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Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 3:4 Now1161 John2491 himself846 had2192 a garment1742 of camel's2574 hair2359 and a leather1193 belt2223 around4012 his waist3751; and his food5160 was locusts200 and wild66 honey3192.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 5:3"Blessed3107 are the poor4434 in spirit4151, for theirs846 is the kingdom932 of heaven3772.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 5:10"Blessed3107 are those3588 who have been persecuted1377 for the sake1752a of righteousness1343, for theirs846 is the kingdom932 of heaven3772.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 5:46 "For if1437 you love25 those3588 who love25 you, what5101 reward3408 do4160 you have2192? Do not even2532 the tax5057 collectors5057 do4160 the same846?
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 5:47 "If1437 you greet782 only3440 your brothers80, what5101 more4053 are you doing4160 than others? Do not even2532 the Gentiles1482 do4160 the same846?
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 8:17 This was to fulfill4137 what3588 was spoken3004 through1223 Isaiah2268 the prophet4396: "HE HIMSELF846 TOOK2983 OUR INFIRMITIES769 AND CARRIED941 AWAY941 OUR DISEASES3554."
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 8:24 And behold2400, there arose1096 a great3173 storm4578 on the sea2281, so5620 that the boat4143 was being2572 covered2572 with the waves2949; but Jesus Himself846 was asleep2518.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 11:14 "And if1487 you are willing2309 to accept1209 it, John himself846 is Elijah2243 who was to come2064.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 12:16 and warned2008 them not to tell5318 who846 He was.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 17:8 And lifting1869 up their eyes3788, they saw3708 no3762 one3762 except1508 Jesus2424 Himself846 alone3441.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 21:41 They *said3004 to Him, "He will bring622 those846 wretches2556 to a wretched2560 end622, and will rent1554 out the vineyard290 to other243 vine-growers1092 who3748 will pay591 him the proceeds2590 at the proper seasons2540."
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 22:34 ¶ But when the Pharisees5330 heard191 that Jesus had silenced5392 the Sadducees4523, they gathered4863 themselves together1909,3588,846.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 23:4 "They tie1195 up heavy926 burdens5413 and lay2007 them on men's444 shoulders5606, but they themselves846 are unwilling3756,2309 to move2795 them with so much as a finger1147.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 23:21 "And whoever3588 swears3660 by the temple3485, swears3660 both by the temple846 and by Him who dwells2730 within2730 it.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 25:44 "Then5119 they themselves846 also2532 will answer611, 'Lord2962, when4219 did we see3708 You hungry3983, or2228 thirsty1372, or2228 a stranger3581, or2228 naked1131, or2228 sick772, or2228 in prison5438, and did not take1247 care1247 of You?'
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 26:44 And He left863 them again3825, and went565 away565 and prayed4336 a third5154 time5154, saying3004 the same846 thing3056 once3825 more3825.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 26:47 ¶ While He was still2089 speaking2980, behold2400, Judas2455, one1520 of the twelve1427, came2064 up accompanied3326,846 by a large4183 crowd3793 with swords3162 and clubs3586, who came from the chief749 priests749 and elders4245 of the people2992.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 27:7 And they conferred4824,2983 together4824 and with the money846 bought59 the Potter's2763 Field68 as a burial5027 place5027 for strangers3581.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 27:17 So3767 when the people846 gathered4863 together4863, Pilate4091 said3004 to them, "Whom5101 do you want2309 me to release630 for you? Barabbas912, or2228 Jesus2424 who is called3004 Christ5547?"
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 27:44 The robbers3027 who had been crucified4957 with Him were also2532 insulting3679 Him with the same846 words.
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