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Tue 10/21/14, 10:42am [CT]  

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1 Vessels to honor or dishonor Note 2 Tim 2:20 EdB Thu 10/16/14, 9:14pm 241393
  I think I did answer, the verse says there are gold, silver and earthenware,wood any of these can be used for honor or dishonor.

As far as cleansing nothing but the blood of Jesus can cleanse. Our righteousness is as filthy rags.

That said this passage is taking of Christians. The ones of honor are the faithful, bold soldiers of Christ. The dishonored ones are the lazy, weak soldiers that refuse to honor the one that called them.

Put another way verse 21 is saying once we are washed by the blood (saved) of Jesus we then need to insure we stay away from dishonor.

We are called to be holy and pure
2 Vessels to honor or dishonor Note 2 Tim 2:20 00123 Thu 10/16/14, 10:38am 241391
  First, you didn't answer my question. Second, yes, we can cleanse ourselves and that is our responsibility. Read the next verse (:21).
3 Theos - Adonai Note Bible general Rolff Tue 10/14/14, 11:23pm 241388
  I can read Greek with helps, and can pick up YHWH in the Hebrew text. Your comments now make much sense. It was an AhHa moment in church on Sunday. Thanks.
4 In His Presence Note Ps 21:6 DocTrinsograce Tue 10/14/14, 4:34pm 241387
  "What is at stake is authenticity... Sooner or later Christians tire of public meetings that are profoundly inauthentic, regardless of how well (or poorly) arranged, directed, performed. We long to meet, corporately, with the living and majestic God and to offer Him the praise that is His due." --D. A. Carson
5 The GENEVA BIBLE anything of interest? Note Bible general DocTrinsograce Mon 10/13/14, 6:59pm 241384
  Amen. Well stated, justme.
6 Peace Displacing War Note Zech 9:10 DocTrinsograce Mon 10/13/14, 4:25pm 241383
  "The sheep is feeding from the cannon's mouth, and the bird builds his nest where once the warrior did hang his helmet. As rare curiosities we dig up the swords and spears of our forefathers, and little do we reck [pay heed] that in this we are doing tribute to peace. For peace is the conqueror. It hath been a long duel, and much blood hath been shed, but peace hath been the victor. War, after all, has but spasmodic triumphs; and again it sinks -- it dies, but peace ever reigneth. If she be driven from one part of the earth, yet she dwelleth in another; and while war, with busy hand, is piling up here a wall, and there a rampart, and there a tower, peace with her gentle finger, is covering over the castle with the mees [moss] and the ivy, and eating the stone from the top, and letting it lie level with the earth... I think this is a fine thought for the lover of peace; and who among us is not? Who among us ought not to be? Is not the gospel all peace?" --Charles H. Spurgeon (1858)
7 The GENEVA BIBLE anything of interest? Note Bible general EdB Mon 10/13/14, 1:18pm 241382
  I use the NASB to do personal study but I find I have a hard time reading aloud from it so I use either the NJKV or NLT. I like the NLT because for many listeners English is a second language and the NLT is easy for them to understand.
8 The GENEVA BIBLE anything of interest? Note Bible general justme Mon 10/13/14, 11:33am 241381
  EdB: Thank you. I have never actually read one, only different verses that someone has used in a quote. I have gone to a site and it allows me to read the books and chapters. I have read the history and those early settlers who came to America for genuine religious freedom, rejected the KJB. In my sorta research of my own, the first Bible printed in the USA was a GENEVA Bible. Christians were so hungry and even starved for a Bible many, many gave all they ouwed to have a copy of the Word of God.

Today I sincerely doubt that most so called believers know where Acts is say nothing about Ruth, or 1 Kings.

When I worked for Zondervan when Pat Zondervan was alive, I sold a Bible reading plan for families and schools, and other uses full people called THE BOOK OF LIFE. In the companies research they found very few Christians read the Bible even once a month. The Bible is the worlds best selling book, but the worlds least read.

With a Bible for just about every occupation you can think of, and translations in almost uncountable languages, and numerous English versions, with many slanted to every group from homosexual, to liberal, conservative, and every denomination, yet people just are too lazy to read the Bible.

There are just a few Bibles that are as close to the original thoughts of those inspired writers. Proudly the NASB is tops on my list. The one that most of my fellow believers that know me are rather surprised is the NKJV. I read it for contrast and a fresh read of what I read as a child and partly into adult years.

I have come to dislike the NIV even the 1984 version. I have a ESV, but with the National Counsel of Churches approval I have deep feelings against the NCOC therefore I limit my reading of the ESV.

My only desire is for people to read the BIBLE.

But here again even the Muslims do not read the Qur'an or if they did then they would reject the instructions to kill infidels meaning Jews and Christians. Surely women would see how they are to be treated like slaves.

So even with people calling them self a Christian does not make them a "FOLLOWER" as Jesus called genuine believers to be in order really saved and going to be a born again believer going to heaven to be forever with the Lord Jesus, and the Loving Almighty Father God.

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