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Fri 10/31/14, 6:45pm [CT]  

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Results from: Answered Questions
On or After: Tue 10/21/14 ordered by Date
Results Type Verse Author Date ID#
1 who is babylon in revelation 18? (?)Answered Rev 18:2 ReaditBelieveit Fri 10/31/14, 6:17pm 241436
  In Revelations 18, who or what is "babylon" referring to?
2 Tongues bibilical for today? (?)Answered 1 Cor 13:8 howell Thu 10/30/14, 3:02pm 241433
  My son asked me about the gift of tongues. I am really familiar and thought I would ask your biblical opinion the it. I know that it first occurred during Pentacost. Is it old testament and not an active gift in new testament times? I have only heard it occur once about 30 years ago.
It was to minister to others at Pentacost in "their" language I thought. There is supposedly to be an interpreter. Just need some clarification if it is relevant today.
3 Rev. 3:16 mean, I will vomit You out (?)Answered Bible general Nora Tue 10/28/14, 11:22am 241429
Revisar.3:16. What deos He mean by I will vomit You out of my mouth?
4 Rev. 3:16 (?)Answered Rev 3:16 Nora Tue 10/28/14, 11:17am 241427
Revisar.3:16. What deos He mean by I will vomit You out of my mouth?
5 provide assurance in lfe (?)Answered John 14:1 SUPPENNY Sun 10/26/14, 8:07pm 241423
  in john 14:1-7 describe how the passage could provide assurance in my life
6 What should we learn from the story of T (?)Answered Genesis Nickey Sun 10/26/14, 4:58pm 241421
  What should we learn from the story of Tamar?
7 Is Tamar a seductress or a survivor? Why (?)Answered Genesis Nickey Sun 10/26/14, 4:41pm 241417
  Is Tamar a seductress or a survivor? Why or Why not?
8 Chapter 38 1-30 (?)Answered Genesis Nickey Sat 10/25/14, 6:10pm 241414
  What is the theme\message from Tamarís story?
9 Genesis 38 (?)Answered Matt 1:3 Nickey Sat 10/25/14, 6:06pm 241412
  How was Tamarís life, significant to Jesusí genealogy
10 is it sin to gamble or play lottery (?)Answered Bible general Wed 10/22/14, 3:03pm 241406
  is it sin to gamble
11 1 peter 3:17 did peter grow stronger (?)Answered 1 Pet 3:17 ingrid kates Wed 10/22/14, 12:37pm 241404
  1 peter 3:17 did peter grow stronger after these failures?
12 married for different reasons? (?)Answered Bible general Baytaylors Tue 10/21/14, 1:56pm 241400
  I started reading the bible in 1998. I read in 1corinthians7 how it was better to marry than burn so I asked my girlfriend to marry me. I explained to her that I was not in love, I just wanted to remove as much sin out of my life that I could, namely sexual sins. She agreed and we seemed to be on the same page. We have been married now for 15 years and I have grown to love her whole heartedly. But after our one year of marriage she slowly began distancing her self sexually. We don't even sleep in the same bed. When we do have sex it's not feeling in it its more like a chore then something lovers do. I love my wife why else would I still be here and I'm not lusting for anyone else I just want my wife. So what am I to do? We have talk, I've shared scriptures with her and this distance between is is starting to have an affect on our kids. My 14 year old has told me twice that she doesn't think momma loves me. How do I combat this?

13 Is Nicodemus the rich young ruler ? (?)Answered NT general Enoch1637 Tue 10/21/14, 10:05am 241398
  Is Nicodemus the rich young ruler ?

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