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Sun 04/20/14, 10:45pm [CT]  

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Results from: Answered Questions
On or After: Thu 04/10/14 ordered by Date
Results Type Verse Author Date ID#
1 rope on the priest ankle (?)Answered Ex 28:33 Triggger05 Sun 04/20/14, 8:12pm 240246
  The reason for the rope and bell around the ankle of the priest
2 How can I understand the Bible? (?)Answered Bible general WendyT Thu 04/17/14, 8:45pm 240235
  The Bible is vast and at times mysterious. At times I feel that I could study the Bible for the rest of my life and still gain only a small measure of the knowledge that is to be gained by reading the Word of God. What is the best way to study the Bible to gain a deeper knowledge? Are there resources that assist us in understanding more of what we read? Are there sources we can use that are guaranteed to have accurate historical information? How do I learn how to "rightly divide" the Word of God?
3 "foxes have dens and birds have nests bu (?)Answered Matt 8:22 Gladdish Thu 04/17/14, 1:13am 240231
  i came across some things that i didnt quite get the meaning of whilst reading through a passage in the bible and was hoping if someone can clear it up for me.
It's from Matthew 8:20-22 talking about the cost of following Jesus and the sentences i didnt get were "foxes have dens and birds have nests but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head" and "Follow me and let the dead bury their own dead". much appreciated
4 Can you give more info in support? (?)Answered NT general Flute Player Wed 04/16/14, 7:38am 240221
  Can you give more info in support?
5 Why Passover? (?)Answered Rev 5:12 Jalek Tue 04/15/14, 4:49pm 240212

Here is something I was wondering about the other day. Why did God choose the Passover for the time for when Christ would die for sins and not the Day of Atonement?


6 Do the original books exist (?)Answered Bible general Tue 04/15/14, 1:55pm 240209
  Is there any original books still in existence of the bible and how do you know that they are the real original writings and from who they came. I was under the impression that they had all wasted away.
7 Resurrection or Easter sunday? (?)Answered 1 Cor 15:32 justme Tue 04/15/14, 9:44am 240215
  Why do we say Easter, rather than Resurrection Sunday or someting like this?

I am concerned that easter is so connected with candy and colored eggs, and baskets with goodies that the real meaning is all but lost in the world outside the church.

I believe in our culture today most people have disconnected themselves from the Holy Day of Jesus Christ being alive as proof of His divinity.

Anyone else finding this hard to deal with in the church they serve. I find this can be a real issue to not hand out "easter baskets either durring the service or afterwards. I am not a pastor, but in the church we were going to the pastor made a big issue of handing out baskets durring the serivce.

8 how many books excluded? (?)Answered Bible general mikemurray1951 Tue 04/15/14, 7:40am 240205
  I would like to know how many books/testaments were excluded from the bible when it was first printed?
9 Is Mary Madelene Mary sister of Martha? (?)Answered NT general JayHat Sun 04/13/14, 7:03pm 240201
  Are Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus and Mary Madelene the same person?
10 what to tythe from (?)Answered 2 Cor 9:7 jadams Fri 04/11/14, 12:52pm 240188
  my father gave me 25,000 inheritance money ,i tythed 2,000 of it to 2 different churches , my question is this , when he gives me my inheritance from his estate do i have to tythe from that? its not an income ,it will be propertys and houses , and some moneys ,
11 When fasting can I drink coffee? (?)Answered Matt 6:16 bway Thu 04/10/14, 7:34pm 240181
  When fasting can I drink coffee?

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