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Results 1 - 5 of 5
Results from: Answered Primary (Initial) Bible Questions
On or After: Wed 06/17/15 Ordered by Date
Results Type Verse Author Date ID#
1 USA declares independence from GOD (?)Answered Ps 2:3 justme Fri 06/26/15, 5:26pm 242294
  June 26,2015 will be a day long remembered. Today the United States declared it's independence from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. In turning against the WORD of God has clearly said. The Supreme Court in the most ungodly statement they have declared homosexual's can be legally joined in an unholy union.

Bible believing pastors and Churches may soon find they are an open target for not allowing these unholy unions to take place on their campus.

I also believe the United States no longer is under the Lords protection, and calamities should be expected upon our land. God save the United States.

2 What is meaning of the meaning Passover. (?)Answered Exodus havohej Wed 06/24/15, 1:12pm 242287
  What is the meaning of the Passover. What does it represent.
3 Trusting (?)Answered Rom 8:32 Nadia1 Sun 06/21/15, 9:09am 242280
  I am struggling with doubt and trust that God truly is concerned with my personal circumstances. And as I've been looking for work some great doors have been opened and I'm continually questioning is this God opening the door for me or is this just luck how do I get past not trusting that God is concerned with me
4 the SBF what can we do? (?)Answered John 17:17 justme Fri 06/19/15, 2:16pm 242276
  Study Bible Forum Members: I have a very serious concern for our forum. Over the years I have noticed the activity of the SBF dwindling down with very little activity. I have wondered why so many of those who were once very active are seldom posting any longer. I hope you too have pondered the same question.

I have tried to think of ways that I can stimulate activity on the SBF. I came to a few points that I have noticed what might help. Sometimes we forget to welcome new visitors to the forum. At times we are quick to refer visitors to the SEARCH box rather than giving a personal response. I think this is less welcoming and a little lazy, the quick way out. I seldom refer to the SEARCH box. How often do we open a dialogue to some really hot topic listed some place we visited. The Christian Post is a good place to find some hot topics. Maybe bring up some issue with your denomination, or other religion.

I feel we have a golden opportunity here to at least open the door for someone to question their self about their eternal destination.

I watch WRETCHED on NRB tv at night. Then there is WAY OF THE MASTER with Ray Comfort that is a dymanic evangelist that teaches open street preaching that I have learned a lot from. this would be an interesting topic to dialogue as well. I find more information to talk about there.

Lockman has been very kind to allow this forum to continue, and I sincerely feel they would be pleased to see more activity here. I wish we could have a space for prayer requests as well.

I once belonged to a Christian forum that allowed all kinds of junk with restrictions only on people who were more fundamental in their theology. I was kicked off and that was very upsetting to me. We have guidelines and they are for the most part quite open to most.

If anyone wants to email me go to my user info and I would be pleased to hear from you. I know I am an old fashion man, I turn 70 this month, but I want to think young and open. I would love to see the SBF become a beehive of activity.

5 Faith in God during Troubled times (?)Answered 1 Cor 10:13 collette70 Thu 06/18/15, 5:31am 242272
  I know that somewhere in the bible it says that God will not put any extra problems on me that I can not handle, all I have to do is ask for His help. A friend wants me to show him where it says that in the Bible. I can not find it. Can somebody help me with this?

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