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NASB   Notes Context   Matt 21:46 When they sought2212 to seize2902 Him, they Afeared5399 the 1people3793, because1893 they considered2192 Him to be a Bprophet4396.
  Notes Context   Matt 21:46 And although they were trying to arrest Him, they feared the people, because they regarded Jesus as a prophet.

NASB Translator's Notes:
Literal renderings, alternate translations or explanations.
1 Lit crowds
NASB Cross References:
Related verses.
A Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 21:26 "But if we say, 'From men,' we fear the people; for they all regard John as a prophet."
B Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 21:11 And the crowds were saying, "This is the prophet Jesus, from Nazareth in Galilee."
Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
(#) is number of times this NASB word was translated from the original language.  
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this Strong's number:
  Greek Heb.
1893 epei; from 1909 and 1487; when, because:--because(5), otherwise(8), since(11).
2192 echô; a prim. vb.; to have, hold:--ability(1), able(1), accompany(1), acknowledge*(1), am(2), become(1), been(3), being(1), being under(1), bringing(1), conceived*(1), consider(2), considered(2), could(2), derive(1), deriving(1), devoid*(1), enjoyed(1), experiencing(1), felt(1), following(1), get(2), gripped(1), had(80), has(134), have(283), have had(2), having(50), held(1), hold(5), holding(7), holds(2), ill*(5), incurring(1), involves(1), keep(3), keeping(3), kept(1), maintain(1), maintained(1), maintaining(1), meets(1), nearby(1), next(2), obliged*(1), obtain(2), obtained(1), owned(3), possess(2), possessed(4), possesses(1), receive(1), received(1), recover*(1), regard(2), regarded(1), reigns*(1), remember*(1), retain(1), seize(1), show(1), think*(1), unable*(1), under(1), under*(1), use(1), without*(3).
2212 zêteô; of unc. or.; to seek:--deliberating(1), demanding(1), inquire(1), looking(11), made efforts(1), search(4), searched(1), seek(36), seek after(1), seeking(35), seeks(9), sought(4), striving(1), tried(1), trying(6), kept trying to obtain(2).
2902 krateô; from 2904; to be strong, rule:--arrested(3), attained(1), clinging(1), held(1), hold(4), hold fast(4), holding back(1), holding fast(1), holds(1), laid hold(1), observe(1), observing(1), prevented(1), retain(1), retained(1), seize(8), seized(7), take custody(1), take hold(2), taking(2), took(3), took hold(1).
3793 ochlos; a prim. word; a crowd, multitude, the common people:--crowd(87), crowds(47), gathering(1), many(1), mob(1), multitude(3), multitudes(1), number of people(1), numbers(2), people(27), riot*(1).
4396 prophêtês; from a comp. of 4253 and 5346; a prophet (an interpreter or forth-teller of the divine will):--prophet(63), prophets(81).
5399 phobeô; from 5401; to put to flight, to terrify, frighten:--afraid(39), am afraid(2), awestruck(1), fear(27), feared(5), fearful(2), fearing(6), fears(2), frightened(7), have...fear(1), respects(1), terrified(1).

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