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Results from: Answered Bible Questions
On or After: Wed 02/11/15 Ordered by Date
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1 Help me understand the bible (?)Answered Genesis Adien22 Wed 02/3/16, 7:53pm 242904
  I believe in God and I believe in heaven. But I've recently finished reading the bible for the 3rd time and I can't help feeling it just isn't true.

God kills so many people and demands others to kill in his name.
God's 10 commandments says murder is a sin and punishable by death, yet right after Mosses wrote that down he murders half of his people just for worshiping a golden cow (that they didn't know was a sin since Mosses hadn't come down with the commandments yet)
And then there are so many contradictions. I just don't know. Can someone help me understand this? Do I NEED the bible to love God? Or can I just love God without it?
2 Is this a broken promise? (?)Answered Deut 28:68 Germ115737 Sat 01/23/16, 9:42am 242884
  Why is God saying here that he will do something that he said he would never do again?
3 SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH (?)Answered Col 3:13 FytRobert Sat 01/23/16, 7:27am 242887
4 SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH (?)Answered Bible general FytRobert Sat 01/23/16, 7:19am 242885
5 How to vote Biblically (?)Answered Bible general justme Thu 01/21/16, 3:12pm 242880
  Should Christians expect a person running for president to be a Christian? Would it be better to select a person who have experience over faith? What Biblical passages should I consider in voting?

6 was the snake in Adam and eve Lucifer? (?)Answered Genesis ibvince Tue 01/19/16, 1:17am 242876
  was the snake in Adam and eve Lucifer?
7 generations leading up to esther (?)Answered Bible general reneeevans1 Mon 01/18/16, 5:26am 242872
  The three royal generations leading up to our time frame in Esther 1:1
8 Whose glory is being sought? (?)Answered 1 Sam 4:3 Mommapbs Fri 01/15/16, 5:06am 242866
  Greetings Ed, it seems to me that this is not so much about the sin of the priests as it is a judgement of God on His people. Please note that this decision was not reached by the priests, but rather the elders of Israel. The man of God (2:27) announced God's judgment against the house of Eli and his descendants (v. 30) which gives us this warning as well: 'I will honor those who honor Me but those who despise Me will be disgraced.' My original question is about the elders. How did their action dishonor the LORD? My thinking here is that the elders believed that by bringing God into the situation the outcome would change. It did not. I suspect that we may be guilty of the same misunderstanding. God is about His glory first. Might we also cloak our self-centered desires in a similar manner as these elders? Of course God wants me to be rich . . . think of all I could do for Him then. Whose glory are we really seeking? Thankfully, in the end, God is glorified when we finally lay to rest the idol of self.
9 SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH (?)Answered Acts 4:1 FytRobert Thu 01/14/16, 6:12pm 242862
10 What went wrong? (?)Answered 1 Sam 4:3 Mommapbs Thu 01/14/16, 4:44am 242861
  The outcome of this advice was disastrous for Israel as we read in vv. 10-11 that Israel was once again defeated and the Ark of the LORD was captured. What was wrong with their thinking and what might illustrate that this misunderstanding of God still persists?
11 how many did God forgive the Israelites (?)Answered Jer 32:30 jim 206 Mon 01/11/16, 6:41am 242855
  how many times did the children of Israel stray from God?
12 Thanks EdB (?)Answered Bible general John C Mon 01/4/16, 4:55pm 242844
  Thank you EdB for taking the time to answer. As you state it, they would be the books called the Apocrypha I had in mind, not being sure of the correct terminology to use. Also now I would include the Deuterocanonical books not having known they too exist.

I did search, but I believe under "Books of Wisdom". I found some information, but not much. I will try again under the more exact terminology.

You wouldn't know of a good short book I can get on this subject?
13 Books of Wisdom (?)Answered Bible general John C Sat 01/2/16, 8:08am 242842
  Can someone explain why particular "Books of Wisdom" are canonical in some faiths and not others.
14 parallel bible message amplified (?)Answered Bible general zteevao Sat 01/2/16, 1:01am 242840
  I am looking for a parallel bible containing MESSAGE and AMPLIFIED and any 2other translations such as nkjv or NIV.
15 SEEKING FOR THE TRUTH (?)Answered Acts 4:1 FytRobert Thu 12/31/15, 11:28pm 242836
16 can a jew in the old testament go to hea (?)Answered Acts 4:1 thebobby2044 Mon 12/28/15, 3:38am 242822
  can a jew in the old testament go to heaven
17 can a jew in the old testement go to hea (?)Answered Matt 1:1 thebobby2044 Mon 12/28/15, 3:33am 242821
  can a jew from the old testament go to heaven
18 why did judas betray jesus (?)Answered Luke 22:3 thebobby2044 Mon 12/28/15, 3:22am 242824
  why did judas betray jesus
19 The WORD for today (?)Answered Bible general justme Thu 12/24/15, 9:18am 242828
  For many years I have posted I wish all of you on the Study Bible Forum

MERRY CHRISTMAS May we always remember that God coming in the form of a baby is a wonder beyond our understanding. Surely the greatest wonder of all is why would Gods ONLY SON die on a cross and pay for each of our sin's and rise from death, why does He love us so? Who really can truly grasp the awesomeness of God as a baby, or Jesus paying the price to redeem us ? Who can explain the trinity, or how He hears our prayers let alone answers them? Who can understand how the Holy Spirit prays with groaning's for us? How does the Holy Spirit can convict and teach us? Bigger yet is why does He love me and you? We as FOLLOWERS respond to our LORD by FAITH. The Lords Mercy and Grace are constant never can we truly come close to doing anything but accepting all these things but only by FAITH.

Once more dear brothers and sisters oh thank God that we can say with deep appreciation


20 what happened to OT people who died befo (?)Answered Luke 16:19 barco Wed 12/23/15, 9:30am 242817
  What happened to people in old testament days
before the birth of Christ when they died? We
are taught that we have to accept Jesus..His blood
shed at Calvary to go to heaven. What about the
ones in the old testament who died never knowing
Jesus and His blood shed for our salvation. Did
they just die and were buried. Or are they in
Heaven now? Or will they wait for the Rapture and
then be raised up into Heaven or thrown into Hell?
I have had this is question I cannot find an answer for.
Hope you can help. I have my pastor working on this
also. Thank you for your answers to this.
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