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1 Use of preposition "for" in Isaiah 61:3 Note Is 61:3 mamabear6 Mon 01/26/15, 12:05pm 241918
  Thank you so much, Tim! I appreciate your time!
2 Use of preposition "for" in Isaiah 61:3 Answer Is 61:3 Morant61 Mon 01/26/15, 7:25am 241917
  Greetings Mamabear!

In this verse, there is a word,'tachath' (Strongs number 8478)that can be used as a preposition. It has the meaning of 'in lieu of'.

Your Brother in Christ,

Tim Moran

3 How do I know / feel / experience God Answer 1 Cor 1:28 justme Fri 01/23/15, 9:27am 241914
  zeagel: I tool the time to read all your posts, and by the way
welcome to the study Bible Forum.

Your desire to "feel" or experience God is what we all desire, and if you din'nt I would think something was are normal. I personally can say the times I feel closest to Jesus Christ is when I am really involved with reading the Bible. I mean more than a casual basis, but reading for perhaps a half an hour. That is how God speaks to reading His word. The Holy Spirit teaches and reveals things to us that way. Prayer is very important, that's us speaking to God. Reading His Holy Word is allowing God to speak to us, and when we combine these in the proper balance we no longer feel we are missing something.

As you grow and experience God in prayer and reading the Bible you will learn as Job did that feelings mean little. For instance some days I feel so close to my bride of almost 46 years, some days even if she in right next to me, I can feel distant. It really is how I am relating, not how things really are. Feelings can depend on how much pain I am in or how good I am feeling. Feelings are undependable.

May I suggest you read John first and then 1John, they pretty much go together.

Don't expect growth to come easy or fast, it takes time and hours spent in studying the Bible to become mature, I also want to tell you it's work, Satan will do all his tricks to stop you from growing in's his main effort to discourage you so you will give up and fall away. If you are a genuine Follower of Jesus Christ trials and tribulations Satan will do all he can to destroy your faith.

I have seen lost of people show an interest in Jesus Christ, but gave up because it was too difficult or too hard to repent and leave the sins they were so attached to. I pray your faith will grow and prove you are a genuine born again follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Blesings.

4 It's All About God Note Eph 2:18 DocTrinsograce Thu 01/22/15, 4:07pm 241913
  "The Gospel having been eclipsed by humanly devised doctrines and practices, the Reformers knew that the power was in the preaching of the gospel -- not only in the sermon but in the entire service. The service, they recognized, was not primarily about human action but centered on the Divine action. God was not only central as an object of worship but also as a subject -- an actor who reconstitutes strangers and aliens as His own redeemed people each week." --Michael Horton

5 Bearing the Image of the Heavenly Note 1 Cor 15:49 DocTrinsograce Wed 01/21/15, 5:30pm 241912
  "This quickening [making alive] by the Spirit is instantaneous: it is a Divine act, and not a process; it is wrought at once, and not gradually. In a moment of time the soul passes from death unto life. The soul which before was dead toward God, is now alive to Him. The soul which was completely under the domination of sin, is now set free, though the sinful nature itself is not removed nor rendered inoperative, yet the heart is no longer en rapport (in sympathy) with it. The Spirit of God finds the heart wholly corrupt and desperately wicked, but by a miracle of grace He changes its bent, and this by implanting within it the imperishable seed of holiness. There is no medium between a carnal and a spiritual state: the one is what we were by nature, the other is what we become by grace, by the instantaneous and invincible operation of the Almighty Spirit." --Arthur Pink (1886-1952)

6 Practicality Note Prov 21:22 DocTrinsograce Wed 01/21/15, 4:38pm 241911
  "Trust in God and keep your powder dry." --Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658)

7 Rejecting the Word is Rejecting God Note Ps 56:10 lionheart Wed 01/21/15, 1:32pm 241910
  I needed to hear that. Thanx Doc.

In Him,
8 Life so short... Note Job 7:6 DocTrinsograce Tue 01/20/15, 4:46pm 241909
  "The lyf so short, the craft so longe to lerne. Th' assay so hard, so sharp the conquerynge." --Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400)

9 Rejecting the Word is Rejecting God Note Ps 56:10 DocTrinsograce Mon 01/19/15, 4:00pm 241908
  "Hold fast to the Bible. Base everything on the Bible. If you are going to criticize somebody, criticize them from the Bible. If you are going to affirm somebody, affirm them from the Bible. If you are going to do a strategy, do it from the Bible. Be a Bible saturated people. That's what will make for long term staying power for the gospel.

"I know this is going to be called bibliolatry, and people will say, 'You worship the Bible, not God.' Bologna on that. People who reject the Bible for God become idolaters." --John Piper

10 Israelites..400yrs.. in Egypt...Why? Answer Acts 1:7 DocTrinsograce Sun 01/18/15, 2:07pm 241907
  Hi, Tom...

Welcome to the forum!

"Why" questions are always the hardest ones to answer. Who, what, when, where, and how are the easy ones to answer. Why questions drill into purposes, intentions, and design. When God gives us explanations about His intentions, then we may assert those things with confidence; but when He does not do so, then we are left only with speculation (Deuteronomy 29:29).

There is a phrase that I often think about. It is found in Galatians 4:4; "the fulness of time." In other words, right exactly at the proper time; not one moment sooner or one moment later.

As God works out His eternal purpose, things occur precisely at the best time. Nothing is delayed, nothing is hastened, but all His plans work out in perfect faithfulness just as He intends. Indeed, there is not one molecule in this universe that is not under His control.

I apologize that your question won't be able to be answered in a fully satisfactory way. It would be presumptuous of us to spell out God's intentions when He has not revealed them to us, for who can know the mind of God? (1 Corinthians 2:13)

In Him, Doc

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