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A son of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob -- by the seed of the flesh as well as by the Spirit. Married to a Proverbs-31-wife -- one of the many of God's blessings that I do not deserve!

A brief outline of my distinctive convictions (1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith):


Sola Scriptura -- The Bible is the complete, closed, clear authority in all matters of faith
Solus Christus -- Our confidence is in Jesus Christ alone for salvation
Sola Gratia -- Grace secured redemption without reference to works
Sola Fide -- We are declared righteous by God through faith alone
Soli Deo Gloria -- Goal of creation and redemption is God's praise


Total Depravity -- The fall of Adam affected the totality of man's person
Unconditional Election -- Election is not based on foreseen faith or works
Limited Atonement -- Redemption was accomplished by Christ for the elect
Irresistible Grace -- Regeneration by the Holy Spirit is efficacious for the elect
Perseverance of the Saints -- God will, by grace, complete what He began in regeneration


Godliness in Worship -- Regulative Principle of Worship; Lord's day as Christian Sabbath
Godliness in Preaching -- Primacy of preaching; Both exposition and application emphasized
Godliness in Instruction -- Confessional, catholic; Publishing what we believe the Bible teaches
Godliness in Family -- Parents are to instruct (catechize) and discipline their children in the Lord
Godliness in Behavior -- Maintaining a good conscience before God and man


Unity of the Bible -- Many parts yet one message
Christ-centered interpretation -- Jesus' person, work and kingdom is theme of Bible
Law/Gospel distinction -- Law commands and condemns, Gospel saves
One way of salvation -- Christ has saved all the elect throughout all the ages
Optimistic view of history -- Jesus Christ is King ruling over all; He will soon come again


Biblical Church Practice -- Ordinances for believers only; loving and restorative Church discipline
Biblical Church Freedom -- The state is not to intrude into matters of conscience
Biblical Church Polity -- Elders and deacons (the local congregation chooses its leaders)
Biblical Church Growth -- Gospel proclamation to the lost world (repentance and faith demanded of all)
Biblical Church Ministry -- Priesthood of all believers

"And Jesus said to them, 'Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure things new and old.'" (Matthew 13:52 NASB)

If you want to know how to become a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, read:

Note: I add to the electronic margins of the Study Bible Forum from many different scholars, teachers, and pastors -- some living and many who are dead. My quoting of a person is not meant to imply that I support or believe all that they teach. Sometimes people just say or write things that are worthy of being repeated; helping in our understanding of the Word (Ephesians 4:11-16).

Feel free to write: DocTrinsOGrace AT gmail DOT com (Replace the AT with an at-sign and the DOT with a period)

(The above information has been submitted by the author for use solely by the

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