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NASB Proverbs 24:1 Do not be envious of evil men,
Nor desire to be with them;
AMPLIFIED Proverbs 24:1 BE NOT envious of evil men, nor desire to be with them;


Subject:    We Shall Sit with Christ as Kings

Note:    "This promise is accomplished at the last day of judgment, when we shall sit with Christ as kings, ruling with Him, and as judges of the twelve tribes of Israel, judges of the world.

"We are here conquerors of the world, the flesh and the devil; but then all things shall be put under our feet. And this should comfort us in our sufferings under wicked men. For at that time those that now triumph over us shall be trodden down as dust.

"And again, we should learn not to fret to see the prosperity of the wicked (Psalm 37:1). They are but flowers of a day’s continuance. Who envies the estate or happiness of a base person that in a play acts the person of a king? This world is no other than a stage play.

"Let the wicked be in ever so great a place, he must return to his rags; and the good man, though he acts the part of a beggar here for a while, he shall be a king hereafter forever and in the meantime God considers him as His dear son." --Richard Sibbes (1577-1635)

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 We Shall Sit with Christ as Kings
  DocTrinsograce   Wed 03/6/13, 4:04pm
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