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1 Saved! Note Rom 5:9 DocTrinsograce Sat 10/3/15, 7:52am 242600
  "Whan a man gets saved, he gets saved from God. The justice of God was coming for you. God saved you from Himself, God saved you for Himself, and God saved you by Himself." --Paul Washer

2 His Trust was in Jesus Note Acts 26:10 DocTrinsograce Thu 10/1/15, 2:54pm 242599
  "John Brown was a farmer who lived at Priesthill near Muirkirk. He and his wife had been married by the Covenanter preacher Alexander Peden. He was one of many who refused to go to hear the Episcopal ministers. One morning, after Peden had been staying with them, Brown and his nephew were cutting peat when John Graham of Claverhouse and his dragoons suddenly appeared and seized them. Brown refused to take an oath denouncing James Renwick's Apologetical Declaration and Claverhouse searched his house and found weapons and 'treasonable papers.'

"Claverhouse told his soldiers to shoot Brown, but they refused. Claverhouse then shot him dead himself in front of his wife and children. Claverhouse then asked his wife, 'What thinkest thou of thy husband now, woman?' to which she replied 'I thought ever so much good of him, and as much now as ever.'

"In Claverhouse's official report of the killing, he wrote 'I caused shoot him dead, which he suffered very unconcernedly.' John Brown's trust was in Jesus, so he wasn't afraid to die." --Unknown (John Brown was martyred May 1, 1685)

3 Putting the Minister's Sermon in Print Note 1 John 2:6 DocTrinsograce Mon 09/28/15, 4:16pm 242598
  "The Christian's life should put his minister's sermon in print." --William Gurnall (1617-1679)

4 While the Preacher Preaches Note Luke 1:77 DocTrinsograce Fri 09/25/15, 6:02pm 242594
  Dear Ed,

Perhaps we can discuss some of the points that you found of value. I appreciate your taking the time to read Bayly. Even more so, I am pleased that you found it useful. I am also encouraged by your enthusiasm.

There is a paragraph that summarizes the book. Clearly something written at a much later date. However, it says that Bayly's book had great and positive impact on the Puritans. Thus, those brothers of so many centuries ago, saw the value in it as well.

One thing that I realized as I read, was how piety, as he discusses it, is fostered by self-discipline. As I read a number of his suggestions, hoping to adopt them as habits of my own, the challenge is daunting. But given He who spared not His only Son, how can I do anything other than pursue Him in ways that will please Him.

Let us pray for one another as we, in our several ways, attempt to put feet to Bayly's teaching.

In Him, Doc
5 After we die are we bound by time? Note Bible general Jkitchens7 Fri 09/25/15, 4:44pm 242589
  At our bible study the question was brought up regarding
time. Is time observed when we are in our
spiritual form? Or Chronological time when we are
in His presence?
6 While the Preacher Preaches Note Luke 1:77 EdB Thu 09/24/15, 12:41pm 242585
  In my last post I thanked Doc for directing me to this article, which was excellent by the way. I now have had time to read other sections of this work, also excellent. As I did it came to mind this was written to be step by step teaching on Christian conduct, practices. This is disciple making at its best.

Written in 1600's it uses words and sentence structure of that time, so it may be hard to read. Oh how I wish someone of this era would write something similar and it was taught/used for disciple making.

The wisdom displayed in the work if heeded by fellow Christian would, l dare to say increase their Christian life/experience immeasurably.

Please take the time to read the cited reference, I'm sure you will find it so good you will read more.
7 While the Preacher Preaches Note Luke 1:77 EdB Wed 09/23/15, 7:23am 242584
Thank you! I read the article and I have passed it on to other pastors. I think it is an excellent teaching for all Christians. Teaching them how to both reap and glean the most from their Sunday experiences.

I would advise any interested to read this article. EXCELLENT!

Thanks again for pointing me to it.
8 What would you do? Note 2 Pet 2:13 justme Tue 09/22/15, 8:12pm 242583
  Doc: I sincerely thank you and all who have been praying for my health. As it stands my clots are cooled down and are not collecting. Please pray this cooling down period stays for years to come. I pray it' so. Most of those in attending me felt that would not happen, so they were able to see us praise the Lord for this wonderful blessing. The Lord be praised for ever and ever.

How many of you have been asked or heard the question by someone "where did Cain get his wife?" But more recently seeing people in church asking about Does the Blood Moons Jesus is now coming? Or about this so called Rabbi selling books about the end times. I feel sorry for people who are blown about by these preachers that get on a fanciful kick, to get Biblically ignorant people so worried so they will buy the latest book on the end of times. I have thought for many years if you want really large crouds preach on revelation and how the end of times is going to come so soon and you better buy this book so you will know what to look for.

The ONLY book a genuine believer needs to know is the Bible. To become able to understand the Bible a person has to become a student, thus study the Bible. This as many of you know takes a desire to want to learn as much as you can about the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. I have come to a new way to answer those who have a question about the Bible. Instead of giving an answer or quoting a verse, I now ask the person if they have a Bible. If they say yes I write the verses on a paper, or as we are I will get my Bible and turn to the verse and have them read it. Giving quick answers does not teach anyone anything. I genuinely want to help people grow and have some confidence about how to look up places in the Bible/ Next Sunday when the pastor gives ta verse watch and see how many people can't find the place in the Bible. I see some who don't even try to look up what the pastor is preaching from.

Sadly we have people in our churches that are more than 20 year old Christians who are still infants. They have no grasp of what is expected by the Lord for them as Christians. They have said a sinners prayer long time ago, and they are sure of their salvation, because their pastor said so at that time.

One only has to watch some TV preacers in what might be called an alter call. They tell the people just say this prayer with me. Then they are told to call and tell us that you just said this prayer, and we will send a booklet to you. Not a word is said about repenting, or reading the Bible.

When we see these Rabbi preachers, and the stirring up people with false fear just to buy and read their books we as mature Christians need o be willing to stand up and call it what it is, false teaching, for monetary benefit. So even these false teachers can be used to turn people to the real Jesus Christ. Blessings to you all.

9 It is Time Note 1 Cor 6:4 DocTrinsograce Tue 09/22/15, 4:26pm 242582
  "Surely it is time to become realistic. It is time to drop the cultural elitism that poses as significant Christian transformation of culture but only really panders to nothing more than middle class tastes and hobbies. It is time to look again at the New Testamentís teaching on the church as a sojourning people where here we have no lasting home. The psalms of lament teach us that it is only when we have realistic horizons of expectation will we be able to stand firm against what is coming. If we do not understand that now, we are going to be sorely disappointed in the near future." --Carl Truman (2015)
10 While the Preacher Preaches Note Luke 1:77 DocTrinsograce Tue 09/22/15, 2:59pm 242581
  Dear Ed,

I found this in book entitled "Practice of Piety: Directing a Christian How to Walk, that He Might Please God" by Lewis Bayly in 1611.

The quote I took from it was on this page:

He enumerates further recommendations on that page if you are interested.

In Him, Doc

11 While the Preacher Preaches Note Luke 1:77 EdB Tue 09/22/15, 9:48am 242578
  Excellent admonishment!
12 While the Preacher Preaches Note Luke 1:77 DocTrinsograce Mon 09/21/15, 3:17pm 242574
  "Whilst the preacher is expounding and applying the word of the Lord, look upon him; for it is a great help to stir up thine attention, and to keep thee from wandering thoughts: so the eyes of all that were in the synagogue are said to have been fastened on Christ whilst He preached, and that all the people hanged upon Him [listened attentively] when they heard Him. Remember that thou art there as one of Christ's disciples, to learn the knowledge of salvation, by the remission of sins, through the tender mercy of God (Luke 1:77). Be not, therefore, in the school of Christ, like an idle boy in a grammar-school, that often hears, but never learns his lesson; and still goes to school, but profiteth nothing. Thou hatest it in a child -- Christ detesteth it in thee." --Lewis Bayly (1611)
13 Carnal Means Note Gal 3:3 EdB Mon 09/21/15, 8:38am 242573
  I believe this is a truth much of the modern church today has forgotten or ignored or denies.

More effort is put into bringing people to church instead of bringing people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
14 I had a Dream! Note Jer 23:25 DocTrinsograce Sun 09/20/15, 1:39pm 242571
  "I have made it a College exercise with our brethren. I have said -- We will read a chapter of the Koran. This is the Mohammedan's holy book. A man must have a strange mind who should mistake that rubbish for the utterances of inspiration." --Charles H. Spurgeon
15 Carnal Means Note Gal 3:3 DocTrinsograce Sun 09/20/15, 8:15am 242570
  "If you use carnal means to attract men [to the gospel], you're going to attract carnal men, and you have to keep using greater carnal means to keep them in the church." --Paul Washer

16 Almost understanding? Note James 1:22 DocTrinsograce Sat 09/19/15, 12:32pm 242569
  Amen! Our God is not just forgiving, but also forbearing and longsuffering.

Glad to have you with us, Rik!
17 Almost understanding? Note James 1:22 rikbrooks Sat 09/19/15, 1:58am 242566

I'm not about to drop out. I was devout about a half century ago. I was in the Army and you know, no atheist in a foxhole, but I really was a believer. I studied my Bible hard everyday and prayed but didn't pray enough.

I turned my back on religion but still maintained a relationship with Christ even though it was not as it should be.

Now, half a century later, I've returned. First I saw changes in my life without understanding why they happened. I grew kinder and gave up judgment. I relaxed. Then my wife found a church that I really like. Then my mother died and my Dad replaced his Bible with one that he likes better and I started reading a daily devotional at BibleGateway, 40 days to get closer to the Lord.

Now I have been offered a full time job that allows me to stop travelling and be with my family. So many changes. They can't be coincidence.

Nah, I'll be here the rest of my life.

Thanks y'all
Brother Rik
18 Grace vs Works? Note James 1:22 DocTrinsograce Fri 09/18/15, 3:51pm 242565
  Hi, Rik...

The fundamentals of what we believe are simple, such that even children can grasp these truths. However, the truth is not shallow nor simplistic. We would not expect it to be! Think of the enormous profundity that is in creation: from Astronomy to Zoology. If the created realm is that profound, why would we think that our God would be simple?

I want to point out to you that there ARE answers to your questions. The Scriptures are polemic, propositional, and purposely epistemic. God is a rational being who created language before humans ever came on the scene. His word is intended to convey the truths that He wants us to know. See 2 Timothy 3:16-17. He tells us that the Scriptures are to help us know what to believe, to correct the error in our minds, to instruct us in Godly behavior. All of this for the purpose of Christian maturity, and equipping us to be His servants.

Some ten years ago I transcribed some of my notes on rightly interpreting the Scriptures. This is what we call hermeneutics: The science (systematic approach) of properly interpreting the Bible as it was meant to be understood by those who wrote it.

If you like, you can read through those posts by entering the number 156916 in the search box in the upper right hand side of your screen. Perhaps some of that will be useful to you.

In Him, Doc
19 Almost understanding? Note James 1:22 justme Fri 09/18/15, 2:53pm 242563
  Brother Rik, Wow a lot has changes from when you first signed in, way to go. I was afraid that you might drop out. But you have stuck in with it. Rik that's just the beginning, ib "following" Jesus, do you now understand what "follow" means? The becoming a Christ like believer is not accomplished in a day or a week it is one second built on the next. Year after year we grow into maturity, but no one every reaches perfection. Why? We have the OSN (my term) Old Sinful Nature. Bless you Brother Rik.
Colossians 4:2 "devote yourselves to prayer; stay alert in it with thanksgiving." HCSB

20 Almost understanding? Note James 1:22 Morant61 Fri 09/18/15, 1:03pm 242562
  Praise the Lord brother!

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