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Results from: Answered Bible Questions
On or After: Tue 05/12/15 Ordered by Date
Results Type Verse Author Date ID#
1 We've been filled with the great treasur (?)Answered Bible general shunda Wed 05/20/15, 2:16pm 242228
  in the Bible what does it mean by our one purpose,to be spilled
2 divorce and deacons and pastors? (?)Answered 1 Tim 3:2 seeking bible truth Sun 05/17/15, 8:11pm 242224
  Hey you all let me start of by asking about can a man be divorced and be a deacon or a pastor? and i know that the references to scripture in 1 timothy 3:2 and it says husband to one wife which in greek means "mias gunaikos andra" ok i have heard the debates etc but if a man marries and is divorce and has not been remarried over 23 years that means he is still a husband of one wife. but also it says not to be divorced some people believe. 1 corinthians 7:8 talks about staying single. So my question is if a man is divorced and not remarried be able to be a deacon or pastor? Please keep the answers biblical and scriptual for i only seek the truth in this matter. but according to the greek translation of the word "husband to one wife"
3 tithing to the new testament believer (?)Answered Bible general Fri 05/15/15, 7:43am 242218
  tithing to the new testament believer
4 Reverential Fear of God (?)Answered Is 26:10 Olga Lena Fri 05/15/15, 5:43am 242216
  Many verses in the Bible state that we are to reverently fear God. What does it mean to REVERENTLY fear God?
5 Judgement of believers (?)Answered Matt 7:21 CDBJ Tue 05/12/15, 4:45pm 242207
  Are there any believers judged at the white throne judgement?

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