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NASB   Notes Context   Matt 21:34 "When3753 the 1harvest2590 time2540 approached1448, he Asent649 his slaves1401 to the vine-growers1092 to receive2983 his produce2590.
  Notes Context   Matt 21:34 "When the harvest time approached, he sent his servants to the tenants to get his [share of the] fruit.

NASB Translator's Notes:
Literal renderings, alternate translations or explanations.
1 Lit the fruit season
NASB Cross References:
Related verses.
A Verse Info. Notes Context Matt 22:3 "And he sent out his slaves to call those who had been invited to the wedding feast, and they were unwilling to come.
Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
(#) is number of times this NASB word was translated from the original language.  
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this Strong's number:
  Greek Heb.
649 apostellô; from 575 and 4724; to send, send away:--puts(1), send(17), send forth(3), sending(3), sends(1), sent(104), sent...away(1), set(1).
1092 geôrgos; from 1093 and 2041; a husbandman, vinedresser:--farmer(2), vine-growers(16), vinedresser(1).
1401 doulos; of unc. der.; a slave:--bond-servant(11), bond-servants(12), bondslave(3), bondslaves(8), both men and women(8), servants(1), slave(58), slave's(1), slaves(39).
1448 eggizô; from 1451; to make near, refl. to come near:--approached(10), approaching(7), came(1), came close(1), came near(1), come near(2), comes near(2), coming near(1), draw near(3), drawing near(2), hand(7), near(5).
2540 kairos; a prim. word; time, season:--age(1), epochs(2), occasion(1), opportune time(1), opportunity(3), proper time(5), right time(1), season(1), seasons(4), short*(1), time(54), times(11), while(1).
2590 karpos; a prim. word; fruit:--benefit(2), crop(5), crops(2), descendants*(1), fruit(43), fruitful(1), fruits(4), grain(1), harvest(1), proceeds(1), produce(4), profit(1).
2983 lambanô; from a prim. root lab-; to take, receive:--accept(1), accepting(1), attempted*(1), bring(2), caught(1), caught caught(1), collect(1), collected(1), conferred*(2), conspired*(1), consulted*(1), experienced*(1), forgotten*(1), gets(1), gripped(1), incur(1), married(2), marry(2), obtained(1), occupy(1), overtaken(1), partial*(1), picked(2), receive(63), received(48), receives(14), receiving(6), seizes(1), shows(1), struck(1), take(24), taken(7), takes(3), taking(9), took(50).
3753 hote; from 3739 and 5037; when:--after(5), soon(1), when(90), while(4).

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