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Wed 09/17/14, 11:37pm [CT]  

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1 Trinity (?)Answered Bible general Dixieland Wed 09/17/14, 2:29pm 241247
  When the Word became the flesh,were Jesus and God still one, or was the Trinity separated for a short while? Since God was in Heaven, and Jesus was on earth as a man.
2 is Ryrie Study Bible 1995 edition still (?)Answered Bible general sonnyboyfromnm Mon 09/15/14, 10:28am 241241
  is it still possible to get the Ryrie Study Bible 1995 edition my Pastor needs one. THANKS
3 what does redemption mean? (?)Answered Bible general cenglish Mon 09/15/14, 7:16am 241238
  what does redemption mean?
4 What Defiles the Holly Spirit (?)Answered Mark 9:1 frankextra Sun 09/14/14, 9:45am 241228
  List what defiles the Holly Spirit that lives within the Saved Christian.
5 tattoo's on my body and the Holly Spirt (?)Answered 1 Cor 3:17 frankextra Sun 09/14/14, 9:32am 241230
  does it defile the temple of the Holly Spirit to have a tattoo put on my body ?
6 what is the meaning of long suffering (?)Answered Bible general Sat 09/13/14, 5:02pm 241225
  what does long suffering referring to in the bible?
7 how old Jesus was (?)Answered Bible general sonofmom Sat 09/13/14, 4:44pm 241234
  Is there any source that presumes to know how old Jesus was when He died? or even the year of His birth?c
8 To who did God speak to? (?)Answered Bible general Archive 4 Carol Mills Sat 09/13/14, 9:12am 241218
  Looking fpr examples for Sunday Scullo class
9 Was cain fathered by the serpant? (?)Answered Gen 4:2 Arabra Sat 09/13/14, 8:46am 241220
  Were Cain and Abel born at the same time? Did Adam father them both?
10 Number of Parables Jesus used to teach (?)Answered NT general Ms. C. Grace Fri 09/12/14, 12:37pm 241236
  How many parables did Jesus use in teaching about the Kingdom of God.
11 is the bible really came from GOD? (?)Answered 2 Tim 3:16 patipati Tue 09/9/14, 6:21pm 241192
  what evidence do we have that the bible really came from God?
12 what evidence the bible really came from (?)Answered 2 Tim 3:16 patipati Tue 09/9/14, 5:44pm 241194
  what evidence do we have that the bible really came from God?
13 bible verses for gambling (?)Answered Bible general Archive 1 Essie Tue 09/9/14, 3:52pm 241189
  where in the bible does it says gambling is wrong?
14 What are all the angles names mentioned (?)Answered Bible general Soupguy Tue 09/9/14, 1:09pm 241197
  Hello, How many angels were given names in the Bible?
15 were in the bible does it say satin is t (?)Answered Bible general curl Mon 09/8/14, 3:51pm 241183
  were in the bible does it say satin is to and fro before the father
16 Who are the characters in Matt 18:23-35? (?)Answered NT general GreatBigBore Mon 09/8/14, 1:23pm 241185
  My question is about the characters in the story of the unmerciful servant that begins at Matthew 18:23. I am not clear on how many authority figures there are in the story. There is mention of a "king", a "master", and a "servant's master". Is this one person, or two, or three?

Jesus says that the kingdom of heaven is like a king settling accounts. A man with a large debt is brought to the king, but after that, the king is no longer mentioned. The rest of the parable tells of the "master" and the "servant's master".

The servant begs "the master" for mercy, and the "servant's master" cancels the debt. But if the debt was owed to the king, how can the servant's master cancel it? Alternately, if the servant's master was the actual person who owed the money to the king, how could the servant's master cancel the debt?

Is there some cultural context that could help me to understand this parable?
17 torment in hell annihilation in the lake (?)Answered Rev 19:20 allisraelsaved Sun 09/7/14, 9:21pm 241178
  is it possible that the beast and the false prophet are kept alive in a devouring
fire in the lake of fire, by the power that
satan had given them. and they wont be destroyed until satan is thrown into the
lake of fire which is the same type of fire that comes down from heaven. then with satan destroyed no more power so the beast
and the false prophet are destroyed.
18 I cant narrow it down that much sorry (?)Answered NT general whattoputhere Sun 09/7/14, 8:09pm 241176
  the recounts of resurrection morning vary greatly Matt and Mark are similar and Luke and John are similar but pair them off and they are very diff Can anyone explain why
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