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NASB   Notes Context   Matt 21:25 "The baptism908 of John2491 was from what4159 source, from heaven3772 or2228 from men444?" And they began reasoning1260 among1722 themselves1438, saying3004, "If1437 we say3004, 'From heaven3772,' He will say3004 to us, 'Then3767 why1223,5101 did you not believe4100 him?'
  Notes Context   Matt 21:25 "The baptism of John--from where did it come? From heaven [that is, ordained by God] or from men?" And they began debating among themselves [considering the implications of their answer], saying, "If we say, 'From heaven,' He will say to us, 'Then why did you not believe John?'

Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
(#) is number of times this NASB word was translated from the original language.  
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  Greek Heb.
444 anthrôpos; prob. from 435 and ôps (eye, face); a man, human, mankind:--any(1), anyone(1), child(1), enemy*(1), everyone*(1), fellow(1), friend(1), human(5), human judgment(1), human relations(1), king*(1), Man(89), man(232), man's(8), mankind(5), men(164), men's(2), nobleman*(1), one*(3), others(4), people(13), people*(1), person(2), persons(1), self(4).
908 baptisma; from 907; (the result of) a dipping or sinking:--baptism(20).
1223 dia; a prim. prep.; through, on account of, because of:--account(4), after(2), afterward(1), always*(2), because(111), between*(1), briefly*(1), charge*(1), constantly(1), continually*(6), during(1), forever*(1), gives(1), means(3), over(1), presence(1), reason(40), sake(41), sakes(5), since(1), so then*(1), so*(1), therefore*(16), this reason*(1), this*(1), though(1), through(225), through the agency(1), through*(1), view(2), way(3), what(1), why(3), why*(27).
1260 dialogizomai; from 1223 and 3049; to consider:--discuss(4), discussing(1), pondering(1), reason(1), reasoned(1), reasoning(7), wondering(1).
1437 ean; contr. from 1487 and 302; if (a conditional particle used like 1487, but usually with the Gr. subjunctive mood):--case(1), everyone(1), except*(1), if(222), if*(2), or*(1), though(2), unless*(34), whatever*(22), when(2), whenever*(2), wherever*(8), whether*(1), whoever*(17), whomever*(2).
1438 heautou; from a prim. pron. he (him, her) and gen. (dat. or acc.) of 846; of himself, herself, itself:--aside*(1), conscious*(1), each other(2), herself(4), himself(91), itself(12), mind(1), none*(1), one another(13), oneself(1), ourselves(19), own(48), own estimation(2), own initiative(3), own persons(1), own...himself(1), senses(1), themselves(44), venture*(1), within*(1), yourselves(32).
1722 en; a prim. prep. denoting position and by impl. instrumentality; in, on, at, by, with:--about(3), afterwards*(2), along(1), amid(1), among(124), among*(4), because(3), before(1), before*(3), besides(1), between*(1), case(2), child*(4), circumstance(1), circumstances(1), conscious*(1), death*(1), during(7), earnestly*(1), free*(1), had(1), here*(2), how*(1), means(1), outwardly*(1), over(1), there*(2), through(18), throughout(4), together(1), under(5), under...circumstances(1), undisturbed*(1), until*(1), way(4), when(19), when*(3), where*(2), while(19), while*(3), within(14), within*(1).
2228 ê; a prim. conjunc. used disjunctively or cptv.; or, than:--either(4), nor(1), or(282), or else(4), other than(1), rather(1), rather than(2), than(36), than...or(1), whether(1).
2491 Iôannês; of Heb. or. [3110]; John, the name of several Isr.:--John(131), John's(4).
3004 legô; a prim. vb.; to say:--addressing(1), agree*(1), ask(1), asked(3), asking(4), bring charges(1), call(8), called(34), calling(1), calls(3), claimed(1), claiming(2), command(3), designated(1), follows(1), give(1), gives(1), greeted*(1), made(1), mean(2), means(3), meant(1), mention(1), named(3), ordered(2), quote(1), referred(1), remarking(1), said(1086), say(364), saying(440), says(102), shouting(1), so-called(3), speak(22), speaking(17), speaks(6), spoke(18), spoken(26), stated(1), stating(2), talking(5), tell(71), telling(18), thing spoken(1), things spoken(1), thought(1), told(35), using(1).
3767 oun; a prim. word; therefore, then, (and) so:--contrary*(1), however*(1), now(5), so(153), so then(9), so...then(1), then(141), therefore(178).
3772 ouranos; a prim. word; heaven:--air(9), heaven(218), heavenly*(1), heavens(24), sky(22).
4100 pisteuô; from 4102; to believe, entrust:--believe(118), believed(73), believers(3), believes(29), believing(10), do(1), entrust(1), entrusted(6), entrusting(1), has faith(1).
4159 pothen; adv. from the same as 4214; from where:--how(3), what(1), what...source(1), what sense(1), where(22).
5101 tis; an interrog. pron. related to 5100; who? which? what?:--anything(1), how(7), how*(2), person(1), something(3), suppose one(2), what(266), what each(1), what*(5), which(24), which one(3), who(128), whom(16), whose(6), why(70), why*(33).

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