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NASB   Notes Context   Lev 16:16 "AHe shall make3722a atonement3722a for the holy6944 place, because4480 of the impurities2932a of the sons1121 of Israel3478 and because4480 of their transgressions6588 in regard to all3605 their sins2403b; and thus3651 he shall do6213a for the tent168 of meeting4150 which abides7931 with them in the midst8432 of their impurities2932a.
  Notes Context   Lev 16:16 "So he shall make atonement for the Holy Place (Holy of Holies) because of the uncleanness and transgressions of the Israelites, for all their sins. He shall also do this for the Tent of Meeting which is among them in the midst of their uncleanness (impurities). [Heb 9:22-24]

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A Verse Info. Notes Context Ex 29:36 "Each day you shall offer a bull as a sin offering for atonement, and you shall purify the altar when you make atonement for it, and you shall anoint it to consecrate it.
Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
(#) is number of times this NASB word was translated from the original language.  
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this Strong's number:
  Greek Heb.
168 ohel (13d); from an unused word; a tent:--home(1), owned(1), side pillar(1), tent(285), tents(56).
1121 ben (119d); a prim. root; son:--afflicted(1), afflicted*(1), age(7), aliens*(2), Ammonites*(7), anointed*(1), arrow(1), arrows(1), Assyrians*(3), baby(1), Babylonians*(3), beasts(1), being*(1), Ben-hinnom*(7), bough(2), breed(1), brothers*(1), builders(1), bull*(21), bulls*(5), calf*(2), calves(2), calves*(1), child(2), children(111), children and on the grandchildren(1), children and their grandchildren(1), children and your children's(1), children and children's(1), children's(2), children's children(5), colt(1), colts(1), common(2), descendants(14), descendants of the son(1), deserves(2), exiles*(5), father*(1), fellow*(3), fellows(2), fertile*(1), foal(1), fools*(1), foreigner*(6), foreigners(1), foreigners*(10), Gileadites*(1), grandchildren(1), granddaughters*(1), grandson(6), heir*(1), high*(1), homeborn*(1), Israelites*(1), lambs*(2), lay(4), Levites*(1), low degree*(1), low*(1), man(5), man one old(1), man*(1), men(19), men of low degree*(1), men*(4), mortal(1), must(1), must surely(1), nephew*(2), nobility*(1), offspring(1), old(167), old when his son(1), one(1), one(2), one born(1), ones(1), ones*(1), opening*(1), overnight*(2), people(5), public*(1), revelers*(1), satellites(1), scoundrels*(1), sired(1), slaves(1), son(1876), son and his grandson(1), son and your grandson(1), son of and grandson(1), son was old(1), son's(16), son's son(1), sons(2369), sons and his grandsons(2), sons and his sons'(1), sons and on his sons'(1), sons and their sons'(1), sons and your grandsons(1), sons and your sons'(1), sons and grandsons(2), sons of the son(14), sons'(7), sons' sons(2), sparks*(1), those(1), those who(2), those who are doomed(1), those who were doomed(1), troops*(1), unfortunate*(1), valiant*(3), warriors(1), whelps(1), wicked*(3), young(28), young goats*(1), young men(1), youths(1).
2403b chattath (308b); from 2398; sin, sin offering:--offering for the sin(1), punishment(3), purification from sin(2), sin(93), sin offering(117), sin offerings(2), sinful(1), sinned(1), sinner(1), sins(70).
2932a tumah (380a); from 2930; uncleanness:--filthiness(4), impure(2), impurities(3), impurity(3), unclean(1), unclean thing(3), uncleanness(20).
3478 Yisrael (975b); from 8280 and 410; "God strives," another name of Jacob and his desc.:--Israel(2485), Israel's(13), Israelites(5), Israelites*(1).
3605 kol or
kol (481a); from 3634; the whole, all:--all(4045), all for every(2), all his and every(1), all his everything(1), all its the entire(1), all the and every(1), all the of every(1), all the everywhere(1), all the throughout(1), all your concerning everything(1), all your to every(1), all your throughout(1), all men(2), all these(1), all things(11), altogether(1), always*(15), annually*(2), any(176), any or by all(2), any*(5), anyone(12), anyone*(2), anything(31), anything*(6), anywhere(3), anywhere*(1), both(2), complete(2), completely(5), continually*(15), countryside*(1), during(1), each(4), each one(1), each*(1), earnestly*(1), else(1), entire(16), entirely(1), every(366), every and everyone(1), every in all(1), every of all(4), every of any(1), every pertaining to all(1), every man(1), every one(1), every one(12), every thing(1), every way(1), everyone(96), everyone's(3), everyone*(3), everything(52), everything*(4), everywhere(2), everywhere*(2), far(1), farthest(1), forever*(10), full(2), gaping(1), health*(1), just*(6), life*(1), lifetime*(1), long*(9), mere(1), much(1), no one(1), no*(33), none*(13), nothing*(12), one(3), only(1), perpetually*(2), plenty(1), something*(1), there is everywhere(1), throughout(20), throughout and all(1), throughout the whole(1), throughout all(1), throughout*(1), total(6), totally(2), utter(1), variety(1), whatever(24), whatever*(40), whenever(4), wherever*(20), whoever(45), whoever then any(1), whoever*(6), whoever...any(3), whole(125), whole and let all(1), whole and all(3), wholehearted*(1), wholly(2), whomever*(3).
3651 ken (485d); a prim. adv.; so, thus:--accordingly(2), after*(1), afterward*(18), afterwards*(5), because*(1), case(1), correctly(1), enough(1), even(2), exactly(1), follows(1), hence(1), here(1), inasmuch*(5), like(3), like this(1), likewise(10), means*(2), more(4), nevertheless(1), now*(1), possessed*(1), practice*(1), reason*(4), right(1), same(8), same way(1), since*(1), so(226), so*(1), such(3), such a thing(2), such*(1), surely(2), then(1), thereafter*(1), therefore(190), therefore*(138), this(24), this is how(1), this account(1), this manner(1), this reason(1), thus(51), very well(2), yet(1).
3722a kaphar (497b); denom. vb. from 3724a; to cover over, pacify, make propitiation:--appease(1), appease*(1), atone(3), atoned(2), atonement is made(1), atonement shall be made(1), atonement was made(1), atoning(1), canceled(1), expiation can be made(1), forgave(1), forgive(4), forgiven(5), made atonement(3), make atonement(71), makes atonement(2), making atonement(1), pardon(1).
4150 moed or
moed or
moadah (417b); from 3259; appointed time, place, or meeting:--appointed(3), appointed feast(3), appointed feasts(11), appointed festival(2), appointed meeting place(1), appointed place(1), appointed sign(1), appointed time(21), appointed times(8), appointment(1), assembly(2), definite time(1), feasts(2), festal assemblies(1), fixed festivals(3), meeting(147), meeting place(1), meeting places(1), season(4), seasons(3), set time(1), time(3), times(1), times appointed(1).
4480 min or
minni or
minne (577d); a prim. prep.; from:--abandon*(1), about(4), above(17), above*(46), according(1), account(3), account*(2), across*(3), addition*(1), after(16), after*(5), against(13), against*(7), all(1), all alone*(1), all*(4), alone(2), alone*(2), aloof*(3), among(34), among*(1), any(35), any*(6), anything*(1), away(6), because(92), because*(86), before(12), before*(117), beforehand*(1), behind*(10), belongs(1), below(1), below*(10), beneath*(7), bereft*(1), beside*(6), besides(1), besides*(45), between(1), between*(2), beyond(1), beyond*(20), both(27), both sides*(1), both*(2), close*(1), concerning(1), concerning*(1), course*(2), devoid(2), dictated*(1), distance*(3), doing*(2), due(4), either(2), ever(1), exclusive(1), facing(2), far*(2), forever*(3), forsaking*(2), gone(2), Hamites*(1), help*(1), high*(1), hovered*(2), including(1), inside*(16), inward*(1), later*(1), leave*(7), left(1), mere(1), Mine(2), more(7), more...than(6), more than(43), more*(2), more...than(33), most(1), never*(2), no(10), no more(1), no*(1), nor(2), off(1), off*(6), one(4), openly*(1), opposite*(6), origin*(1), outermost*(1), outside*(52), over(4), over*(4), part(1), part*(1), presence*(1), previously*(1), promised*(1), rather than(7), recently*(1), regard(1), regarding*(1), removed(1), responsible*(1), result(1), said*(1), same(2), shared*(1), since(20), since*(2), so(12), so...cannot(8), so...no(4), so...none(1), so*(3), some(123), some*(1), than(224), than*(1), theirs*(2), there*(2), thereafter*(1), through(11), through...after(1), throughout(2), throughout*(1), too(51), top*(2), toward(6), toward*(3), under(3), unless*(1), when(3), where*(1), wherever*(1), whether(7), willingly*(1), within*(1), without(9), without*(6).
6213a asah (793c); a prim. root; do, make:--accomplish(8), accomplish much(1), accomplished(4), accomplishing(1), achieve(1), acquired(6), act(22), acted(12), acts(7), administer(1), administered(1), administered*(1), apply(1), appointed(3), artificial(1), attain(1), bear(4), bearing(2), behave(1), bestowed(1), bring(4), bring it about(1), bring about(1), bring forth(1), brought(1), brought about(4), brought forth(1), build*(1), built(3), busy(1), cared(1), carefully(3), carefully observing(1), carried(3), carries(2), carry(8), carved(5), cause(3), causing(1), celebrate(19), celebrated(12), celebrates(1), certainly carry(1), certainly make(1), certainly makes(1), certainly perform(2), commit(8), commits(7), commits and does(1), committed(35), committed and practices(1), committing(6), construct(3), deal(30), deals(1), dealt(22), desisting(1), destroy*(2), developing(1), did(310), did not do(1), displease*(1), do(479), do as has been done(1), do as i have done(1), doer(1), doers(1), does(48), doing(63), done(327), done you will do(1), done*(1), earns(1), established(1), establishes(1), evildoer*(2), evildoers*(1), execute(24), executed(10), executes(5), executing(1), exercise(1), exercises(1), exerted(1), fared(1), fashions(1), fit(1), follow(1), followed(1), fulfill(1), fulfilling(1), gather(1), gave(4), give you over(1), grant(1), granted(1), greedily(1), happen(1), happened(1), held(2), help(1), hold(1), imitate(1), imparted(1), inclines(1), indeed perform(1), industrious*(1), inflict(1), inflicted(1), inlaid(1), instituted(2), introduced(2), keep(1), kept(1), labored(1), laborers(1), made(369), maintain(6), maintained(1), make(200), make your ready(1), Maker(13), maker(4), makes(19), making(5), obey(1), observe(33), observe them carefully(1), observe to do(2), observe carefully(2), observed(12), observes(5), offer(35), offered(4), offering(1), oppressed*(1), ordained(1), perform(31), performed(23), performers(1), performing(2), performing the made(1), performs(3), practice(9), practice*(1), practiced(4), practices(6), practicing(1), prepare(26), prepared(19), preparing(2), present(5), presented(1), produce(4), produced(5), provide(13), provided(2), provides(1), punish(1), put(1), put into effect(1), put forth(1), ready(1), reign*(1), remade*(1), responsible(1), sacrifice(2), set(3), set*(1), show(16), showed(6), showing(2), shown(9), shows(3), spend(1), surely show(1), take action(6), thoroughly deal(1), treat(3), tried(1), trim(1), trimmed(1), truly practice(1), use(1), used(4), wage(2), waged(2), work(12), worked(7), worker(2), working(3), workmen*(5), works(6), woven(1), writing(1), wrought(2), yield(5), yielded(1), yields(1).
6588 pesha (833b); from 6586; transgression:--breach of trust(1), rebellion(6), rebellious(1), rebellious act(2), rebellious acts(2), transgression(37), transgressions(45).
6944 qodesh (871c); from an unused word; apartness, sacredness:--consecrated(2), consecrated thing(1), consecrated things(2), dedicated(1), dedicated gifts(2), dedicated things(5), holiness(9), Holy(6), holy(263), holies(6), holy ones(1), holy portion(3), holy thing(2), holy things(12), most holy(25), most holy place(6), most holy things(6), sacred(2), sacred gifts(2), sacred things(3), sacrifices(1), sacrificial(1), sanctuary(65), set apart(1), thing most holy(2), things that are most holy(1), things dedicated(1).
7931 shakan or
shaken (1014d); a prim. root; to settle down, abide, dwell:--abide(1), abide*(1), abides(1), camping(1), continue(1), dwell(56), dwellers(1), dwelling(7), dwells(11), dwelt(5), establish(5), inhabitants(1), inhabited(1), lay(1), lie(1), lies down(1), live(9), lived(3), lives(1), living(1), lying down(1), nest(2), pitched(1), remain(1), remained(2), remains(1), rest(1), rested(1), set(1), settle(2), settled(3), settled down(2), stands(1), stationed(1), stay(1), staying(1).
8432 tavek (1063c); of unc. der.; midst:--along(3), among(135), among*(1), between(2), center(10), high(1), home(2), inside(9), interior(1), internally(1), middle(32), middle part(1), midst(162), presence(1), reenter*(2), through(2), two(1), within(18).

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