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NASB   Notes Context   Matt 21:21 And Jesus2424 answered611 and said3004 to them, "Truly281 I say3004 to you, Aif1437 you have2192 faith4102 and do not doubt1252, you will not only3440 do4160 what3588 was done to the fig4808 tree4808, but even2579 if2579 you say3004 to this3778 mountain3735, 'Be taken142 up and cast906 into the sea2281,' it will happen1096.
  Notes Context   Matt 21:21 Jesus replied to them, "I assure you and most solemnly say to you, if you have faith [personal trust and confidence in Me] and do not doubt or allow yourself to be drawn in two directions, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, 'Be taken up and thrown into the sea,' it will happen [if God wills it]. [1 John 5:14]

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A Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 17:20 And He *said to them, "Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.
Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
(#) is number of times this NASB word was translated from the original language.  
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  Greek Heb.
142 airô; a prim. vb.; to raise, take up, lift:--away(5), bear(4), carried(1), carry(1), get(4), hoisted(1), keep(1), lifted(2), pick(9), picked(11), pulls away(2), put away(1), raised(2), remove(1), removed(3), suspense*(1), take(13), take away(5), take...away(4), taken(3), taken...away(1), taken away(12), takes away(7), taking(1), took(2), took...away(1), took away(3), weighed anchor(1).
281 amên; adv. of Heb. or. [543]; truly:--Amen(30), truly(99).
611 apokrinomai; from 575 and 2919; to answer:--answer(20), answered(169), answered answered(1), answering(8), answers(1), made...answer(1), replied(2), reply(1), respond(1), responded(2), response(1), said(1).
906 ballô; a prim. word; to throw, cast:--bring(2), cast(15), casting(3), casts(3), contributors(1), laid(1), lying(3), lying sick(1), place(1), poured(4), put(22), puts(2), putting(4), rushed(1), swung(2), threw(12), throw(16), thrown(27), tossing(1).
1096 ginomai; from a prim. root gen-; to come into being, to happen, to become:--accomplished(1), appeared(3), arise(1), arises(2), arose(6), arrived(3), became(53), become(83), becomes(8), becoming(2), been(12), been brought(1), been done(1), been made(2), been...came(1), began(1), behaved(1), being(2), come into being(1), being carried(1), being done(2), being made(2), born(5), breaking*(1), came(45), came into being(2), came to pass(2), come(16), comes(1), comes to pass(1), coming(1), dawn(1), decided*(1), developing(1), done(20), drawing(1), during(1), elapsed(1), existed*(1), falling(1), feeling(1), fell(6), finished(1), followed(1), formed(3), found(2), get(4), give(1), got(1), granted(1), grown*(1), had(1), happen(6), happened(46), happening(5), happens(3), has(3), join*(1), joined(3), made(15), occur(3), occurred(18), performed(4), prove(7), proved(6), proving(1), put(1), reached(2), realized(1), results(2), show(1), spent(1), split(1), spoken(1), starting(1), take place(16), taken(2), taken place(5), takes place(1), taking place(3), there arose(1), thundered*(1), took place(7), turned(1), turns(3), would(1).
1252 diakrinô; from 1223 and 2919; to distinguish, to judge:--decide(1), discern(1), disputed(1), doubt(2), doubting(2), doubts(2), judge(1), judged(1), made distinctions(1), made...distinction(1), misgivings(2), pass judgment(1), regards...as superior(1), took issue(1), waver(1).
1437 ean; contr. from 1487 and 302; if (a conditional particle used like 1487, but usually with the Gr. subjunctive mood):--case(1), everyone(1), except*(1), if(222), if*(2), or*(1), though(2), unless*(34), whatever*(22), when(2), whenever*(2), wherever*(8), whether*(1), whoever*(17), whomever*(2).
2192 echô; a prim. vb.; to have, hold:--ability(1), able(1), accompany(1), acknowledge*(1), am(2), become(1), been(3), being(1), being under(1), bringing(1), conceived*(1), consider(2), considered(2), could(2), derive(1), deriving(1), devoid*(1), enjoyed(1), experiencing(1), felt(1), following(1), get(2), gripped(1), had(80), has(134), have(283), have had(2), having(50), held(1), hold(5), holding(7), holds(2), ill*(5), incurring(1), involves(1), keep(3), keeping(3), kept(1), maintain(1), maintained(1), maintaining(1), meets(1), nearby(1), next(2), obliged*(1), obtain(2), obtained(1), owned(3), possess(2), possessed(4), possesses(1), receive(1), received(1), recover*(1), regard(2), regarded(1), reigns*(1), remember*(1), retain(1), seize(1), show(1), think*(1), unable*(1), under(1), under*(1), use(1), without*(3).
2281 thalassa; of unc. or.; the sea:--sea(86), seashore(5).
2424 Iêsous; of Heb. or. [3091]; Jesus or Joshua, the name of the Messiah, also three other Isr.:--Jesus(904), Jesus'(7), Joshua(3).
2579 kan; from 2532 and 1437; and if:--even(1), even if(4), if(4), if even(1), just(2), least(1), or even(1), though(1), whether(1).
3004 legô; a prim. vb.; to say:--addressing(1), agree*(1), ask(1), asked(3), asking(4), bring charges(1), call(8), called(34), calling(1), calls(3), claimed(1), claiming(2), command(3), designated(1), follows(1), give(1), gives(1), greeted*(1), made(1), mean(2), means(3), meant(1), mention(1), named(3), ordered(2), quote(1), referred(1), remarking(1), said(1086), say(364), saying(440), says(102), shouting(1), so-called(3), speak(22), speaking(17), speaks(6), spoke(18), spoken(26), stated(1), stating(2), talking(5), tell(71), telling(18), thing spoken(1), things spoken(1), thought(1), told(35), using(1).
3440 monon; adv. from 3441; merely:--only(53), simply(2).
3588 ho,
to; the def. art.; the:--about(2), all(5), case*(3), cause*(1), circumstances*(3), companions*(8), condition*(1), experiences(2), far(1), followers*(1), former*(1), meat(1), one(6), one who(1), one*(1), others(4), others*(1), outsiders*(3), people(1), sight(1), some(7), some*(5), suitable(1), these(4), things(1), this(31), those(406), those who(17), together*(8), under*(1), welfare(1), what(47), what had happened(1), what*(1), which(14), who(52), whoever(8), whom(4).
ho; see 3739.
3735 oros; a prim. word; a mountain:--hill(2), mount(3), Mount(15), mountain(31), mountains(12).
3778 houtos,
touto; prob. from a redupl. of 3588, used as a demonstrative pron.; this:--afterward*(3), especially(1), fact(2), follow*(1), here*(1), hereafter*(1), man(1), now*(1), one(2), one whom(1), partly*(1), person(1), present(1), same(1), so(1), so then*(1), so*(1), some(2), such(2), therefore*(16), these(179), these...things(1), these men(10), these people(1), these things(192), this(737), this man(56), this man's(2), this one(4), this reason*(1), this thing(2), this way(1), this woman(4), this*(1), this...thing(1), those(2), those things(1), very(3), very thing(2), who(2), whom(1).
4102 pistis; from 3982; faith, faithfulness:--faith(238), faithfulness(3), pledge(1), proof(1).
4160 poieô; a prim. word; to make, do:--accomplished(1), act(4), acted(3), acting(1), acts(2), appointed(3), away*(1), bear(5), bearing(1), bears(3), become(1), bore(1), bring(1), bring...to pass(1), bring about(2), bringing(1), brings forth(1), call(1), carried(1), carries(1), carry(1), cause(3), causes(2), causing(1), commit(2), commits(2), committed(4), composed(1), consider(1), created things(1), dealt(1), did(33), did...do(2), do(170), does(16), does...do(1), doing(38), done(43), establishing(1), execute(4), exercises(1), expose*(1), formed(1), formed a conspiracy(1), forms(1), gave(4), give(4), gives(1), giving(1), have(2), have kept(1), having(1), held(1), indulging(1), keep(3), keeps(1), kept(1), made(38), make(47), makes(7), making(9), observe(2), offer(1), offering(1), perform(4), performed(8), performing(7), performs(1), practice(5), practices(11), practicing(1), present(1), proceeding(1), produce(3), produced(1), produces(2), producing(1), provide(1), put(1), satisfy*(1), setting(1), show(2), showed(1), shown(1), spend(1), spent(4), took(1), treat(6), treated(1), weaker(1), worked(1), working(1).
4808 sukê; from 4810; a fig tree:--fig tree(16).

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