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Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 2:22 But when he heard191 that Archelaus745 was reigning936 over Judea2453 in place473 of his father3962 Herod2264, he was afraid5399 to go565 there1563. Then1161 after being warned5537 by God in a dream3677, he left402 for the regions3313 of Galilee1056,
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 3:9 and do not suppose1380 that you can say3004 to yourselves1438, 'We have2192 Abraham11 for our father3962'; for I say3004 to you that from these3778 stones3037 God2316 is able1410 to raise1453 up children5043 to Abraham11.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 4:21 Going4260 on from there1564 He saw3708 two1417 other243 brothers80, James2385 the son of Zebedee2199, and John2491 his brother80, in the boat4143 with Zebedee2199 their father3962, mending2675 their nets1350; and He called2564 them.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 4:22 Immediately2112 they left863 the boat4143 and their father3962, and followed190 Him.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 5:16 "Let your light5457 shine2989 before1715 men444 in such3779 a way3779 that they may see3708 your good2570 works2041, and glorify1392 your Father3962 who is in heaven3772.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 5:45 so3704 that you may be sons5207 of your Father3962 who3588 is in heaven3772; for He causes393 His sun2246 to rise393 on the evil4190 and the good18, and sends1026 rain1026 on the righteous1342 and the unrighteous94.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 5:48 "Therefore3767 you are to be perfect5046, as your heavenly3770 Father3962 is perfect5046.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 6:1 "Beware4337 of practicing4160 your righteousness1343 before1715 men444 to be noticed2300 by them; otherwise1490b you have2192 no3756 reward3408 with your Father3962 who3588 is in heaven3772.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 6:4 so3704 that your giving1654 will be in secret2927; and your Father3962 who sees991 what is done in secret2927 will reward591 you.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 6:6 "But you, when3752 you pray4336, go1525 into your inner5009 room5009, close2808 your door2374 and pray4336 to your Father3962 who3588 is in secret2927, and your Father3962 who3588 sees991 what is done in secret2927 will reward591 you.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 6:8 "So3767 do not be like3666 them; for your Father3962 knows3609a what3739 you need5532 before4253 you ask154 Him.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 6:9"Pray4336, then3767, in this3779 way3779:
'Our Father3962 who3588 is in heaven3772,
Hallowed37 be Your name3686.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 6:14 "For if1437 you forgive863 others444 for their transgressions3900, your heavenly3770 Father3962 will also2532 forgive863 you.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 6:15 "But if1437 you do not forgive863 others444, then3761 your Father3962 will not forgive863 your transgressions3900.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 6:18 so3704 that your fasting3522 will not be noticed5316 by men444, but by your Father3962 who3588 is in secret2931a; and your Father3962 who3588 sees991 what is done in secret2931a will reward591 you.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 6:26 "Look1689 at the birds4071 of the air3772, that they do not sow4687, nor3761 reap2325 nor3761 gather4863 into barns596, and yet your heavenly3770 Father3962 feeds5142 them. Are you not worth1308 much3123 more1308 than they?
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 6:32 "For the Gentiles1484 eagerly1934 seek1934 all3956 these3778 things3778; for your heavenly3770 Father3962 knows3609a that you need5535 all537a these3778 things3778.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 7:11 "If1487 you then3767, being1510 evil4190, know3609a how3609a to give1325 good18 gifts1390 to your children5043, how4214 much4214 more3123 will your Father3962 who is in heaven3772 give1325 what is good18 to those3588 who ask154 Him!
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 7:21"Not everyone3956 who says3004 to Me, 'Lord2962, Lord2962,' will enter1525 the kingdom932 of heaven3772, but he who does4160 the will2307 of My Father3962 who is in heaven3772 will enter.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 8:21 Another2087 of the disciples3101 said3004 to Him, "Lord2962, permit2010 me first4413 to go565 and bury2290 my father3962."
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