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Get ready to participate in a forum like none other!

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How to start using

By far the best way to start using this forum is to browse and see what others have already done.

Type in a verse reference or go directly to a portion of scripture by using the navigational bar above.

To view convenient links to postings, click on Statistics located in the navigational bar on the left under Show Me.

To ask a question, give an answer, or leave a note, click on the appropriate link in the navigational bar on the left under Actions.

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Important Information

Can I edit or delete a posting?
Postings may not be edited or deleted. Carefully review and edit your posting before submitting and please do not include any personal or identifying information you do not intend to be public forever.

What is a Primary Question?
Every discussion begins with a question. The first question of a discussion is the Primary question. So the result of showing all Primary questions, is the unique list of initial (or primary) questions that were asked by users of the Study Bible Forum.

What does the "FORUMS - POSTINGS POSTED TO THE LOCKMAN FOUNDATION FORUM" section of the Terms of Use mean?
When you make a posting to the Forum, and you are the original creator of the Posting content, you are the copyright holder of that content. You are agreeing to grant permission , through the "license" detailed in the Terms of Use , to Lockman to also use your content in the posting any way we want, without charge, forever. You, as the copyright holder, are still able to do anything you want with your original content because the "license" you are granting is non-exclusive. Once a Posting has been made to the Forum, it is un-editable and non-removable.

The "COPYRIGHT AND LIMITATIONS ON USE" applies to other users of the forum and not to the copyright holder of the original posting. Postings, licensed to Lockman, under the Terms of Use are subject to our sublicensing to others under this section of the Terms of Use or other permissions we may grant.

I want to include a quote from another work in my posting. Can I do that?
If you are not the original creator of the content of your posting, you must not violate the rights of the copyright holder by making your posting without the permission of the copyright holder. You must follow the instructions for quoting material as provided by the copyright holder. You must usually cite the title, author, publisher name, and copyright year.

Should I include my own copyright notice?
If your posting consists of information you have previously published or made available to the public, you should cite the title or source of your previous work. Also include your copyright notice from that previous work. If your original Posting was not previously published, you may still include your own copyright notice by adding your name as the copyright holder with the current year. For example, Copyright 2001 by Your Name (www.your web

What is the maximum question/note/answer length?
5000 characters.

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The Lockman Foundation does not pre-screen Postings.
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