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Results 1 - 2 of 2
Results from: Answered Bible Questions
On or After: Mon 06/22/15 Ordered by Date
Results Type Verse Author Date ID#
1 USA declares independence from GOD (?)Answered Ps 2:3 justme Fri 06/26/15, 5:26pm 242294
  June 26,2015 will be a day long remembered. Today the United States declared it's independence from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. In turning against the WORD of God has clearly said. The Supreme Court in the most ungodly statement they have declared homosexual's can be legally joined in an unholy union.

Bible believing pastors and Churches may soon find they are an open target for not allowing these unholy unions to take place on their campus.

I also believe the United States no longer is under the Lords protection, and calamities should be expected upon our land. God save the United States.

2 What is meaning of the meaning Passover. (?)Answered Exodus havohej Wed 06/24/15, 1:12pm 242287
  What is the meaning of the Passover. What does it represent.

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