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  Notes Context   Matt 21:42  Jesus2424 *said3004 to them, "Did you never3763 read314 in the Scriptures1124,
THIS3778 BECAME1096 THE CHIEF2776 CORNER1137 stone;
  Notes Context   Matt 21:42 Jesus asked them, Have you never read in the Scriptures: The very Stone which the builders rejected and threw away has become the Cornerstone; this is the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes? [Ps. 118:22, 23.]

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A Verse Info. Notes Context Ps 118:22 The stone which the builders rejected
Has become the chief corner stone.
Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
(#) is number of times this NASB word was translated from the original language.  
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  Greek Heb.
314 anaginôskô; from 303 and 1097; to know certainly, know again, read:--read(25), reader(2), reading(4), reads(1).
593 apodokimazô; from 575 and 1381a; to reject:--rejected(9).
1096 ginomai; from a prim. root gen-; to come into being, to happen, to become:--accomplished(1), appeared(3), arise(1), arises(2), arose(6), arrived(3), became(53), become(83), becomes(8), becoming(2), been(12), been brought(1), been done(1), been made(2), been...came(1), began(1), behaved(1), being(2), come into being(1), being carried(1), being done(2), being made(2), born(5), breaking*(1), came(45), came into being(2), came to pass(2), come(16), comes(1), comes to pass(1), coming(1), dawn(1), decided*(1), developing(1), done(20), drawing(1), during(1), elapsed(1), existed*(1), falling(1), feeling(1), fell(6), finished(1), followed(1), formed(3), found(2), get(4), give(1), got(1), granted(1), grown*(1), had(1), happen(6), happened(46), happening(5), happens(3), has(3), join*(1), joined(3), made(15), occur(3), occurred(18), performed(4), prove(7), proved(6), proving(1), put(1), reached(2), realized(1), results(2), show(1), spent(1), split(1), spoken(1), starting(1), take place(16), taken(2), taken place(5), takes place(1), taking place(3), there arose(1), thundered*(1), took place(7), turned(1), turns(3), would(1).
1124 graphê; from 1125; a writing, scripture:--Scripture(31), Scriptures(20).
1137 gônia; from 1119; an angle, a corner:--corner(6), corners(3).
2298 thaumastos; from 2296; wonderful:--amazing thing(1), marvelous(5).
2424 Iêsous; of Heb. or. [3091]; Jesus or Joshua, the name of the Messiah, also three other Isr.:--Jesus(904), Jesus'(7), Joshua(3).
2776 kephalê; a prim. word; the head:--chief(4), hair(1), head(50), heads(19), very(1).
2962 kurios; from kuros (authority); lord, master:--lord(10), Lord(626), Lord of lords(2), Lord's(12), lords(1), master(38), master's(3), masters(8), masters'(1), owner(6), owners(1), sir(11), sirs(1).
3004 legô; a prim. vb.; to say:--addressing(1), agree*(1), ask(1), asked(3), asking(4), bring charges(1), call(8), called(34), calling(1), calls(3), claimed(1), claiming(2), command(3), designated(1), follows(1), give(1), gives(1), greeted*(1), made(1), mean(2), means(3), meant(1), mention(1), named(3), ordered(2), quote(1), referred(1), remarking(1), said(1086), say(364), saying(440), says(102), shouting(1), so-called(3), speak(22), speaking(17), speaks(6), spoke(18), spoken(26), stated(1), stating(2), talking(5), tell(71), telling(18), thing spoken(1), things spoken(1), thought(1), told(35), using(1).
3037 lithos; a prim. word; a stone:--another(4), millstone*(1), stone(38), stone's(1), stones(15).
3618 oikodomeô; from 3620b; to build a house:--build(13), builders(4), building(2), built(10), edified(1), edifies(3), edify(1), rebuild(4), strengthened(1).
3739 hos,
ho; a prim. pron.; usually rel. who, which, that, also demonstrative this, that:--another*(8), any(1), because*(7), deeds*(1), just(1), just*(1), once*(1), one(11), one*(6), other(2), others*(2), same(2), since*(3), so(1), some(7), some*(8), someone(1), such(1), there(1), these(6), these things(3), thing(1), things(4), third(1), this(22), this is what(1), those whom(1), until*(1), what(101), what*(2), whatever(5), whatever*(28), when(9), when*(3), where(1), where*(2), which(404), while*(3), who(158), whoever(4), whoever*(51), whom(218), whomever*(6), whose(38), why*(3).
3763 oudepote; from 3761 and 4218; never:--ever(1), never(14), nothing(1), nothing...ever(1).
3778 houtos,
touto; prob. from a redupl. of 3588, used as a demonstrative pron.; this:--afterward*(3), especially(1), fact(2), follow*(1), here*(1), hereafter*(1), man(1), now*(1), one(2), one whom(1), partly*(1), person(1), present(1), same(1), so(1), so then*(1), so*(1), some(2), such(2), therefore*(16), these(179), these...things(1), these men(10), these people(1), these things(192), this(737), this man(56), this man's(2), this one(4), this reason*(1), this thing(2), this way(1), this woman(4), this*(1), this...thing(1), those(2), those things(1), very(3), very thing(2), who(2), whom(1).
3788 ophthalmos; from a prim. root op- and an unc. root; the eye:--envy*(1), eye(29), eyes(68), gaze(1), sight(1).

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