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NASB   Notes Context   Acts 7:18 until891 ATHERE AROSE450 ANOTHER2087 KING935 OVER1909 EGYPT125 WHO3739 KNEW3609a NOTHING3756 ABOUT3609a JOSEPH2501.
  Notes Context   Acts 7:18 until [the time when] THERE AROSE ANOTHER KING OVER EGYPT WHO DID NOT KNOW JOSEPH [nor his history and the merit of his service to Egypt]. [Ex 1:7, 8]

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A Verse Info. Notes Context Ex 1:8 ¶ Now a new king arose over Egypt, who did not know Joseph.
Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
(#) is number of times this NASB word was translated from the original language.  
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  Greek Heb.
125 Aiguptos; of unc. or.; Egypt, the land of the Nile:--Egypt(25).
450 anistêmi; from 303 and 2476; to raise up, to rise:--arise(4), arises(2), arose(4), get(15), getting(1), got(24), raise(7), raised(4), raised...up again(1), raised up again(1), raising(1), rise(3), rise again(10), risen(2), risen again(2), rises(1), rising(1), rose(6), rose again(1), stand(5), stood(13).
891 achri or achris; a prim. particle, prep.; until, as far as:--even when(1), far(6), high(1), long(1), right(1), until(29), within(1).
935 basileus; of unc. or.; a king:--king(82), King of kings(1), KING OF KINGS(1), king's(2), king*(1), kings(1), kings(24), kings'(1).
1909 epi; a prim. prep.; on, upon:--about(4), above(2), after(2), against(41), among(2), any(2), around(2), basis(4), because(2), because*(2), bedridden*(1), before(24), besides(1), beyond(1), certainly*(2), chamberlain*(1), charge(1), concerning(4), connection(1), embraced*(2), extent*(2), further*(3), inasmuch*(1), onto(1), over(57), passenger*(1), point(1), referring(1), time(3), together*(7), toward(5), truly*(2), under(1), under*(1), view(1), within(1).
2087 heteros; of unc. or.; other:--another(31), another man(1), another one(2), any other(1), different(6), else(2), neighbor(3), next(3), one(1), other(31), other person(1), others(13), someone else(1), strange(1), strangers(1).
2501 Iôsêph; of Heb. or. [3130]; Joseph, the name of several Isr.:--Joseph(33), Joseph's(2).
3609a oida; perf. of 1491a; to have seen or perceived, hence to know:--appreciate(1), aware(3), become learned(1), conscious*(1), having a knowledge(1), knew(16), knew...about(1), know(216), know about(1), know how(9), knowing(36), known(4), known about(1), knows(15), knows how(1), realize(1), realizing(2), recognize(3), unaware*(1), understand(5), understanding(1).
3739 hos,
ho; a prim. pron.; usually rel. who, which, that, also demonstrative this, that:--another*(8), any(1), because*(7), deeds*(1), just(1), just*(1), once*(1), one(11), one*(6), other(2), others*(2), same(2), since*(3), so(1), some(7), some*(8), someone(1), such(1), there(1), these(6), these things(3), thing(1), things(4), third(1), this(22), this is what(1), those whom(1), until*(1), what(101), what*(2), whatever(5), whatever*(28), when(9), when*(3), where(1), where*(2), which(404), while*(3), who(158), whoever(4), whoever*(51), whom(218), whomever*(6), whose(38), why*(3).
3756 ou,
ouch; a prim. word; not, no:--all*(1), any the less(2), before*(1), cannot(1), cannot*(49), certainly*(1), ever*(3), except(1), failed(1), few*(1), great*(1), greatly*(1), impossible*(1), incessantly*(1), kept...a virgin*(1), kept right*(1), long*(1), neither(2), neither*(3), never(6), never*(17), no(147), no*(22), none(4), none*(3), nor(3), nothing(8), nothing*(13), nowhere*(2), number(1), number*(2), only*(5), rather(2), rather than(1), refrain(1), refused*(1), than*(2), unable*(6), unaware*(3), unwilling*(12), unworthy*(1), virgin*(1), without(2), without*(6).

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