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Fri 08/29/14, 2:12pm [CT]  

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Results from: Notes
On or After: Tue 08/19/14 ordered by Date
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1 No Substitutions... Just One Mediator Note 1 John 3:23 DocTrinsograce Tue 08/26/14, 5:54pm 241126
  "For even if many men once boasted that they worshipped the Supreme Majesty, the Maker of heaven and earth, yet because they had no Mediator it was not possible for them truly to taste Godís mercy, and thus be persuaded that he was their Father. Accordingly, because they did not hold Christ as their Head, they possessed only a fleeting knowledge of God. From this it also came about that they at last lapsed into crass and foul superstitions and betrayed their own ignorance. So today the [Muslim] Turks, although they proclaim at the top of their lungs that the Creator of heaven and earth is God, still, while repudiating Christ, substitute an idol in place of the true God." --John Calvin
2 diakonos vs synergos Note 1 Thess 3:2 chilidog Sun 08/24/14, 4:25pm 241121
  Thank you for your quick reply, Beja. I do understand an teach very carefully not only text but also context. Thank you for your suggestion for the textual commentary. It will be my next purchase.
3 Religious in All Respects Note Acts 17:22 DocTrinsograce Sat 08/23/14, 12:30pm 241118
  "Someone has rightly stated that the God of American Christianity is the only omnipotent and supreme Lord of all who has no authority to do anything unless He is first granted permission. He can save His children from hell, but He has no right to demand anything from them lest He violate some twisted notion of human autonomy." --Paul Washer
4 Why isn't it a capital His? Note Ps 130:8 sharsmit Thu 08/21/14, 3:16pm 241112
  Thanks so much for the explanation!
5 Why isn't it a capital His? Note Ps 130:8 Beja Thu 08/21/14, 10:53am 241110

Absolutely. Israel is a masculine noun, so it is grammatically necessary for it to be a masculine pronoun. Anytime you see Israel referred to in a feminine sense is purely for poetical reasons when she is meant to be portrayed as God's bride or something along that nature.

In Christ, Beja
6 Act of Judgment Note Luke 6:26 azurelaw Thu 08/21/14, 9:48am 241109
  Sad indeed!!!

Habakkuuk 3:2

7 Why isn't it a capital His? Note Ps 130:8 sharsmit Thu 08/21/14, 8:56am 241108
  Thanks. It's still isn't clear to me. Is Israel ever referred to as "his" elsewhere? Seems as if I've heard Israel referred to as "her," but I'm not positive.
8 Act of Judgment Note Luke 6:26 DocTrinsograce Wed 08/20/14, 4:55pm 241105
  "The greatest act of judgment that God can pour out on a people is being poured out on America, and it is this: He's taken away the knowledge of God, and He's closed the mouth of those who are supposed to be speaking for Him. So that little boys lead us with their silly little ideas and we like it that way, because we really do want our best life now." --Paul Washer
9 All Things Note Heb 13:18 DocTrinsograce Wed 08/20/14, 2:14pm 241100
  "How we understand the person and character of God the Father affects every aspect of our lives. It affects far more than what we normally call the 'religious' aspects of our lives. If God is the Creator of the entire universe, then it must follow that He is the Lord of the whole universe. No part of the world is outside of His lordship. That means that no part of my life must be outside of His lordship. His holy character has something to say about economics, politics, athletics, romance -- everything with which we are involved." --R. C. Sproul (1998)
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