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I was saved at a fairly young age but never committed my life to Christ until I was mature enough to understand what that meant.

My denominational background is varied, was born into a Lutheran family, we attended church as Lutherans until a church which was closer to walk to, was a built, it was Evangelical United Brethren that later became United Methodist.

My wife was raised a Catholic and when we married she became United Methodist. As a family we attended United Methodist, Church of God Cleveland Tenn. Independent Pentecostal, and now The Assemblies of God.

I have been fortunate enough to visit, attend and participate in many different denominational churches, including being asked to speak. They are Nazarene, Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Lutheran, Independent works, and Catholic.

I can honestly say I feel totally comfortable in almost any church Protestant or Catholic, Pentecostal or not, with the exception of those that feel the need to stress an objectionable man made doctrine or teaching.

I prefer the church which I now attend.

I worked for a large corporation for 30 years which I left to go into the ministry. I pastored a wonderful Assemblies of God church for 10 years and now serve as a volunteer pastor to help a pastor of a struggling AoG church.

I am a servant who is seeking more of God and less of myself..
I pray the things I post will be a blessing to those that read it.

I can be contacted at Justaned@yahoo.com

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