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--- Revised October, 2008 ---
My name is Hank, and I've been a follower of Jesus Christ since 1949. -------------------------------
Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. At age 33 relocated in the river valley of Western Arkansas between the Ozark and Ouachita (pronounced WASH-ee-tah) Mountains.
...............................Retired from insurance sales and management. ...............................
Married in 1959 and on September 13, 2009, Deo volente, my wife and I will celebrate our golden wedding anniversary.

We have two children living and one deceased, at age 20, the victim of a drunk driver.

We are blessed with three truly grand grand-children.
.............................. My core beliefs are summarized in "The Baptist Faith and Message." -------------------------------
Agape, --Hank

))))) Soli Deo Gloria! )))))

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