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NASB   Notes Context   Matt 22:25 "Now1161 there were seven2033 brothers80 with us; and the first4413 married1060 and died5053, and having2192 no3361 children4690 left863 his wife1135 to his brother80;
  Notes Context   Matt 22:25 "Now there were seven brothers among us; the first married and died, and having no children left his wife to his brother.

Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
(#) is number of times this NASB word was translated from the original language.  
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  Greek Heb.
80 adelphos; from 1 (as a cop. pref.) and delphus (womb); a brother:--believing husband(1), brethren(170), brethren*(13), brother(111), brother's(8), brothers(40).
863 aphiêmi; from 575 and hiêmi (to send); to send away, leave alone, permit:--abandoned(1), allow(5), allowed(2), divorce(2), forgave(2), forgive(23), forgiven(23), forgives(1), gave...permission(1), leave(7), leaves(2), leaving(8), left(38), let(9), let...alone(6), let him have(1), neglected(1), neglecting(2), permit(6), permitted(1), permitting(1), send...away(1), tolerate(1), uttered(1), yielded(1).
1060 gameô; from 1062; to marry:--get married(2), marriage(1), married(7), marries(7), marry(9), marrying(2).
1135 gunê; a prim. word; a woman:--bride(1), wife(71), wife's(1), wives(11), woman(96), woman's(1), women(33).
1161 de; a prim. word; but, and, now, (a connective or adversative particle):--after(2), also(2), another*(8), even(4), even though(1), former*(1), however(6), moreover(1), moreover*(1), nevertheless(1), now(267), or(6), other(1), other hand(4), others*(3), partly(1), rather(1), so(12), suppose*(1), then(6), therefore(1), though(1), what(1), when(3), whereas(2), yes(1), yet(25).
2033 hepta; a prim. word; seven:--seven(87), seventh(1).
2192 echô; a prim. vb.; to have, hold:--ability(1), able(1), accompany(1), acknowledge*(1), am(2), become(1), been(3), being(1), being under(1), bringing(1), conceived*(1), consider(2), considered(2), could(2), derive(1), deriving(1), devoid*(1), enjoyed(1), experiencing(1), felt(1), following(1), get(2), gripped(1), had(80), has(134), have(283), have had(2), having(50), held(1), hold(5), holding(7), holds(2), ill*(5), incurring(1), involves(1), keep(3), keeping(3), kept(1), maintain(1), maintained(1), maintaining(1), meets(1), nearby(1), next(2), obliged*(1), obtain(2), obtained(1), owned(3), possess(2), possessed(4), possesses(1), receive(1), received(1), recover*(1), regard(2), regarded(1), reigns*(1), remember*(1), retain(1), seize(1), show(1), think*(1), unable*(1), under(1), under*(1), use(1), without*(3).
3361 ; a prim. particle; not, that...not, lest (used for qualified negation):--all*(1), cannot(1), cannot*(6), case(1), certainly*(1), devoid*(1), ever*(3), except(2), fear*(2), inevitable*(1), keep(2), kept(1), lacks*(1), make(1), never(17), never*(16), no(67), no one(1), no*(11), none(2), none*(2), nothing(2), nothing*(3), only*(11), or(4), otherwise*(3), refrain(1), so(2), so that no(1), so*(12), stop(8), surely(4), than*(2), unable*(4), unless*(38), until*(1), without(6), without*(4).
4413 prôtos; contr. superl. of 4253; first, chief:--before(3), best(1), first(128), first of all(2), first importance(1), first man(1), first one(1), first things(1), first time(1), foremost(5), leading(2), leading man(1), leading men(5), outer(3), previous(1).
4690 sperma; from 4687; that which is sown, i.e. seed:--children(7), conceive*(1), descendant(4), descendants(16), posterity(1), seed(10), seeds(4).
5053 teleutaô; from 5054; to complete, to come to an end, hence to die:--deceased(1), die(4), died(5), dying(1), put(2).

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