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NASB   Notes Context   John 21:1 After3326 these3778 things3778 Jesus2424 1Amanifested5319 Himself1438 Bagain3825 to the disciples3101 at the CSea2281 of Tiberias5085, and He manifested5319 Himself in this3779 way3779.
  Notes Context   John 21:1 After this Jesus revealed Himself again to the disciples at the Sea of Tiberias (Galilee). And He did it in this way:

NASB Translator's Notes:
Literal renderings, alternate translations or explanations.
1 Or made Himself visible
NASB Cross References:
Related verses.
A Verse Info. Notes Context Mark 16:12 ¶ After that, He appeared in a different form to two of them while they were walking along on their way to the country.
B Verse Info. Notes Context John 20:19 ¶ So when it was evening on that day, the first day of the week, and when the doors were shut where the disciples were, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in their midst and *said to them, "Peace be with you."
C Verse Info. Notes Context John 6:1 After these things Jesus went away to the other side of the Sea of Galilee (or Tiberias).
Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
(#) is number of times this NASB word was translated from the original language.  
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this Strong's number:
  Greek Heb.
1438 heautou; from a prim. pron. he (him, her) and gen. (dat. or acc.) of 846; of himself, herself, itself:--aside*(1), conscious*(1), each other(2), herself(4), himself(91), itself(12), mind(1), none*(1), one another(13), oneself(1), ourselves(19), own(48), own estimation(2), own initiative(3), own persons(1), own...himself(1), senses(1), themselves(44), venture*(1), within*(1), yourselves(32).
2281 thalassa; of unc. or.; the sea:--sea(86), seashore(5).
2424 Iêsous; of Heb. or. [3091]; Jesus or Joshua, the name of the Messiah, also three other Isr.:--Jesus(904), Jesus'(7), Joshua(3).
3101 mathêtês; from 3129; a disciple:--disciple(26), disciples(233), disciples'(1), pupil(1).
3326 meta; a prim. prep.; with, among, after:--accompanied(1), accompanied*(2), accompany*(1), after(82), afterward*(3), against(4), amid(1), among(5), away(1), before*(1), behind(1), companions*(5), end(1), follow*(1), gratefully*(1), hereafter*(1), later(12), now*(1), together(2), together*(1), toward(3), without*(2).
3778 houtos,
touto; prob. from a redupl. of 3588, used as a demonstrative pron.; this:--afterward*(3), especially(1), fact(2), follow*(1), here*(1), hereafter*(1), man(1), now*(1), one(2), one whom(1), partly*(1), person(1), present(1), same(1), so(1), so then*(1), so*(1), some(2), such(2), therefore*(16), these(179), these...things(1), these men(10), these people(1), these things(192), this(737), this man(56), this man's(2), this one(4), this reason*(1), this thing(2), this way(1), this woman(4), this*(1), this...thing(1), those(2), those things(1), very(3), very thing(2), who(2), whom(1).
3779 houtô and houtôs; adv. from 3778; in this way, thus:--even so(1), exactly(2), exactly*(1), follows(2), in such a manner(1), in such a way(4), just(2), like this(5), like*(1), same(2), same manner(1), same way(5), so(125), such(2), then(1), thereby(1), this(1), this is the way(2), this is how(1), this effect(1), this manner(4), this respect(1), this way(22), thus(7), way(7), way this(1).
3825 palin; a prim. word; back (of place), again (of time), further:--again(127), again*(1), another(1), back(4), once more(4), other hand(3).
5085 Tiberias; from 5086; Tiberias, a city of Galilee, also another name for the Sea of Galilee (1056):--Tiberias(3).
5319 phaneroô; from 5318; to make visible, make clear:--appear(1), appeared(6), appears(3), become visible(1), becomes visible(1), disclose(1), disclosed(1), displayed(1), made...evident(2), made known(1), made manifest(2), make...clear(1), manifested(18), manifests(1), revealed(7), show(1), shown(1).

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