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Results from: Answered Primary (Initial) Bible Questions
On or After: Sun 09/27/15 Ordered by Date
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1 Examples of common idiomatic usage? (?)Answered Matt 28:1 Cole209 Sun 09/25/16, 8:58am 243702
The Messiah said that 3 night times would be involved with His time in the "heart of the earth". However, there are those who believe that the Messiah died on the 6th day of the week and who think that the "heart of the earth" is referring to the tomb or at the earliest to the time between the leaving of His spirit from His body and His resurrection on the 1st day of the week. But this belief allows for only 2 night times to be involved. To reconcile this discrepancy some say that the Messiah was using common Jewish idiomatic language. If you are one of them, what examples are used to support that assertion that it was common; i.e., instances where a daytime or a night time was forecast to be involved with an event when no part of the daytime or no part of the night time could have occurred?
2 Titus 1:8 the word "holy"? (?)Answered Titus 1:8 justme Sat 09/24/16, 10:12am 243694
  Titus 1:8. In the list of what an Overseer must be the Greek text says "Holy" right after the word "just". The NASB the word "HOLY" is not there. I wanted to know what other versions either included the word "Holy" or left it out. Of the most commonly used and a few not so common versions my research was a little confusing. The KJV and the NASB left out "Holy", but the HCSB, ESV, NIV, and the 1611 KJV and the NKJV had the word "Holy. And to add to my wonder, the American Standard Version which the NASB is based on has the word "Holy'. But the KJV of 1778 and the NASB of 1960, and the Updated NASB does not have the word "Holy".

I wonder if anyone has some idea as to why when the Greek has the word "Holy", yet some versions have left it out? If the Greek did not have the word "Holy" this would be understandable, but its there.
3 David's sons' priestly status (?)Answered 2 Sam 8:18 azurelaw Tue 09/20/16, 6:05pm 243690
  "...David's son were chief ministers." The Hebrew also has the meaning of "priest(s)". According to Amplified 2015 Translator's Notes:Even though the Hebrew word for priests is used in this verse, David's sons would not serve as priests because they were from the tribe of Judah, not Levi. The ancient rabbis interpreted the statement to mean that the sons enjoyed some priestly privileges.

I also think it unlikely that David would assign his sons to the office of priest for they are not of Levi tribe. Interestingly, my newest revised Chinese Union Version discarded the word "chief ministers"in their old version and use "priests" instead.

I guess we might not get a definite answer as to whether they really took the priestly office or it is just an exaggerated expression by the author about their honorable status.

Now my question: Taken the Amplified 2015 Translators' note into consideration, anywhere in the Bible mentions about any priestly privileges enjoyed by David's sons?

Thank you and

4 Are we to bless Israel? (?)Answered NT general justme Wed 09/14/16, 8:09am 243628
  The Jews of today living in Israel, are they seem by God as His special people? Are we today to bless them as the promise in the OT that if we bless them God will bless us? I hear this a good much of the time on some Christian radio prograns.

I am concerned as if anyone, including the Jews reject Jesus as their LORD they too will go to hell if they reject Christ.

5 The right Bible for you? (?)Answered Bible general justme Fri 09/2/16, 10:57am 243571
  In a recent question I began to question just what do Christians really know about the version of the Bible they are reading? For example the newest NIV (after 1985 version) is a mixture of the Todays NIV and the NIV making it a gender neutral, version which is a very liberal version of the Bible. The ESV is really a tweaking of RSV Bible. Bothe of these Bible fit well into the more liberal Denominations, and pastors.

All to often I have encountered believers who are unaware of what the words "liberal", "gender natural", "Formal Equivalence", "Dynamic or Functional Equivalence", and the newest description "Optimal Equivalence" and finally what a "Paraphrased" The Message is one such paraphrased Bible.

All to often people have no idea what kind of Bible they want. I have been friends with a Christian Book store owner. He has said many came into his store and really having no idea what translation of the Bible they wanted, if they wanted a Study Bible, or were surprised at the cost of Bibles. By far the most popular Bible was the NIV, even when he tried to show how much better the NASB, and some other translations were. Sadly the Bible that gets the most advertisement in Christian magazines is the NIV. ( as a side note I have seen the NASB more recently). I wondered and asked him what profit he made form his bookstore annually and he said he made less than 2 percent profit. the reason is people buy from Amazon, which sells more pornography than all other stores combined. He told me that such places buy huge amounts of Bible they can sell them cheaper than he bought them for. Will the Local Christian Book store be able to survive in the next ten years? By the way my friend lost almost seventy-five thousand dollars in ten years and went out of business last year.

What as Christians should we do? Buy from a national branded book store like Life Way, Family Book stores, Lemstone, or other local book store that has Bibles. Unless Christians begin to support especially local Christian Bookstores they may well go the way of so many stores that once were but no more.

The Bible I highly and completely recommend with no hesitation is the NASb and close to that is the Holman Christian Standard Bible. Why? they are Developed and translated by all Christian people who saw the Bible as God's inspired Word, Inerrant in the original manuscripts. Because they started with the right foundation the Bible translation the finished with is solidly dependable and trustworthy.

my last word is be careful when selecting your next Bible.

6 Dr. S. Franklin Logsdon (?)Answered Bible general m smith Tue 08/30/16, 1:47pm 243551
  Will you please deal publicly with the issue of Dr. S. Franklin Logsdon, who says he is one of the main translators of the NASB and also says it is a really really bad bible.

If you have an official statement, please have the courage of your convictions and publish it on your website.

Thank you,
7 ... (?)Answered Matthew maureenash Mon 08/22/16, 9:23pm 243509
8 The SBF what does it need to do? (?)Answered Bible general justme Wed 08/10/16, 3:53pm 243448
  I am going to be bold here. The SBF has very few who post any more. We have prayed about this for sometime. I would like to open this up to suggestions as to what do you think the SBF needs to do to be alive and active once again. Be honest and even pray before you post. Lockman has dome a lot to keep the SBF up all these years. Now its time for us who are earnest about keeping the SBF relevant and a place we can be open with our questions and concerns about the Bible and our growth as Christians.

Now its your turn what do we need to hear?
9 Fear of praying in public out loud? (?)Answered John 11:42 justme Tue 08/9/16, 5:26pm 243435
  Prayer is as important as reading the Bible. Yet I see few willing to close a Sunday Class in prayer. the same is true in other areas as well. Why are you personally reluctant to pray out loud in a church setting? If your has no issue to pray out loud please do not answer this.
10 Why not practice footwashing? (?)Answered NT general justme Tue 08/9/16, 5:20pm 243420
  Jesus said we should follow His example, after he washed the disciples feet. Why don't we do this in churches today?
11 Biblical reasons for divorce? (?)Answered 1 Cor 7:15 justme Tue 08/9/16, 5:18pm 243423
  Jesus said Divorce was allowed for sexual unfaithfulness, meaning adultery. Does anyone believe there are biblical reasons besides adultery, our church has two couples divorcing saying there are other biblical reasons, what could that be. scripture proof only please.
12 Protecting the Unborn? (?)Answered Ex 20:13 justme Tue 08/9/16, 5:11pm 243427
  The protection of children in the womb, has become an overlooked part of this presidential election. There have been many who dislike the Republican who is running. I have struggled and been attacked for standing with the Party solely for the reason of protecting unborn children. Can anyone tell me how to view this any other way?
13 family in heaven (?)Answered Rev 21:4 Vickie L McGuire Tue 07/12/16, 7:37am 243300
  will i remember my family in heaven if they are not in heaven too?
14 Absent in body, present in spirit? (?)Answered Col 2:5 RWC Sun 06/12/16, 5:33pm 243176
  It is hard to imagine that, even after all of the years that this forum has operating, no one has asked the following question! What exactly does Paul mean when he says, "though I am absent in body, nevertheless I am with you in spirit"?
15 Does the Cepher have Family Records? (?)Answered Bible general WarriYAH Thu 06/9/16, 10:23am 243151
  Hi, I'm interested in buying the CEPHER, but I need to know if it has the Family records, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate within this bible like most bibles?
16 Hyper calvinism and Backsliding? (?)Answered Bible general justme Wed 06/8/16, 1:59pm 243156
  I know what Calvinism is, but can you please tell me what Hyper-Calvinism is, and what the big difference is? I have heard that some SB seminaries are teaching mainly Calvinism. I find some areas I agree with and some I do not. I believe a Christian can backslide. I have been told there is no such belief in backsliding for those who accept Calvinism. Any thoughts?
17 Place of torment? (?)Answered Luke 16:19 lilywine Sat 05/28/16, 6:00am 243126
  What is the place of torment in Luke 16:27? Is this hell? Or a pre Hell.
Is this purgatory?
18 Free will, or ? (?)Answered Rom 9:16 justme Tue 05/24/16, 10:56am 243111
  Calvinists have used Romans 9 as one of several proof texts. Some who are not as dogmatic use Romans 10 as a reason to say that this chapter is where free will enters into the debate.

I am my self wondering just how deeply this really matters. I have tried to side step the debate on being called, which to me means after a person makes the choice to become a loyal follower of Christ Jesus. It seems to me the strong Calvinist is too strong. Can someone help me understand why free will is not free will as it seems to me Calvinists are saying?

19 How long is a Sabbath day walk? (?)Answered Acts 1:12 KingWellaz Tue 05/24/16, 4:58am 243113
  I would like some clarity on the distance translated as three quarter mile from the bibles description as "a sabbath day's journey" in Acts 1:12. How long is a Sabbath day ? How long would it take to walk three quarters of a mile, a whole sabbath day of walking? Thanks in advance.
20 Needing a good christian joke book (?)Answered Bible general justme Thu 04/28/16, 9:36am 243080
  I need a book with Christian jokes, can anyone suggest a good clean Christian joke book?
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