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Results from: Answered Primary (Initial) Bible Questions
On or After: Thu 01/15/15 Ordered by Date
Results Type Verse Author Date ID#
1 Why did they wait? (?)Answered Luke 24:1 Sanddjz Thu 01/29/15, 11:12am 241923
  Why did they wait until the first day of the week?
2 When God permited taking enemy wives (?)Answered Deut 21:11 Kenhur63 Mon 01/26/15, 5:00pm 241921
  Deuteronomy 21:11 permits taking an enemy women as a wife. When did God permit this?
3 Use of preposition "for" in Isaiah 61:3 (?)Answered Is 61:3 mamabear6 Mon 01/26/15, 3:21am 241916
  I have a question on Isaiah 61:3 and it involved the original Hebrew. The translations that I read often say beauty FOR (emphasis mine) ashes, the oil of joy FOR morning... When I look this up in the Strong's, there is no Hebrew preposition which is denoted there but merely the words that mean beauty, ashes, etc. Why is this? And if this is the case, that there is no preposition denoted, why did the translators use the word "for". It just struck me this morning that another preposition might have been used and it would be even more profound in what Christ did for us on the cross.
Anyone who can help would be great! Thank you!
4 Israelites..400yrs.. in Egypt...Why? (?)Answered Acts 1:7 Tomtom V Sun 01/18/15, 10:55am 241906
  Why did God allow the Israelites to languish 400 years in Egypt?
5 How do I know / feel / experience God (?)Answered 1 Cor 1:28 zeagle50 Sun 01/18/15, 6:57am 241901
  I have accepted Jesus as my savoir, I know that he died for my sins and through him I can receive eternal life. I pray and read EVERY day for over an hour. I have friends who are Christians that I talk too. I try to live a good Christian life. The way God wants.

My question is this: I am really getting frustrated, tired, and disappointed. I cant seem to see or feel God in my life. I am really trying to know him. I think that God just doesn't want me. I pray every day for him to open my mind, let me feel his love and know he is in my life. But nothing. I keep reading and praying daily but just don't feel his love or even him being in my life. Sometimes I feel like giving up and believing that God just doesn't want me. Not that I am a bad person, but he has so many to choose from. I cant stop thinking that this is the only reason I have not felt him in my life.
I know I am not supposed to go by how I feel, but the bible talks about you being at peace, feeling, knowing god is in your life. Trusting, relying on god. Doesn’t god have some part in revealing himself to me or helping me know him better?

6 idolatry is sacrificing to demons??? (?)Answered Col 3:5 RUTH PARKER Fri 01/16/15, 4:37pm 241890
  the best way i can understand sacrificing to demons in the book of that it is the same as idolatry . right or wrong???
7 Can Christians be fooled by a 4 year old (?)Answered Matt 24:24 justme Fri 01/16/15, 11:48am 241896
  Can Christians be fooled? Yes, when we take something or someone that adds to or takes a false story and makes it look and sound so real. The key to being sure something is true is the BIBLE.

Recently over the last couple of years, Alex Malarkey told the story how he went to heaven and came back with a fantastic thrilling story of what heaven is like. He and his pastor father and mother were on TV and in churches telling of his wonderful event that took pace as he was in a coma. His story of his event that happened to this four year old was put in bool form, THE BOY WHO CAME BACK FROM HEAVEN. Most Christian and secular book stores had this yellow covered book placed where you could not miss it.

Many Christian TV stations stood behind Alex and praised the book and even encouraged Christians to order it now, from the TV station.

Here is the point, NEVER believe anything that is not inline with the BIBLE.

MSN today January 16, 2015 "Alex Malarkey recanted his story as a lie. He said all people need to do is read the Bible. LifeWay Christian Book store is pulling all the books as so is many other stores. So many Christians were fooled. This has to be the spoof of the 21st century.

8 what does it mean to sacrifice to demons (?)Answered 1 Cor 10:20 RUTH PARKER Thu 01/15/15, 12:27pm 241882
  what does it mean to sacrifice to demons

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