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On or After: Mon 01/12/15 Ordered by Date
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1 Despise None, Adore None Note Acts 12:22 DocTrinsograce Mon 01/26/15, 3:55pm 241919
  "Quote the Scripture rather than men for thy judgment. Not, so saith a learned man; but [rather] thus saith the holy Scripture. Yet, take heed of bending this direction too far the other way; which is done when we condemn the judgment of such whose piety and learning might command reverence. There is sure a mean to be found betwixt [between] defying men, and deifying them. It is the admiring of persons that forms the traitor to truth, and makes many cry 'Hosanna' to error, and 'Crucify' to truth. Eusebius, out of Josephus, tells us of Herod's - that Herod whom we read of, Acts 12:23, as being eaten up of worms -- coming upon the theatre gorgeously clad, and that while he was making an eloquent oration to the people, his silver robe, which he then wore, did, by the reflex of the sunbeams shining on it, so glister, as dazzled the eyes of the spectators; and this, saith he, occasioned some flatterers to cry out, 'The voice of God, and not of man.' And truly the glistering varnish which some men's parts and rhetoric put upon their discourses, does oft so blind the judgments of their admirers, that they are too prone to think all divine they speak, especially if they be such as God hath formerly used as instruments for any good to their souls. O it is hard then, as he said ... to love and esteem man as a man, to reverence him such so, as not to be in danger of loving their errors also. ... Call therefore none father on earth; despise none, adore none." --William Gurnall (1617-1679)

2 Use of preposition "for" in Isaiah 61:3 Note Is 61:3 mamabear6 Mon 01/26/15, 12:05pm 241918
  Thank you so much, Tim! I appreciate your time!
3 It's All About God Note Eph 2:18 DocTrinsograce Thu 01/22/15, 4:07pm 241913
  "The Gospel having been eclipsed by humanly devised doctrines and practices, the Reformers knew that the power was in the preaching of the gospel -- not only in the sermon but in the entire service. The service, they recognized, was not primarily about human action but centered on the Divine action. God was not only central as an object of worship but also as a subject -- an actor who reconstitutes strangers and aliens as His own redeemed people each week." --Michael Horton

4 Bearing the Image of the Heavenly Note 1 Cor 15:49 DocTrinsograce Wed 01/21/15, 5:30pm 241912
  "This quickening [making alive] by the Spirit is instantaneous: it is a Divine act, and not a process; it is wrought at once, and not gradually. In a moment of time the soul passes from death unto life. The soul which before was dead toward God, is now alive to Him. The soul which was completely under the domination of sin, is now set free, though the sinful nature itself is not removed nor rendered inoperative, yet the heart is no longer en rapport (in sympathy) with it. The Spirit of God finds the heart wholly corrupt and desperately wicked, but by a miracle of grace He changes its bent, and this by implanting within it the imperishable seed of holiness. There is no medium between a carnal and a spiritual state: the one is what we were by nature, the other is what we become by grace, by the instantaneous and invincible operation of the Almighty Spirit." --Arthur Pink (1886-1952)

5 Practicality Note Prov 21:22 DocTrinsograce Wed 01/21/15, 4:38pm 241911
  "Trust in God and keep your powder dry." --Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658)

6 Rejecting the Word is Rejecting God Note Ps 56:10 lionheart Wed 01/21/15, 1:32pm 241910
  I needed to hear that. Thanx Doc.

In Him,
7 Life so short... Note Job 7:6 DocTrinsograce Tue 01/20/15, 4:46pm 241909
  "The lyf so short, the craft so longe to lerne. Th' assay so hard, so sharp the conquerynge." --Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400)

8 Rejecting the Word is Rejecting God Note Ps 56:10 DocTrinsograce Mon 01/19/15, 4:00pm 241908
  "Hold fast to the Bible. Base everything on the Bible. If you are going to criticize somebody, criticize them from the Bible. If you are going to affirm somebody, affirm them from the Bible. If you are going to do a strategy, do it from the Bible. Be a Bible saturated people. That's what will make for long term staying power for the gospel.

"I know this is going to be called bibliolatry, and people will say, 'You worship the Bible, not God.' Bologna on that. People who reject the Bible for God become idolaters." --John Piper

9 Twisting Everything that is Straight Note Mic 3:9 DocTrinsograce Sat 01/17/15, 10:53am 241899
  "People tell me, 'Judge not lest ye be judged.' I always tell them, 'Twist not Scripture lest ye be like Satan.'" --Paul Washer

10 What is predetermination all about Note John 3:16 EdB Sat 01/17/15, 10:30am 241898
  I agree let us point to the Bible but let us not just point to the proof texts used to support our position.

Let us point to the whole of scripture and admonish the person to show themselves as approved of God and to rightly divide it, learning not just pick out texts to support an agenda.

I'm not sure why you included this but I never suggestted she need to depend on anyone to interpret scripture for her.

I suggestted she sought her pastor so he could in all honesty give her both sides of the debate and help her understand why the denomination she was a part of felt as it did. I suggested this to help her be at peace in the church God had placed her.

As I said there are equally able, talented, faithful, knowledgeable, dedicated, honest, wise, sprit led students, scholars and theologians on both sides of this issue. All believe they are lead to their position by the Holy Spirit and to suggest otherwise is unfair and untrue.

11 What is predetermination all about Note John 3:16 DocTrinsograce Sat 01/17/15, 9:55am 241895
  Hi, EdB...

No, I am not saying "that anyone that doesn't read the scriptures as I do is resisting the scripture..."

I am saying that the Scriptures can defend itself. I am saying that the Holy Spirit will inevitably use the Word for His purposes. Which thing will include the unity of the Body (as though His church could be anything other than what He has made it).

I understand that there are those who believe that the Word cannot be sufficiently understood by the masses without a pastor or a priest to properly interpret it. Many of these same people insist on a "literal interpretation of the Scriptures" -- at least until the Scriptures read contrary to their dearest held beliefs.

Can people be deceived as justme is pointing out in post #241887? Yes, they can. This is why Paul warns that God's own must "no longer be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming." That safe and secure foundation is the Word itself.

In a Study Bible Forum, let us continue to point to the Bible. Let us especially do that when someone asks a Biblical question. The more we do that, the more we affirm a high view of Scripture. The less we do that, the more we affirm a belief in the inadequacy of Scriptures.

In Him, Doc

"How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord, is laid for your faith, in God's excellent Word! What more can be said than to you God hath said, to you who for refuge to Jesus have fled?" --Robert Keene

12 What is predetermination all about Note John 3:16 EdB Sat 01/17/15, 9:08am 241894
  Doc it appears you are saying that anyone that doesn't read the scriptures as you do are resisting scripture in an attempt to satisfy a preceived need to think we have free will.

And you imply you have learned to get beyond that and therefore you are able to read scripture with a clarity that others that stand on the opposite side of the issue of predestination aren't.

I agree we aren't sanctified by controversy and more than anything we need unity in the body of Christ.

However this issue requires more study than simply reading a few verses that seem to suggest predestination, neglecting other passages that suggest man's free will choice.

We must study and rightly divide scripture not seek Scripture to find passages that supports our beliefs in either direction.

That is why I said it was a thorny question and one that has been unsettled for hundreds of years. I should have suggestted that instead of seeking an answer from people on a forum like this that have no real accountability to her that she should seek an answer from her pastor.

People on both sides of this issue are certain the Holy Spirit has lead them to the truth. They are equally dedicated, faithful, scholars, men and women that have given their entire lives to the study of the Word and seeking the truth of God. I believe all have considered and rejected the conclusion that they reach the choice they did because of a baser instinct or to fill some emotional need.
13 What is predetermination all about Note John 3:16 Beja Sat 01/17/15, 9:07am 241893

I agree with you that that is the spectrum. But to be fair, I have never met a person who would say that "what we do does not effect our eternal destiny." I just don't want the original poster to think that those who disagree with your position would then necessarily think our actions don't matter. Those who believe in God electing individuals to salvation do historically hold that our actions matter and have impact on our eternal destiny. Specifically that we must repent and have faith in Christ to be saved, but more than this as well. Only an extremely small percentage of calvinists have ever held that our actions do not matter. And these are what we call hypercalvinists, there is a huge difference between the two.

You may find this position to be inconsistent, I do not find it inconsistent, but even if you deem it to be inconsistent then we must be careful to portray those we disagree with accurately. Then we can proceed to say they are inconsistent. It would be dishonest to smooth out their theology into what we think the implications ought to be and then accuse them of holding teachings which they deny. Specifically, if we think the implications of their theology imply that our actions do not matter, and yet they hold that our actions do matter, we must not accuse them of holding to our imagined implications.

That being said, you did not err in your statements. I just want to make sure readers understood that 99 percent of those who hold to election are not on that far end of your spectrum.

In Christ,

14 The Power of the Word Note 1 Cor 1:18 DocTrinsograce Sat 01/17/15, 7:05am 241892
  "The Bible is like a lion; just let it out of its cage and it will defend itself!" --Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892)

15 What is predetermination all about Note John 3:16 DocTrinsograce Fri 01/16/15, 3:46pm 241888
  Hi, EdB...

I do not think that it is a complicated issue so much as a difficult one. The difficulty does not arise from the text, but rather it arises by our resistance to it. The human heart holds a very high regard for what we deem as essential liberties. When a passage appears to tread upon the toes of that to which we hold dear, then we become uncomfortable. That discomfort ought to drive us to diligence, for it is precisely those pain points that God is seeking to address.

It should be noted that I pointed the questioner to the specific Bible passages where the word “predestined” was used. There are many other words that address this attribute of God; and there are even more places in Scripture that speak to His sovereignty.

We could point people to look into the controversy on various sides of an issue spanning the centuries. Alternatively, we could point people to the Word of God (Hebrews 1:1-2), the very means by which the Holy Spirit will bring them to the truth (John 14:26).

They will not be sanctified by the controversy. Rather they are sanctified by the word of truth (John 17:17), as our Lord Jesus prayed (cf John 17:6, 8, 14, 17, 20).

The Holy Spirit has the power to bring these little ones to the truth through the Word -- even without the mediation of others. Let us not fear that He will do an inadequate job. Let us rather rejoice that He cannot fail and that His Word will not return to Him void.

In Him, Doc
16 What is predetermination all about Note John 3:16 EdB Thu 01/15/15, 5:50pm 241886
  Unfortunately it is not that simple. That is why this subject has been debated for hundreds of years. To many have picked a word and based doctrine and theology on the that one word. God says consider all of scripture and rightly divide it.
17 The American Dream Persists Note Judg 17:6 DocTrinsograce Thu 01/15/15, 3:05pm 241884
  "To escape from imposed systems [is the American goal, and to] ... seek by themselves and in themselves for the only reason for things, looking to results without getting entangled in the means toward them... So each man is narrowly shut up in himself, and from that basis makes the pretension to judge the world... Thus the Americans have needed no books to teach them philosophic method, having found it in themselves." --Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859)
18 Idolatry Note Rev 9:20 DocTrinsograce Mon 01/12/15, 3:43pm 241878
  Hi, Edb...

I had a professor who, tongue in cheek, called it "smorgasbord theology."

What brought this quote from Washer to mind was the following:

Sunday, our pastor preached on 1 Samuel 5. It is interesting that in the face of truth, the Philistines wanted nothing to do with God, but persisted in their worship of Dagon. He pointed out that this was the same reaction of the Gadarenes after witnessing our Lord's dealing with the demoniac (see Luke 8:37).

On further contemplation Sunday night:

We are a people highly skilled and practiced at manufacturing idols, which is bad enough; but perhaps what is worse is the rejection of God in our midst -- as in the examples of Cain, the Egyptians, the Philistines, the Gadarenes, the Israelites, and the unrepentant mentioned there in Revelation 9:20. etc. The most frightening thing of all, Ed, is that we are but men cut from the same cloth.

May God grant us mercy and grace to tear down the idols, beginning in our own hearts; and may we never rebuild them again (Galatians 2:18).

Thank you for the encouragement and comments, sir.

In Him, Doc
19 Idolatry Note Rev 9:20 EdB Mon 01/12/15, 1:38pm 241877
  Most excellent quote. Thank you!

When I first read this quote it shook me to by very foundation. I believe God has been showing me this for a long time.

Some how people have decided they can take the parts of God that they like, find easy to emulate or that they agree with and discard an aspects of God they don't like, can't follow or that they disagree with.

They take these points and call it their god.
That is not the God of creation but rather the god of the created.

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