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Results from: Answered Primary (Initial) Bible Questions
On or After: Sun 08/31/14 Ordered by Date
Results Type Verse Author Date ID#
1 which "we" have heard, which "we" have (?)Answered 1 John Crystal Sun 08/30/15, 10:24am 242500
  Who is John referring to when he writes "we"? Scriptures referred to in the first Epistle of John verses 1 - 10
2 The Bible and YOU? (?)Answered Bible general justme Thu 08/27/15, 11:42am 242461
  I have been interested in different Bibles sold in the US and the actual sales in numbers in the US. I went to CBA Retailers Resources and found the following information. Listed in order of the highest volume of number of sales first. Here are the top ten for the month of February 2014, the latest available information.

1. New International version
2. King James version
3. New King James Version
4. New Living Translation
5. English Standard version
6. Holman Christian Standard Bible
7. New International Readers Version
8. Reina Valera 1960
9. New American Standard Bible
10. Common English Bible.

I found it interesting that the order of these Bible sales have stayed basically the same for the last three years. The Message used to be #10 and the N I Readers Version was not even listed in 2012.

Here are my questions. Have you changes the version of the Bible you mainly use in the last three years? What Bible do you use mostly now? It has been said the Bible is one of the best selling books; but it is the least read. How often do you read your Bible?

Thanks for your reply, and God Bless you.

3 Why are there 66 Books in the Bible (?)Answered Bible general Mac4Yuma Wed 08/26/15, 2:19pm 242445
  Why are there 66 Books in the Bible
4 Jesus died not for us (?)Answered John 3:16 Mac4Yuma Wed 08/26/15, 1:59pm 242443
  Why do most Christians say Jesus died for them when the bible does not support that statement.
5 religiously against a gift (?)Answered Gen 14:23 Maria Sun 08/23/15, 6:43pm 242436
  what does religiously against a gift mean ?
6 growing in the church. (?)Answered Bible general coretta bagwell Sat 08/22/15, 2:12pm 242432
  growing in the church.
7 growing in church. (?)Answered Bible general coretta bagwell Sat 08/22/15, 2:01pm 242430
  growing in church.
8 What does it take to grow in church. (?)Answered 1 Pet 1:2 coretta bagwell Sat 08/22/15, 1:54pm 242428
  What does it take to grow in church.

9 SEARCHING OR THE TRUTH (?)Answered NT general FytRobert Fri 08/21/15, 2:26am 242422
10 SEARCHING OR THE TRUTH (?)Answered 1 John 3:2 FytRobert Thu 08/20/15, 10:33am 242418
11 the term BC what do that mean (?)Answered Bible general Sat 08/15/15, 9:17am 242414
  i like to know when we use the term BC, before Christ what do that really mean. was christ born in reality before that date.
12 is this a complection color? (?)Answered Gen 25:25 LiKiMa Fri 08/14/15, 2:32pm 242408
  Please explain this verse about red.
Gn 25:25 And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau.
13 Why did God cast Lucifer out of heaven? (?)Answered Luke 10:18 LiKiMa Fri 08/14/15, 2:27pm 242404
  Why did God cast Lucifer out of heaven?
14 Why did God cast Lucifer out of heaven? (?)Answered Jude 1:6 LiKiMa Fri 08/14/15, 2:27pm 242406
  Why did God cast Lucifer out of heaven?
15 Why did Lucifer disobey God. (?)Answered 1 Tim 3:6 LiKiMa Fri 08/14/15, 2:26pm 242402
  Why did Lucifer disobey God.
16 Stumbling allowed to strenghten? (?)Answered Deut 4:34 Nick2015 Sun 08/9/15, 8:10pm 242392
  I recently read (likely in Jeremiah, Isaiah, or Ephesians) about God allowing people to stumble to strengthen them... or something to this effect. I cannot find this passage again for the life of me - can someone help me please?? Many, many thanks in advance!!
17 Same Korah n Ps 45 AND Num 16 (?)Answered Num 16:1 Rolff Sun 08/9/15, 12:25pm 242389
  Is the Korah of Psalm 45:1 the same Korah of Numbers 16, that was swallowed by the earth?
18 what is the unity of God (?)Answered NT general teona Fri 08/7/15, 1:19pm 242387
  true or false the unity of God Means there are three Gods
19 How to explain seeing a ghost? (?)Answered Heb 9:27 Aroundthebend Wed 08/5/15, 4:03pm 242381
  A few years back, my daughter an her friends all described what looked like a ghost around a creek in our neighborhood. She believes to this day it was a ghost. How is this explained?

20 Salvation (?)Answered John 3:16 LiAlva Wed 08/5/15, 7:31am 242383
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