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Tue 09/2/14, 5:40pm [CT]  

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Results from: Answered Primary (Initial) Questions
On or After: Sat 08/23/14 ordered by Date
Results Type Verse Author Date ID#
1 Thithing loan (?)Answered Bible general beautybees Mon 09/1/14, 4:55am 241148
  Thithing loan
2 Morning or evening feast meal? (?)Answered Ex 31:1 johnvits Sun 08/31/14, 8:28pm 241144
  Referring to 1 Samuel 20:18-27, were Saul, Jonathan, etc. having a morning feast meal or and evening feast meal? I'm trying to resolve when does a new moon or a sabbath begin.
3 wearing makeup (?)Answered 2 Kin 9:30 Fri 08/29/14, 4:36am 241134
  what does the bible say about wearing makeup
4 how did noah repopulate earth (?)Answered Gen 10:1 huntingheaven Fri 08/29/14, 12:14am 241132
  after the flood how did noah repopulate the earth
5 a ramble, but advice greatly requested (?)Answered Bible general katree Thu 08/28/14, 2:56pm 241128
  Where do I start...

A few years ago I had a drink problem, i wouldnt say i was an then theres a reason for your actions. I will just say..i used alcohol as a sort of medicine, to escape reality (I bet most of society does this now without realising).

I had always believed in god, but wouldnt say i was religious, that is, I didn't go to church or belong to a religion.

Anyway things got sooo bad that I asked god for his help. He didn't answer..then.

One night i completely opened up to god, telling him that i understood that i must take responsibility for my actions and of the things that had gone wrong in my life. I opened up without a desire for his help, but almost, a realisation. I then went to sleep and an angel came into my dream. I wasnt was something else the angel was about a foot taller then me in my dream vision, with wings relaxed but taller the her head. She said, without talking, "weve always been there for you, but youve just ignored us". I woke up feeling like id been cleansed (a corney term, but the most accurate). I didn't drink effortlessly for six months.

This is where my question comes in. I drink now, but nothing like before. It's almost like a filter has been put upon me. The weird thing is, I know god is there...ive always known, I have proof! at least for myself, but whenever i switch on the news or hear such terrible things, i feel so down, and feel like why is he letting this continue?

I go to church now, but i feel after my experience with the angel, this should be it! I should be able to turn away from sin and have utter most faith in the father. But I don't. NOT that i don't think he's there, NOT that i don't think he's capable. But I just feel helpless. Surely Im meant to feel something? Some..I dunno, strength.

any responses to this ramble are appreciated... xx
6 Will Israel be destroyed? (?)Answered Bible general beviek9 Mon 08/25/14, 4:30pm 241123
  Does it say in the Bible that Israel will be destroyed? If so, can I have verses? thanks
7 diakonos vs synergos (?)Answered 1 Thess 3:2 chilidog Sun 08/24/14, 2:04pm 241119
  I have been studying this verse. I have also been reading 1 Cor 3:9, both speaking to God's fellow workers. In my Key Word study Bible in 1 Thess 3:2 the word "diakonos" has been used. In eight other reference materials, Greek dictionaries, Vines, etc, the word "synergos" (and its variations) have been used more frequently. I am curious as to how you came to the determination to use the word that you did. I have also studied that both words have a very similiar meaning and the the context and verbage in both verses are carefully looked at because of the connection to "God's fellow worker" has to be addressed. I will greatly appreciate you insight into this. Thank you.
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