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Wed 11/26/14, 12:18am [CT]  

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Results from: Answered Questions
On or After: Sun 11/16/14 ordered by Date
Results Type Verse Author Date ID#
1 Woman's place in Heaven (?)Answered Bible general Fields Mon 11/24/14, 8:46am 241504
2 Women and Heaven (?)Answered Bible general Fields Mon 11/24/14, 8:42am 241502
  Women and Heaven
3 water to wine means drinking O.K.? (?)Answered Gen 1:1 gbrainard5575 Sun 11/23/14, 11:45am 241491
  Jesus turning water into wine an argument for drinking?
4 Pastors have Evil thoughts? (?)Answered Amos 1:1 havohej Sat 11/22/14, 5:55pm 241492
  Do pastors have evil thoughts about people sometimes?
5 # of children did Esau have? (?)Answered 1 Chr 1:35 havohej Sat 11/22/14, 5:52pm 241489
  How many children did Esau have in total?
6 Being tested vs. being tempted. (?)Answered James 1:13 Olga Lena Sat 11/22/14, 6:57am 241486
  God tested people's faith (i.e. Abraham). Is there a difference between being tested and being tempted?
7 Jesus went to God immediately? (?)Answered John 20:17 00123 Thu 11/20/14, 9:21pm 241480
  Your second sentence has no biblical ground but sounds like your own wishes. Speak by the Word plz. Anyhow, are you saying that Jesus went to God Father immediately upon His death?
8 Parents eating their children? (?)Answered Jer 19:9 roseyacresfarm Thu 11/20/14, 7:23pm 241482
  where in the bible does it talk about Parents eating there children?
9 Isn't Paradise the Heaven? (?)Answered John 20:17 00123 Wed 11/19/14, 8:53pm 241474
  In Luke 23:43 Jesus tells a thief on the cross that they would be in Paradise on that day. But in this verse Jesus says he has not ascended to Father yet. Then, isn't Paradise the Heaven? Where was Jesus between the death and the resurrection?

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