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1 Praying to Our Sovereign Lord for Others Note Jon 1:14 DocTrinsograce Sun 05/1/16, 1:17pm 243082
  "We must not only pray for the faithful, who are our brothers already, but for those who are very far off, those poor unbelievers. Even though there seems to be a great distance and a thick wall between both, nevertheless we must have pity for their coming destruction, to the end that I may pray to God that he would draw them unto him. Since this is so, let us notice how backward a thing it is for every man to be committed to his own profit, and have no regard to his neighbors. For our Lord God has not created infinite worlds, for every man to dwell apart by himself, seeking nothing but his own private commodity. Instead he has placed us together, one with another. Since he makes us to dwell together, he has also bound us to think upon this, how we ought to communicate with our neighbors. And therefore he has made us of one nature. When I look upon a man, I cannot but behold my own image in him; and in seeing him I look upon myself and know myself in him. Moreover and beside this, there is another thing even more worthy to be considered, namely, the image of God which he has ingrained in us. Therefore if we bear any reverence and honor to God, it is good reason for us not to despise his image which he has ingrained in all men; and know what is said in the Scripture: that no man hates his own flesh, for it is a monstrous thing, and clearly against humanity. And when it speaks of flesh, this is extended to great and small, and to the greatest stranger in the word; as the prophet Isaiah also says (Isaiah 5:7). We see that God has joined us together upon this condition, that every one of us should employ himself to serve his neighbors as much as he can, and how he may. And we must do this in our prayers to God, for it is the greatest help we can give those who need our help. If I mean to help those to whom God has bound me, it is true that I must consider the means that I have; and as occasion serves, I must apply myself to it. But the greatest pleasure we can do for men is to pray to God for them, and call upon him for their salvation. In this behalf it is that Saint Paul commands all the faithful to exercise their charity." --John Calvin (Excerpt from Sermons on 1 Timothy)
2 ...Framed a False and Perverse Worship.. Note John 4:20 DocTrinsograce Wed 04/27/16, 3:53pm 243078
  "Our fathers worshipped in this mountain. The Samaritans at that time did, as we learn from the words of the woman, what is customary with those who have revolted from true godliness, to seek to shield themselves by the examples of the Fathers. It is certain that this was not the reason which induced them to offer sacrifices there, but after that they had framed a false and perverse worship, obstinacy followed, which was ingenious in contriving excuses. I acknowledge, indeed, that unsteady and thoughtless men are sometimes excited by foolish zeal, as if they had been bitten by a gad-fly, so that when they learn that any thing has been done by the Saints, they instantly seize on the example without any exercise of judgment." --John Calvin (1509-1564)
3 Our Labor in the World Note 1 Pet 2:18 DocTrinsograce Tue 04/26/16, 2:33pm 243077
  "For Christians to influence the world with the truth of God's Word requires the recovery of the great Reformation doctrine of vocation. Christians are called to God's service not only in church professions but also in every secular calling. The task of restoring truth to the culture depends largely on our laypeople.

"To bring back truth, on a practical level, the church must encourage Christians to be not merely consumers of culture but makers of culture. The church needs to cultivate Christian artists, musicians, novelists, filmmakers, journalists, attorneys, teachers, scientists, business executives, and the like, teaching its laypeople the sense in which every secular vocation-including, above all, the callings of husband, wife, and parent -- is a sphere of Christian ministry, a way of serving God and neighbor that is grounded in God's truth. Christian laypeople must be encouraged to be leaders in their fields, rather than eager-to-please followers, working from the assumptions of their biblical worldview, not the vapid cliches of pop culture." --J. Gresham Machen (1881-1937)
4 He Draws His Worshippers Note Zeph 3:10 DocTrinsograce Mon 04/25/16, 2:31pm 243076
  "I have also no difficulty in conceding to you that there is nothing more perilous to our salvation than a distorted and perverse worship of God. The primary rudiments by which we are wont to train to piety those whom we wish to win as disciples to Christ, are these: not to frame any new worship of God for themselves at random and their own pleasure, but to know that the only legitimate worship is that which He Himself approved from the beginning. For we maintain, what the sacred oracle declared, that obedience is more excellent than any sacrifice (1 Sam. 15:22). In short, we train them by every means to keep within the one rule of worship which they have received from His mouth, and bid farewell to all fictitious worship." --John Calvin (1539)
5 Happy! Note 1 Cor 8:7 DocTrinsograce Fri 04/22/16, 4:17pm 243075
  :The true Christian is the only happy man, because his conscience is at peace. That mysterious witness for God, which is so mercifully placed within us, is fully satisfied and at rest.

"It sees in the blood of Christ a complete cleansing away of all its guilt. It sees in the priesthood and mediation of Christ a complete answer to all its fears. It sees that through the sacrifice and death of Christ, God can now be just, and the justifier of the ungodly. It no longer bites and stings, and makes its possessor afraid of himself.

"The Lord Jesus Christ has amply met all its requirements. Conscience is no longer the enemy of the true Christian, but his friend and advisor. Therefore he is happy!" --J. C. Ryle (1816-1900)

6 Renounce the Hidden Things... Note 2 Cor 4:2 DocTrinsograce Thu 04/21/16, 2:32pm 243074
  "But renounce the hidden things. While he [Paul] commends his own sincerity, he, on the other hand, indirectly reproves the false Apostles, who, while they corrupted by their ambition the genuine excellence of the gospel, were, nevertheless, desirous of exclusive distinction. Hence the faults, from which he declares himself to be exempt, he indirectly imputes to them. By the hidden things of disgrace, or concealments, some understand the shadows of the Mosaic law. Chrysostom understands the expression to mean the vain show, by which they endeavoured to recommend themselves. I understand by it: all the disguises, with which they adulterated the pure and native beauty of the gospel. For as chaste and virtuous women, satisfied with the gracefulness of natural beauty, do not resort to artificial adornings, while harlots never think themselves sufficiently adorned, unless they have corrupted nature, so Paul glories in having set forth the pure gospel, while others set forth one that was disguised, and covered over with unseemly additions. For as they were ashamed of the simplicity of Christ, or at least could not have distinction from true excellencies of Apostles, they framed a new gospel, not unlike a profane philosophy, swelled up with empty bombast, while altogether devoid of the efficacy of the Spirit. Spurious ornaments of this nature, by which the gospel is disfigured, he calls the concealments of disgrace, because the nakedness of those, who have recourse to concealments and disguises, must of necessity be dishonourable and disgraceful." --R. Scott Clark

7 Sober Words Note Acts 26:25 DocTrinsograce Tue 04/19/16, 5:36pm 243073
  "This is an argument from the less to the greater; for if every idle word is to be called in question, how would God spare the open blasphemies and sacrilegious insolence of those who bark against his glory? An idle word means one that is useless, or that yields no edification or advantage. Many look upon this as too severe; but if we consider the purpose for which our tongues were made, we will acknowledge, that those men are justly held guilty who unthinkingly devote them to trifling fooleries, and prostitute them to such a purpose. It is no light fault to abuse, for frivolous purposes, the time, which Paul enjoins us to be careful to redeem, (Eph 5:16; Col 4:5).

"Now since no man is so cautious in speech, or maintains such a wise restraint upon himself, as never to allow some idle words to escape him, there remains for all of us absolute despair, if the Lord should treat us with rigor. But as the confident hope of our salvation rests on the assurance that God will not enter into judgment with us, (Psa 143:2,) but will bury in gracious forgetfulness the sins which deserve innumerable deaths, we entertain no doubt that, when He removes the condemnation of our whole life, He will likewise pardon the guilt of idle talking. When the judgment of God is mentioned in Scripture, it does not in any way set aside the forgiveness of sins. And yet let no man indulge himself, but let every man earnestly endeavor to bridle his tongue, (Jas 1:26.) First, let us speak of the sacred mysteries of God with the utmost reverence and sobriety; secondly, let us abstain from talkativeness, buffoonery, and vain jests, and much more from slanderous attacks; and, lastly, let us endeavor to have our speech seasoned with salt, (Col 4:6.)" --John Calvin (1509-1564)
8 WAR ROOM (prayer room)? Note Bible general DocTrinsograce Mon 04/18/16, 5:49pm 243069
  Dear Justme,

That is a very great blessing for our Lord to use such things. If He can use the donkey of Balaam, He can make use of other things of the same sort, we do not doubt.

I particularly am uncomfortable with images made of Christ, which we deem is a violation of the second commandment.

If you want to read an excellent book on prayer, one of the best is by Martin Luther. A very simple and very devotional book entitled, "A Simple Way to Pray." It can be found free online. It will be utterly different than the method advocated in the movie War Room. However, at the same time, it will be perfectly in line with how we are commanded to pray in the Word. That is crucial, lest we approach Him in the unsanctified fashion of Nadab and Abihu.

I am happy to hear that some have been saved from seeing some of the prophecy mongering films and books. The SDA often use this kind of eschatology as a hook to draw new members into their organization. The soteriology from that hermeneutic principle is worse than Pelagian, but the eschatology tends to turn peoples' tantalize the itching ears of the lost.

By the way, there is one other book that you might find both doctrinally sound and very pragmatic. It is the book by Bishop J. C. Ryle, "A Call to Prayer." It is even available by audio on YouTube in its entirety.

Sometime when you feel like just listening, I can highly recommend that book. It addresses the subject of prayer in very similar ways that you have mentioned.

God bless you, Justme. I am praying that God will continue to create a deep craving for Him in your heart, and that you will be satisfied in Him far more than you can imagine.

In Him, Doc
9 WAR ROOM (prayer room)? Note Bible general justme Mon 04/18/16, 5:12pm 243068
  Doc; I guess in the area I live in there are people who are very less unreligious. In fact I would say starving spiritually.

I have known of several people who came to the Lord because of the Left Behind books, and I can't understand that at all. However the Gods Not dead 2 has been a enticement for several people to challenge their prayer life. I for one never gave much thought to writing my prayers, and I have started doing that, as well as making a prayer room. My wife and felt we wanted to get very serious about our prayer life. I know what you say about the movie is pretty much true.

Prayer has and is often neglected to a very serious spiritual illness situation. In most of my ministry I have seen people who struggle with prayer. So my hope is the movie will get Christians will at least give thought about their prayer relationship with the Holy father.

10 Absolutely and Simply Necessary Note John 15:22 DocTrinsograce Mon 04/18/16, 4:28pm 243067
  "As the word of God is the sole principle of theology, so the question concerning its necessity deservedly comes before all things." Rejecting false appeals to reason and nature, Turretin says: "But the orthodox church has always believed far otherwise, maintaining the revelation of the word of God to man to be absolutely and simply necessary for salvation. It is the 'seed' of which we are born again, the 'light' by which we are directed , the 'food' upon which we feed and the 'foundation' upon which we are built.

"Although natural revelation may hand over different things concerning God and his attributes, will and works, yet it cannot teach us things sufficient for the saving knowledge of God without a supernatural verbal revelation." --Francis Turretin (1623-1687)

11 Given by One Shepherd Note Eccl 12:11 DocTrinsograce Sat 04/16/16, 8:29am 243063
  "It's not too late to remember that the Bible is not just another commodity -- that the whole point of owning and reading the Bible is not so I can fit bits and pieces of it into my life, but so I can fit my life into its story." --Ben Irwin (2015)
12 A Sermon which Leads to Christ Note Matt 10:7 EdB Sat 04/16/16, 7:48am 243062
  I agree we can warn, but do not doubt it will fall on deaf ears.
Those that preach to entertain the goats also have a love of money and those that pay them demand they entertain.

People love to experience emotional rushes and as such the most successful of the ear ticklers have learned to bring their listeners to an emotional edge. Once there the are easily manipulated to react in a certain manner.

I once witnessed a so called "altar call" made by a well known speaker where hundreds reacted. But there was never a mention of sin, forgiveness, repentance, salvation, a need to change lifestyle or the blood, Jesus' death on the cross or anything that suggest a fallen state and a need to change.

The "altar call" was preceded by a gut wrenching emotional story, then the "call" was given who wants to know Jesus? As I said hundreds rushed down to the front. There was no prayer simply the call and then those people were ushered out. But the claim of the speaker was that God was moving mightily and as everyone saw hundreds were saved. Huh? How are they saved? There was no mention of their fallen state or their need of salvation.

As we left the meeting people were talking among themselves about this man's ability to keep you so involved in the message you didn't notice the time, and then to have hundreds saved! What a great mighty man of God!
When in fact all they got was their ears tickled?

13 A Sermon which Leads to Christ Note Matt 10:7 DocTrinsograce Fri 04/15/16, 2:22pm 243060
  Good point. It made me mindful of Paul's words, "...they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths." (2 Timothy 4:3b -4)

But even if this is the judgment of God upon those who will not listen to Him, we should still point and issue warnings to those pulpits that are seeking to entertain goats rather than feed sheep.
14 Reading, Exhorting, and Teaching Note 1 Tim 4:13 DocTrinsograce Wed 04/13/16, 3:05pm 243056
  "Learning about Western culture isn't simply about undertaking a cohesive study of the history, philosophy, literature, and arts that have enormously influenced the world in which we all live. It is also about learning how to express ideas effectively, how to separate fact from propaganda through specific tools of learning developed in the West. Taking those tools away -- such as the Socratic method, civil discourse, and rules of order and civil debate -- hinders clarity, independent thought, and the powers of observation. It makes students far less able to resist conformity and groupthink." --Stella Morabito

Thank you home schoolers!!!
15 Corporate worship... Note Luke 24:52 DocTrinsograce Tue 04/12/16, 4:49pm 243055
  "Corporate worship is designed to lure you away from your little kingdom of one and enthrall you again with God's kingdom of glory and grace." --Paul Washer

16 An Essential Part of the New Creature Note Zeph 3:12 DocTrinsograce Tue 04/12/16, 2:26pm 243054
  "Humility is not a mere ornament of a Christian, but an essential part of the new creature: it is a contradiction to be a sanctified man, or a true Christian, and not humble." --Richard Baxter (1615-1691)

17 A Sermon which Leads to Christ Note Matt 10:7 EdB Tue 04/12/16, 11:28am 243053
  This is the chicken and egg, which came first.
Was it the church that demanded the preacher be entertaining and make the church grow or was it the preacher that failed to teach the church that worship is not for their entertainment but to glorify God and to equip them to go into the world as disciple makers?

The problem becomes even more complex when you realize how many are in pulpit today not because of a calling but because it seemed like a good career.
Our Bible colleges and seminaries are turning out young men and women who are looking for same thing graduates of secular colleges are. Position, prestige, wealth, fame, fortune.
Many see ministry as entrepreneurial an opportunity to have a career that gives them freedom to "enjoy" their lifestyle and not be tied down to rigid work schedules.

So while Spurgeon is absolutely correct where did it all get off track? Scripture predicted such a time as this.
18 Embracing Evangelism Note Matt 28:20 EdB Tue 04/12/16, 10:53am 243052
  This is difficult subject and one a pastor must careful walk the tight rope when preaching.

It is true many of the methods mentioned in the first paragraph aren't evangelism, but they do open doors so people will listen to the rest of the story.

Jesus went to the sinners, He sat down with them, He listened to them, He even ate with them, He may of even heard an off color joke or sat beside a guy with a tattoo.

What Jesus didn't do was mimic their life style. We have to allow the world into our churches to hear the truth, but we can not allow the world change our churches.

Would Jesus use a Laser light show to draw people to listen to His message? I don't know but I think he might. But one thing I do know is the Jesus would never allow the Laser to define Him.

This is where many of todays churches stumble instead of staying on course they allow these things to define them.

The real problem is so many in pulpits today are compromised that they themselves many times don't know the truth to be able to preach it.
19 An Unholy Curiosity Note Ezek 22:28 EdB Tue 04/12/16, 10:35am 243051
While I agree with Arthur Pink we should never set dates or pretend we know something we don't.

However the church tends to forget this earth is not heaven and that Christ will return one day. I think too many people see the godlessness of society and let these events to discourage them and make them question their faith.

Jesus told us of these days, 2 Timothy chapter 3 and that there would also be a great falling away 2 Thess. 2:3. these things are to be expected and we should never turn from our hope of Jesus' return.

This earth is never going to become Heaven nor should we become lax as anticipate Jesus return. Remember the story of the 10 virgins Matt. 25. we can not afford not to anticipate Jesus' return!

Come quickly Lord Jesus!

20 Test to.prove??? Note Rom 12:2 EdB Tue 04/12/16, 10:11am 243050
  If I may interrupt I think God often tests us not for God to learn about us but for us to learn about ourselves.

If you recall Jesus told Peter he would deny Him but Peter swore he would never. However as scripture shows us Peter did in fact deny Christ. In this process we see that Peter grew, he became fearless in his preaching of the word of God.

It is the same with us we never know where short comings are in our life until we are forced to face them. The big question then becomes how will we handle them. Will we learn to guard against them? Will we allow God to strengthened us in these short comings? Or will we become angry and defeated.

Remember in the story of Cain and Abel, Cain was shown his short coming and got angry and God even asked him about it. Instead of learning and growing Cain became resentful and murdered his brother. When God allows us to see our weaknesses we have to learn to accept the lesson and grow in Christ.
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