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NASB   Notes Context   Gen 1:28 God430 blessed1288 them; and God430 said559 to them, "ABe fruitful6509 and multiply7235a, and fill4390 the earth776, and subdue3533 it; and rule7287a over the fish1710 of the sea3220 and over the birds5775 of the 1sky8064 and over every3605 living2416a thing2416a that 2moves7430 on the earth776."
  Notes Context   Gen 1:28 And God blessed them [granting them certain authority] and said to them, "Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth, and subjugate it [putting it under your power]; and rule over (dominate) the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and every living thing that moves upon the earth."

NASB Translator's Notes:
Literal renderings, alternate translations or explanations.
1 Lit heavens
2 Or creeps
NASB Cross References:
Related verses.
A Verse Info. Notes Context Gen 9:1 And God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.
Hebrew-Aramaic & Greek Dictionary:
(#) is number of times this NASB word was translated from the original language.  
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this Strong's number:
  Greek Heb.
430 elohim (43b); pl. of 433; God, god:--divine(1), divine being(1), exceedingly(1), God(2326), god(45), God's(14), goddess(2), godly(1), gods(204), great(2), judges(3), mighty(2), rulers(1), shrine*(1).
559 amar (55c); a prim. root; to utter, say:--address(1), advised(1), answer(2), answered(50), answers(1), ask(2), asked(4), asking(1), Asserting(1), assigned(1), call(2), called(4), command(1), commanded(14), commanded to say(1), commands(3), consider(1), continued(2), decided(2), declare*(1), declared(2), declared*(1), declares(1), demonstrates(1), designate(1), desired(1), follows(2), gave an order(2), gave the order(2), gave orders(2), indeed say(1), informed(1), intend(2), intended(1), intending(1), meditate(1), mentioned(1), name(1), namely(2), news(1), ordered(6), plainly says(1), promised(6), proposing(2), really thought(1), repeated*(1), replied*(1), requested(1), resolved(3), responded*(7), said(2766), said*(2), say(601), saying(862), saying*(1), says(594), sent word(1), speak(29), speak to you saying(1), speaking(2), speaks(2), specifically say(1), specified(1), spoke(77), spoken(15), still say(1), suppose(1), tell(23), telling(2), tells(1), think(1), thinking(2), thought(17), told(25), utters(1), vaunt(1).
776 erets (75d); a prim. root; earth, land:--common(1), countries(15), countries and their lands(1), country(44), countryside(1), distance*(3), dust(1), earth(655), earth the ground(1), earth's(1), fail*(1), floor(1), ground(119), land(1581), lands(57), lands have their land(2), open(1), other*(2), piece(1), plateau*(1), region(1), territories(1), wild(1), world(3).
1288 barak (138c); a prim. root; to kneel, bless:--abundantly bless(1), actually blessed(1), bless(111), bless is blessed(1), bless me indeed(1), bless them at all(1), blessed(167), blessed be those who bless(1), blessed is everyone who blesses(1), blesses(10), blessing(1), boast(1), congratulates(1), curse(3), cursed(3), curses(1), greatly bless(1), greet(2), greeted(1), had to bless(1), kneel(1), kneel down(1), knelt(1), persisted in blessing(1), pronounce blessing(1), salute(1), salutes(1), surely bless(1), thanked(1).
1710 dagah (185d); fem. of 1709; a fish:--fish(16).
2416a chay (311d); from 2421a; alive, living:--alive(38), flowing(2), fresh(1), green(1), life(7), live(44), lives(54), living(63), living one(4), living thing(6), man living(1), next(2), next year(2), raw(6), renewed(1), running(6), next year(1), vigorous(1), who lives(1).
3220 yam (410d); of unc. der.; sea:--red*(24), sea(278), seacoast*(5), seas(27), seashore(1), seashore*(9), south(1), west(59), west side(4), western(1), westward(12).
3533 kabash (461b); a prim. root; to subdue, bring into bondage:--assault(1), brought them into subjection(2), forced into bondage(1), forcing(1), subdue(1), subdued(5), subjugate(1), trample(1), tread our under foot(1), under foot(1).
3605 kol or
kol (481a); from 3634; the whole, all:--all(4045), all for every(2), all his and every(1), all his everything(1), all its the entire(1), all the and every(1), all the of every(1), all the everywhere(1), all the throughout(1), all your concerning everything(1), all your to every(1), all your throughout(1), all men(2), all these(1), all things(11), altogether(1), always*(15), annually*(2), any(176), any or by all(2), any*(5), anyone(12), anyone*(2), anything(31), anything*(6), anywhere(3), anywhere*(1), both(2), complete(2), completely(5), continually*(15), countryside*(1), during(1), each(4), each one(1), each*(1), earnestly*(1), else(1), entire(16), entirely(1), every(366), every and everyone(1), every in all(1), every of all(4), every of any(1), every pertaining to all(1), every man(1), every one(1), every one(12), every thing(1), every way(1), everyone(96), everyone's(3), everyone*(3), everything(52), everything*(4), everywhere(2), everywhere*(2), far(1), farthest(1), forever*(10), full(2), gaping(1), health*(1), just*(6), life*(1), lifetime*(1), long*(9), mere(1), much(1), no one(1), no*(33), none*(13), nothing*(12), one(3), only(1), perpetually*(2), plenty(1), something*(1), there is everywhere(1), throughout(20), throughout and all(1), throughout the whole(1), throughout all(1), throughout*(1), total(6), totally(2), utter(1), variety(1), whatever(24), whatever*(40), whenever(4), wherever*(20), whoever(45), whoever then any(1), whoever*(6), whoever...any(3), whole(125), whole and let all(1), whole and all(3), wholehearted*(1), wholly(2), whomever*(3).
4390 male or
mala (569d); a prim. root; to be full, to fill:--accomplished(1), aloud(1), armed(1), become full(1), been completed(1), come(1), complete(3), completed(9), completion(1), confirm(1), consecrate*(3), consecrated*(4), covered(1), dedicate(1), drenched(1), drew(1), ended(1), endowed(1), expired(1), fill(38), filled(78), filling(5), fills(1), finished(1), fulfill(6), fulfilled(10), full(37), fullness(1), fully(8), gave in full(1), given fully(1), gratified(1), live(1), massed(1), messengers(1), mount*(1), mounted(1), ordain*(4), ordained*(4), ordination*(1), overflowing*(1), overflows*(1), passed(1), presume*(1), refresh(1), required(2), satisfied(1), satisfy(2), set(1), settings(2), space(1).
5775 oph (733d); from 5774a; flying creatures:--bird(17), birds(49), fowl(1), winged(3), wings(1).
6509 parah (826a); a prim. root; to bear fruit, be fruitful:--bear fruit(2), bearing...fruit(1), become fruitful(1), flourishes(1), fruitful(18), fruitful tree(1), increased(1), made me fruitful(1), make him fruitful(1), make you fruitful(3).
7235a rabah (915a); a prim. root; to be or become much, many or great:--abundance(2), abundant(2), abundantly(1), amounts(1), ask(1), became many(1), became...numerous(1), bitterly*(1), boast*(1), considerable(1), continue(1), continued(1), enlarge(1), excessively(2), gave numerous(1), give great(1), give many(1), give more(1), great(10), greater(1), greatly(1), greatly multiply(3), greatly*(1), grew(1), grow(1), grow...numerous(1), had gathered much(1), had many(2), heap(1), increase(14), increased(7), increases(5), large(1), larger(1), lavished(1), long(2), made their numerous(1), made many(1), make many(1), make more(1), makes me great(2), many(21), many which increase(1), more(3), more he made(1), much(15), much more(2), much*(1), multiplied(21), multiplies(5), multiply(45), numerous(3), often(2), outnumber(1), pay more(1), plenty(1), profited(1), provided in abundance(1), reared(2), repeatedly(1), risen(1), serious*(1), surpassed(1), take more(1), thoroughly(1), use much(1), very(2), wealth(1).
7287a radah (921d); a prim. root; to have dominion, rule, dominate:--dominated(1), had dominion(1), have dominion(1), prevailed(1), rule(12), ruled(4), ruling(1), subdued(1), subdues(1).
7430 ramas (942d); a prim. root; to creep, move lightly, move about:--creep(1), creeps(7), moved(1), moves(6), prowl about(1), swarm(1).
8064 shamayim (1029c); from an unused word; heaven, sky:--astrologers*(1), compass(1), earth(1), heaven(191), heaven and the highest(2), heaven and the highest heavens(1), heaven of heavens(1), heavenly(3), heavens(151), heavens and the highest(1), highest heaven(1), highest heaven(1), highest heavens(4), horizons(1), other*(1), sky(50).

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