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Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 1:18 ¶ Now1161 the birth1078 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 was as follows3779: when His mother3384 Mary3137 had been betrothed3423 to Joseph2501, before4250 they came4905 together4905 she was found2147 to be with child1722,1064 by the Holy40 Spirit4151.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 1:23 "BEHOLD2400, THE VIRGIN3933 SHALL BE WITH CHILD1722,1064 AND SHALL BEAR5088 A SON5207, AND THEY SHALL CALL2564 HIS NAME3686 IMMANUEL1694," which3739 translated3177 means1510, "GOD2316 WITH US."
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 2:6 'AND YOU, BETHLEHEM965, LAND1093 OF JUDAH2455,
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 4:23 ¶ Jesus was going4013 throughout4013 all3650 Galilee1056, teaching1321 in their synagogues4864 and proclaiming2784 the gospel2098 of the kingdom932, and healing2323 every3956 kind3956 of disease3554 and every3956 kind3956 of sickness3119 among1722 the people2992.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 5:13"You are the salt217 of the earth1093; but if1437 the salt217 has become3471 tasteless3471, how1722,5101 can it be made233 salty233 again? It is no3762 longer2089 good2480 for anything3762, except1508 to be thrown906 out and trampled2662 under2662 foot2662 by men444.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 9:31 But they went1831 out and spread1310 the news1310 about Him throughout1722 all3650 that land1093.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 11:2 ¶ Now1161 when John2491, while1722 imprisoned1201, heard191 of the works2041 of Christ5547, he sent3992 word by his disciples3101
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 11:11 "Truly281 I say3004 to you, among1722 those born1084 of women1135 there has not arisen1453 anyone greater3173 than John2491 the Baptist910! Yet1161 the one3739 who is least3398 in the kingdom932 of heaven3772 is greater3173 than he.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 13:25 "But while1722 his men444 were sleeping2518, his enemy2190 came2064 and sowed1986b tares2215 among303,3319 the wheat4621, and went565 away565.
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 14:6 ¶ But when Herod's2264 birthday1077 came1096, the daughter2364 of Herodias2266 danced3738 before1722,3319 them and pleased700 Herod2264,
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 16:7 They began to discuss1260 this among1722 themselves1438, saying3004, "He said that because3754 we did not bring2983 any bread740."
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 16:8 But Jesus2424, aware1097 of this, said3004, "You men3640b of little3640b faith3640b, why5101 do you discuss1260 among1722 yourselves1438 that you have2192 no3756 bread740?
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 18:2 And He called4341 a child3813 to Himself and set2476 him before1722,3319 them,
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 20:26 "It is not this3779 way3779 among1722 you, but whoever3739,1437 wishes2309 to become1096 great3173 among1722 you shall be your servant1249,
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 20:27 and whoever3739,1437 wishes2309 to be first4413 among1722 you shall be your slave1401;
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 21:25 "The baptism908 of John2491 was from what4159 source, from heaven3772 or2228 from men444?" And they began reasoning1260 among1722 themselves1438, saying3004, "If1437 we say3004, 'From heaven3772,' He will say3004 to us, 'Then3767 why1223,5101 did you not believe4100 him?'
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 21:38 "But when the vine-growers1092 saw3708 the son5207, they said3004 among1722 themselves1438, 'This3778 is the heir2818; come1205, let us kill615 him and seize2192 his inheritance2817.'
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 26:5 But they were saying3004, "Not during1722 the festival1859, otherwise2443,3361 a riot2351 might occur1096 among1722 the people2992."
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 26:31 ¶ Then5119 Jesus2424 *said3004 to them, "You will all3956 fall4624 away4624 because1722 of Me this3778 night3571, for it is written1125, 'I WILL STRIKE3960 DOWN3960 THE SHEPHERD4166, AND THE SHEEP4263b OF THE FLOCK4167 SHALL BE SCATTERED1287.'
Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 26:33 But Peter4074 said3004 to Him, "Even though1487 all3956 may fall4624 away4624 because1722 of You, I will never3763 fall4624 away4624."
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