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NASB   Notes Context   Lev 16:28 "Then the Aone who burns8313 them shall wash3526 his clothes899b and bathe7364 his body1320 with water4325, then afterward310,3651 he shall come935 into the camp4264.
  Notes Context   Lev 16:28 "Then he who burns them shall wash his clothes and bathe his body with water, and afterward he may come into the camp.

NASB Cross References:
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A Verse Info. Notes Context Num 19:8 'The one who burns it shall also wash his clothes in water and bathe his body in water, and shall be unclean until evening.
Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
(#) is number of times this NASB word was translated from the original language.  
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  Greek Heb.
310 achar (29d); from 309; the hind or following part:--according(1), after(363), after*(6), afterward(30), afterward*(18), afterwards(3), afterwards*(5), again(4), away(1), back(2), behind(49), behind*(9), besides(1), butt end(1), care(1), follow(11), follow*(16), followed(16), followed*(24), following(35), following and followed(1), following*(5), follows*(3), forsaking*(1), later(1), long*(1), pursuing(4), rear(3), since(3), since*(4), subsequent(2), succeeded(1), survived*(2), then(1), thereafter*(1), west(2), west side(1), when*(1).
899b beged (93d); from 898; a garment, covering:--cloth(8), clothes(81), clothing(6), garment(39), garments(72), lap(1), robes(5), saddlecloths*(1), wardrobe(2).
935 bo (97c); a prim. root; to come in, come, go in, go:--actually come(1), advanced(8), alight(1), apply(1), approach(1), arrival(1), arrive(3), arrived(11), arrives(1), associate(4), attacks(1), attain(4), befalls(1), border(1), born(1), bring(246), bring it to pass(1), bringing(21), brings(9), brought(255), brought it to pass(2), came(590), came and brought(2), came and invaded(1), came to pass(3), came*(1), can get(1), carried(2), carry(1), certainly come(2), come(511), come and let us go(1), come from going(1), come to pass(3), comes(90), comes to pass(2), coming(106), departed(1), devoured*(2), enter(127), enter and go(1), entered(74), entering(14), enters(16), entrance(10), extended(1), fall(1), fallen(1), far*(1), followed(1), follows*(2), fulfilled(2), gave(1), get(2), give(1), go(147), go through(1), go*(2), goes(17), going(8), gone(7), granted(1), had(2), harbor(1), harvest(1), imported(1), indeed come(1), inserted(2), invade(1), invade when they came(1), invaded(1), invades(1), keep on coming(1), laid(1), Lebo-hamath(6), led(3), lifted(1), mentioned(1), migration(1), now(1), once(1), planned*(1), present(1), presented(1), presenting(1), press(1), proceed*(1), put(8), putting(1), reach(1), reached(4), reached the age(1), reenter*(2), replace*(1), reported(1), return(2), return*(1), returned(1), returned*(1), runs(1), set(6), sets(4), shedding(1), spring(1), stand(2), sundown*(1), sunset*(5), support*(1), surely comes(1), take(2), take place(1), takes(1), taking(1), threatened*(1), took(1), took place(1), traversing(1), visit*(1), went(109), went through(1).
1320 basar (142b); from 1319; flesh:--anyone*(1), bodies(2), body(39), fatter*(1), flesh(176), gaunt*(3), lustful*(1), man(1), mankind(3), mankind*(1), meat(34), men(1), person(1).
3526 kabas (460a); a prim. root; to wash:--fuller's(3), fullers'(1), wash(38), washed(8), washes(1).
3651 ken (485d); a prim. adv.; so, thus:--accordingly(2), after*(1), afterward*(18), afterwards*(5), because*(1), case(1), correctly(1), enough(1), even(2), exactly(1), follows(1), hence(1), here(1), inasmuch*(5), like(3), like this(1), likewise(10), means*(2), more(4), nevertheless(1), now*(1), possessed*(1), practice*(1), reason*(4), right(1), same(8), same way(1), since*(1), so(226), so*(1), such(3), such a thing(2), such*(1), surely(2), then(1), thereafter*(1), therefore(190), therefore*(138), this(24), this is how(1), this account(1), this manner(1), this reason(1), thus(51), very well(2), yet(1).
4264 machaneh (334a); from 2583; an encampment, camp:--armies(6), army(27), army camp(1), camp(158), camps(12), companies(3), company(5), fight(2), host(1).
4325 mayim (565b); a prim. root; waters, water:--flood(1), loins(1), pool(1), Water(5), water(373), watering(1), waterless*(1), waters(192).
7364 rachats (934b); a prim. root; to wash, wash off or away, bathe:--bathe(25), bathed(6), bathing(1), wash(24), washed(13), washed away(1), washing(2).
8313 saraph (976d); a prim. root; to burn:--brought(1), burn(35), burn it as he burned(1), burned(70), burns(5), completely burned(1), made(1), undertaker(1).

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