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NASB   Notes Context   Rom 1:10 always3842 in my prayers4335 making1189a request1189a, if1487 perhaps4458 now2235 at last4218 by Athe will2307 of God2316 I may succeed2137 in coming2064 to you.
  Notes Context   Rom 1:10 in my prayers; always pleading that somehow, by God's will, I may now at last come to you.

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A Verse Info. Notes Context Acts 18:21 but taking leave of them and saying, "I will return to you again if God wills," he set sail from Ephesus.
Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
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  Greek Heb.
1189a deomai; a form of 1210; to want, entreat:--ask(1), beg(6), begged(1), begging(2), beseech(2), implored(1), making request(1), please(1), pray(2), prayed(3), praying(2).
1487 ei; a prim. particle; if, whether (a cond. part. introducing circumstances nec. for a given proposition to be true; sometimes used with a command or as an indirect question, etc.):--although*(1), if(341), no(1), only(1), only*(11), suppose*(1), though(7), though*(5), unless(2), unless*(5), until*(1), whatever*(1), whether(19), whoever*(3).
2064 erchomai; a prim. vb.; to come, go:--arrival(1), arrived(1), brought(1), came(225), come(222), comes(64), coming(87), entered(2), expected(3), fall(2), falls(1), give(1), go(1), going(2), grown(1), lighting(1), next(1), turned(1), went(18).
2137 euodoô; from 2095 and 3598; to have a prosperous journey:--prosper(2), prospers(1), succeed(1).
2235 êdê; a prim. adv. of time; already:--already(42), as soon as(1), now(14), soon*(1), this time(2).
2307 thelêma; from 2309; will:--desire(1), desires(1), will(57).
2316 theos; of unc. or.; God, a god:--divinely(1), God(1267), god(6), God's(27), God-fearing(1), godly(2), godly*(1), gods(8), Lord(1).
3842 pantote; from 3956 and 5119; at all times:--all times(1), always(40).
4218 pote; enclitic particle from the same as 4214 and 5037; once, ever:--any time(1), ever(4), former(1), former times(1), formerly(8), last(2), never*(2), once(8), when(1), when once(1).
4335 proseuchê; from 4336; prayer:--earnestly(1), place of prayer(2), prayer(20), prayers(14).
4458 pôs; an enclitic particle from the same as 4459, see also 1513b and 3381; at all:--perhaps(4), somehow(3).

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