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NASB   Notes Context   Rom 1:18 ¶ For Athe wrath3709 of God2316 is revealed601 from heaven3772 against1909 all3956 ungodliness763 and unrighteousness93 of men444 who Bsuppress2722 the truth225 1in unrighteousness93,
  Notes Context   Rom 1:18 ¶ For [God does not overlook sin and] the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who in their wickedness suppress and stifle the truth,

NASB Translator's Notes:
Literal renderings, alternate translations or explanations.
1 Or by
NASB Cross References:
Related verses.
A Verse Info. Notes Context Rom 5:9 Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of God through Him.
B Verse Info. Notes Context 2 Thess 2:6 And you know what restrains him now, so that in his time he will be revealed.
Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
(#) is number of times this NASB word was translated from the original language.  
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  Greek Heb.
93 adikia; from 94; injustice, unrighteousness:--doing wrong(1), evildoers(1), iniquities(1), iniquity(2), injustice(1), unrighteous(2), unrighteousness(12), wickedness(4), wrong(1).
225 alêtheia; from 227; truth:--certainly*(2), most(1), rightly*(1), truly*(2), truth(104).
444 anthrôpos; prob. from 435 and ôps (eye, face); a man, human, mankind:--any(1), anyone(1), child(1), enemy*(1), everyone*(1), fellow(1), friend(1), human(5), human judgment(1), human relations(1), king*(1), Man(89), man(232), man's(8), mankind(5), men(164), men's(2), nobleman*(1), one*(3), others(4), people(13), people*(1), person(2), persons(1), self(4).
601 apokaluptô; from 575 and 2572; to uncover, reveal:--reveal(5), revealed(20), revelation is made(1).
763 asebeia; from 765; ungodliness, impiety:--ungodliness(4), ungodly(3).
1909 epi; a prim. prep.; on, upon:--about(4), above(2), after(2), against(41), among(2), any(2), around(2), basis(4), because(2), because*(2), bedridden*(1), before(24), besides(1), beyond(1), certainly*(2), chamberlain*(1), charge(1), concerning(4), connection(1), embraced*(2), extent*(2), further*(3), inasmuch*(1), onto(1), over(57), passenger*(1), point(1), referring(1), time(3), together*(7), toward(5), truly*(2), under(1), under*(1), view(1), within(1).
2316 theos; of unc. or.; God, a god:--divinely(1), God(1267), god(6), God's(27), God-fearing(1), godly(2), godly*(1), gods(8), Lord(1).
2722 katechô; from 2596 and 2192; to hold fast, hold back:--afflicted(1), bound(1), heading(1), hold...fast(1), hold fast(5), hold firmly(1), keep(2), occupy(1), possess(1), possessing(1), restrains(2), suppress(1).
3709 orgê; a prim. word; impulse, wrath:--anger(6), wrath(30).
3772 ouranos; a prim. word; heaven:--air(9), heaven(218), heavenly*(1), heavens(24), sky(22).
3956 pas; a prim. word; all, every:--all(731), all the things(7), all...things(1), all kinds(1), all men(14), all people(4), all respects(3), all things(126), all*(1), always*(3), any(16), any at all(1), anyone(3), anything(3), anything*(1), continually*(6), entire(4), every(128), every form(1), every kind(9), every respect(1), every way(2), everyone(71), everyone's(1), everyone*(1), everything(45), forever*(1), full(2), great(2), no*(15), none*(1), nothing(1), nothing*(1), one(4), perfectly(1), quite(1), whatever(3), whatever*(1), whoever(7), whole(18).

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