/25/16, 7:48pm 243119
  Doc I think you use the word pastor to liberally. Any one that stands in the pulpit and has never preached exegetically is a hireling not a pastor.
In my humble opinion.
6 Free will, or ? Note Rom 9:16 DocTrinsograce Wed 05/25/16, 2:16pm 243118
  Hi, justme!

Keep dealing with whole books of the Bible. Tossing out pericopes, verses, chapters, etc. will fend off heterodoxy. We live by EVERY word of God. Our wisdom rests in Him alone, not in someone's ability to pick and choose the passages that make them feel good.

Check out the Jefferson Bible if you want to see the ultimate in that practice. Sit in the pulpit of many of our churches if you want to see it commonly done. Did you know that there are churches where the pastors have never preached exegetically?

Anyway, you might want to be sure that your email is not sending your messages to the junk folder. If you see it in the junk folder, go in, and tell your email that it is not junk, but a trusted sender.

In Him, Doc
7 Free will, or ? Answer Rom 9:16 EdB Wed 05/25/16, 8:19am 243117
  Justme I think it shows wisdom to sidestep debates such as these. God bestows Grace as God chooses. However John 3:16 places a requirement for that to happen. Man must have the faith, to believe and to receive.

That said salvation today in ALL camps is severely lacking being the "light to world". That is far more important than how one got saved. While many sit around arguing theology thousands are going to eternal damnation.

Critical thinkers of the world laugh at Christianity, saying, "you can't agree on how you got saved, but you want to tell me I need it."

Wisdom dictates we stop debating our faith and to start living our faith. Living it in such a way we don't blend in but we are in fact the fact the "LIGHT" we are called to be.
8 How long is a Sabbath day walk? Note Acts 1:12 EdB Wed 05/25/16, 7:51am 243116
  I fail to understand your answer. 2000 cubits is a far shorter distance than 8.75 miles. Most scholars place a cubit to be about 15 to 18 inches ( distance of elbow to index finger tip) 2000 cubits would be about 3000 feet, a little more than a half mile.
I fully understand that the Pharisees using loopholes circumvented these restrictions but again even the most generous interpretations still limited travel to less than 2.3 miles.

I was taught that a faithful Jew would limit their steps to 1000 approx 3000 feet. That they would build their homes to accommodate this distance to a local synagogue and nominal number of trip to outhouse.

Can you enlighten me to where the 8.75 miles figure came from?
9 Free will, or ? Note Rom 9:16 justme Wed 05/25/16, 6:35am 243115
  Doc. I waited for an answer, as I knew you or someone would answer asap. Buy it never came so I checked here. And for sur it was answered. Something is wrong as I am not getting emails when answers are made. any suggestions? Thanks for the answer.

10 How long is a Sabbath day walk? Answer Acts 1:12 DocTrinsograce Tue 05/24/16, 4:50pm 243114
  Hi, Well...

The Sabbath to the Jew would be from Sunset Friday through Sunset Saturday. A Sabbath day's journey would have been about seven furlongs (about 8.75 miles). Joshua 3:4 describes it as two thousand cubits. That would make sense, since by the Mosaic Law. The normal mode of transportation was riding upon an ass. That was prohibited on the Sabbath. Interestingly enough, riding a horse on the Sabbath was permissible. (Of course, there were few of them because of the cost of their upkeep.) Nonetheless, even riding a horse was not allowed to exceed the two thousand cubits mentioned above.

In Him, Doc

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