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Bible questions and answers in Matthew

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NASB Matthew 21:7 and brought the donkey and the colt, and laid their coats on them; and He sat on the coats.
AMPLIFIED Matthew 21:7 They brought the donkey and the colt and laid their coats upon them, and He seated Himself on them [the clothing].

 Questions and/or Subjects for Matt 21:7   Author    Date
 Why does Matthew indicate two donkeys? (?)
  DPOAG   Mon 03/26/07, 6:52am
 Greetings Dpoag! This is a good examp...
  Morant61   Mon 03/26/07, 7:19am
 Does Zech 9 indicate one or two donkeys? (?)
  DPOAG   Mon 03/26/07, 7:28am
 Greetings Dpoag! As Doc already menti...
  Morant61   Mon 03/26/07, 7:41am
 Thank you again Tim.
  DPOAG   Mon 03/26/07, 7:50am
 The Lord has need of them or it (?)
  DPOAG   Mon 03/26/07, 7:55am
 Personally, I think the writers are acco...
  mark d seyler   Mon 03/26/07, 10:04am
 Greetings Dpoag! To put it simply, it...
  Morant61   Mon 03/26/07, 4:12pm
 Hi, DPOAG... Your Wikipedia author de...
  DocTrinsograce   Mon 03/26/07, 7:26am
 Was there a donkey and a foal? (?)
  DPOAG   Mon 03/26/07, 7:34am
 Hi DPOAG Greetings! I know a littl...
  stjohn   Mon 03/26/07, 11:22am
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