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NASB   Notes Context   Matt 21:19 Seeing3708 a lone1520 Afig4808 tree4808 by the road3598, He came2064 to it and found2147 nothing3762 on it except1508 leaves5444 only3440; and He *said3004 to it, "No3756 longer3371 shall there ever1519,165 be any fruit2590 from you." And at once3916 the fig4808 tree4808 withered3583.
  Notes Context   Matt 21:19 Seeing a lone fig tree at the roadside, He went to it and found nothing but leaves on it; and He said to it, "Never again will fruit come from you." And at once the fig tree withered.

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A Verse Info. Notes Context Luke 13:6 ¶ And He began telling this parable: "A man had a fig tree which had been planted in his vineyard; and he came looking for fruit on it and did not find any.
Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
(#) is number of times this NASB word was translated from the original language.  
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  Greek Heb.
165 aiôn; from a prim. root appar. mean. continued duration; a space of time, an age:--age(20), ages(6), ancient time(1), beginning of time(1), course(1), eternal(2), eternity(1), ever*(2), forever(27), forever and ever(20), forevermore(2), long ago(1), never*(1), old(1), time(1), world(7), worlds(1).
1508 ei mê; from 1487 and 3361; if not:--except(40), except*(1), more than(1), unless(1).
1519 eis; a prim. prep.; to or into (indicating the point reached or entered, of place, time, fig. purpose, result):--about(1), against(18), among(10), become*(5), before(2), before*(1), benefit(1), bestowed(1), beyond(1), beyond*(2), bring about(1), bring*(1), continually*(1), eliminated*(2), end(2), even(1), ever*(2), forever*(1), forward*(3), leading(2), leads(1), mine*(1), never*(1), next*(1), onto(2), over(1), perpetually*(1), reference(2), regard(3), relation(1), respect(2), result(3), resulted(2), resulting(10), sake(1), so(34), throughout(3), toward(23), until(4), view(3), why*(4).
1520 heis (masc.) or
mia (fem.) or
hen (neut.); a prim. num.; one:--agreement(1), alike*(1), alone(3), common(1), detail(1), first(9), individual(2), individually*(1), lone(1), man(1), nothing*(1), one(282), one another(1), one man(2), one thing(5), one*(2), person(1), single(1), smallest(1), someone(2), thirty-nine*(1), unity(1).
2064 erchomai; a prim. vb.; to come, go:--arrival(1), arrived(1), brought(1), came(225), come(222), comes(64), coming(87), entered(2), expected(3), fall(2), falls(1), give(1), go(1), going(2), grown(1), lighting(1), next(1), turned(1), went(18).
2147 heuriskô; a prim. vb.; to find:--find(48), finding(9), finds(10), found(104), get(1), obtained(1), proved(1), regarded(1).
2590 karpos; a prim. word; fruit:--benefit(2), crop(5), crops(2), descendants*(1), fruit(43), fruitful(1), fruits(4), grain(1), harvest(1), proceeds(1), produce(4), profit(1).
3004 legô; a prim. vb.; to say:--addressing(1), agree*(1), ask(1), asked(3), asking(4), bring charges(1), call(8), called(34), calling(1), calls(3), claimed(1), claiming(2), command(3), designated(1), follows(1), give(1), gives(1), greeted*(1), made(1), mean(2), means(3), meant(1), mention(1), named(3), ordered(2), quote(1), referred(1), remarking(1), said(1086), say(364), saying(440), says(102), shouting(1), so-called(3), speak(22), speaking(17), speaks(6), spoke(18), spoken(26), stated(1), stating(2), talking(5), tell(71), telling(18), thing spoken(1), things spoken(1), thought(1), told(35), using(1).
3371 mêketi; from 3361 and 2089; no longer, not anymore:--again(2), any longer(1), anymore(3), longer(1), no further(1), no longer(13), no more(1).
3440 monon; adv. from 3441; merely:--only(53), simply(2).
3583 xêrainô; from 3584; to dry up, waste away:--dried(2), dries(1), ripe(1), stiffens(1), wither(1), withered(4), withered away(3), withers(2).
3598 hodos; a prim. word; a way, road:--highways(2), journey(7), path(1), paths(1), road(24), roads(1), streets(1), way(54), ways(9).
3708 horaô; a prim. vb.; to see, perceive, attend to:--appear(2), appeared(21), appearing(1), behold(3), beware(1), certainly seen(1), do(2), look(5), look after(1), looked(12), perceive(3), recognizing(1), saw(180), see(129), seeing(20), seen(63), seen...see(1), sees(2), suffer(1), undergo(3), underwent(1), watch(2), witnessed(1).
3756 ou,
ouch; a prim. word; not, no:--all*(1), any the less(2), before*(1), cannot(1), cannot*(49), certainly*(1), ever*(3), except(1), failed(1), few*(1), great*(1), greatly*(1), impossible*(1), incessantly*(1), kept...a virgin*(1), kept right*(1), long*(1), neither(2), neither*(3), never(6), never*(17), no(147), no*(22), none(4), none*(3), nor(3), nothing(8), nothing*(13), nowhere*(2), number(1), number*(2), only*(5), rather(2), rather than(1), refrain(1), refused*(1), than*(2), unable*(6), unaware*(3), unwilling*(12), unworthy*(1), virgin*(1), without(2), without*(6).
3762 oudeis and outheis,
ouden and outhen; from 3761 and 1520; no one, none:--all(1), any(7), anyone(9), anything(7), cannot*(1), never*(1), no(26), no...anything(1), no such thing(1), no man(3), no one(87), no one's(1), no respect(1), no*(6), nobody(1), none(12), none*(1), nothing(45), nothing at all(1), nothing nothing(1), nothing*(7), one(10), one*(3), useless*(1), worthless(1).
3916 parachrêma; from 3844 and 5536; instantly:--immediately(14), once(3).
4808 sukê; from 4810; a fig tree:--fig tree(16).
5444 phullon; a prim. word; a leaf:--leaf(1), leaves(5).

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