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Bible questions and answers in 1 John

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NASB 1 John 1:1 What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked at and touched with our hands, concerning the Word of Life--
AMPLIFIED 1 John 1:1 [WE ARE writing] about the Word of Life [in] Him Who existed from the beginning, Whom we have heard, Whom we have seen with our [own] eyes, Whom we have gazed upon [for ourselves] and have touched with our [own] hands.

 Questions and/or Subjects for 1 John 1:1   Author    Date
 The Word of Life!
  Makarios   Thu 11/15/01, 2:04pm
 Jesus according to Paul, vs. the Gospels (?)
  LuckyCharm   Tue 04/9/02, 10:06am
 forgiveness confirmed? (?)
  GJH   Sun 09/15/02, 6:32pm
 forgiveness confirmed? (?)
  GJH   Sun 09/15/02, 6:32pm
 1 John 1:1 What was from the beginning , (?)
  penina   Tue 02/18/03, 2:52pm
 Who really wrote the bible? for a friend (?)
  acvet   Thu 02/5/04, 7:59am
 Touching the word of LIFE HOW (?)
  Finny Joseph   Sat 11/26/05, 6:21am
 The beginning of what?
  alanh   Sat 05/6/06, 12:34am
 1JN4 Testing the spirits (?)
  starfire   Tue 09/11/07, 11:17am
 Whatd does first john say about god? (?)
  Lex   Sun 09/25/11, 3:46pm
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