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Results from: Answered Bible Questions
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1 Genbesis chpter 11 verse 1 why do evolu (?)Answered Gen 11:1 Rharris Fri 10/9/15, 1:47pm 242610
  Genesis Chapter 11 verse 1 why do evolutionists reject this verse?
2 where is suicide in Bible (?)Answered Bible general donut Fri 10/9/15, 6:54am 242612
  what does the Bible say about suicide and where are the scriptures
3 Cain feared who would kill him? (?)Answered Gen 4:13 jem2837 Mon 10/5/15, 7:28am 242602
  In Genesis 4:13-15, Cain is speaking with God about his punishment for killing his brother Abel. He say's that his punishment is to great for him to bear and so forth.
Cain's concern becomes what will happen to him if God banishes him. He goes on to express concern about becoming a vagabond on the earth. He worries about his demise if someone else finds him and wants to slay him.
He is one of the sons of Adam and Eve, the first two breathed into and or created of God and placed in the Garden of Eden.
Who was Cain afraid of being killed by? Was he not one of the sons born of Adam and Eve, the first humans God created?
4 Are we outside time when we die (?)Answered Revelation Jkitchens7 Fri 09/25/15, 6:12pm 242596
  In our bible study we are in the last 2 chapters of Revelation. I think we are outside time and space and in more than 3 dimensions. Others vehemently disagree are we outside time?
5 Is there chronolgical time in heaven (?)Answered Bible general Archive 3 Jkitchens7 Fri 09/25/15, 4:40pm 242588
  Is God bound by time and is time observed in heaven
6 who was the first father (?)Answered Gen 1:1 philipannyathenia Fri 09/25/15, 3:12am 242586
  who was the first father
7 What is the covenant of salt in 2 Chron (?)Answered Num 18:19 Al Takahashi Mon 09/21/15, 10:56pm 242576
  In 2 Chronicles 13 vs 5 .What is meant by the covenant of the salt?
8 What would you do? (?)Answered 2 Pet 2:13 justme Fri 09/18/15, 3:43pm 242567
  In recent days we have witnessed an elected State Official refuse to obey a Supreme Court order. That High Court decision violated what the elected officials Christian belief in what the Bible says to them.

this causes me to question what I would be willing to say "no that is against what the Bible says". I question at place and time will Churches in the United States have to defend what the Bible says against those who are anti-Christian, anti-church anti-Bible, anti-religion, anti-God?

I believe as Christians we are facing a time of oppression at the least.

The book FOXE'S BOOK OF MARTYRS is a book worthy of every Christian to peruse over once in a while. In FOXE'S BOOK OF MARTYRS many actual events of Christian's suffering for their faith are recorded for our encouragement to stay faithful. I feel that even today many are suffering for their steadfastness faith in the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Here is my question. If the United States government took away our religious freedom of speech, and worship, limiting what your Pastor can preach (example Romans 1) like what has happened in most countries in Europe and in Canada; what is your Biblically based belief, and thinking on what you should do? Please use Bible verses to base your answer.

9 Almost understanding? (?)Answered James 1:22 rikbrooks Fri 09/18/15, 11:33am 242557

PLEASE bear with me on this. I may be on the verge of understanding. Are you saying that the works is not what saves us but works are just the result of being saved?

Rik the Seeker
10 the Father sees us as the His Son-- vers (?)Answered NT general Mick R Thu 09/17/15, 1:50pm 242551
  Quite often a person trying to provide solace for someone who's lost a parent or child will say, "You now have an angel/your angel looking over you"

Scripture says we take on the "Body of Christ" and the Father sees us as the His Son-- I'm looking for that Bible verse and I'm stumped... Can you help?
11 What are Christ's commandments (?)Answered James 1:22 rikbrooks Thu 09/17/15, 9:56am 242547
  I'm not trying to get around anything. I grew up a Southern Baptist and I can remember in great precision a sermon during a revival where the visiting pastor said:

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life... not whosoever believeth in Him AND not smoke AND not cuss AND go to church every time the doors open AND AND AND"

I am not trying to 'get out of' anything but I'm honestly trying hard to understand what seems a contradiction. Am I the only one that feels this way? If so, what does everyone else understand that I don't? I pray every single day for guidance on this since the questions came up. I'm ready for something that I can understand.

On the other hand I'm also ready to be patient and get my personal revelation later if need be. Maybe something y'all said will help me understand some day in the near or distant future. Maybe it will be a seed that will sprout. I'm reading every answer prayerfully.

It may be impossible to get around John 14:15 but John 3:16 is kind of hard to get around too.

And about John 14:15... excuse my ignorance, as I say I'm just getting back into the Bible but what commandments are Jesus'? I saw only one, Love thy neighbor as yourself.

Rik the Seeker
12 1689 Confession 1st or second? (?)Answered NT general justme Wed 09/16/15, 8:46am 242540
  I have heard and read some mention about "THE LONDON BAPTIST CONFESSION OF FAITH" of 1689. When I looked it up, there is a second confession of the 1689 as well. I looked for a complete Confession to print from the web site. However what I found was a huge number of sections. Is there a place that has the confession where it can be printed? Is there a short summary version of the Confession?


13 Grace vs Works? (?)Answered James 1:22 rikbrooks Mon 09/14/15, 8:11am 242533
  Please excuse my ignorance but I'm just returning to the faith after many years. Today I read this verse about the difference in hearing and doing. “You must do what it says (the Bible). Otherwise you are only fooling yourselves”

Really? What about

God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can't take credit for this; it is a gift from God – Ephesians 2:8
We believe that we are all saved the same way, by the undeserved grace of the Lord Jesus – Acts 15:11

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and are justified by his grace as a gift. Romans 3:23-24

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life John 3:16

It didn’t say that whoever believes in him and does good works and do what the Bible says and control your tongue then you will be saved.

Yet James 1:26 says that if you don’t control your tongue then your religion is worthless.

I’m severely confused.
14 Holy Sprit in new teastament (?)Answered Bible general mikebarberee Fri 09/11/15, 7:48am 242529
  How and where in the New Testament is the Holy Sprit talked about
15 Heaven or sleep at death? (?)Answered 2 Cor 5:8 RayHerrington Wed 09/9/15, 2:43am 242524
  Do Christians go to sleep or go to Heaven when they die?
16 The world (?)Answered Bible general justme Mon 09/7/15, 10:34pm 242579
  I want to encourage everyone who is concerned about your future as a Christian in the united States to please view or listen to a very special message.

go to Titled "We Will Not Bow" dated 9-6-2015 As of this date only part 1 is there next week part 2 will be up.

This a vital look into the world we actually live in.

17 Who is God (?)Answered Bible general Stephon2605 Mon 09/7/15, 8:33pm 242521
  Who is God
18 More experienced translators needed... (?)Answered 2 Pet 3:10 Vamite Mon 09/7/15, 8:40am 242514
  I agree, More experienced minds are required!
And whilst usually i'd like to put it down to the expertise of those that have come before in this instance, for my learning and understanding I wish someone who understood translation could answer.
These very experienced translators already disagree. I've read criticisms and arguments on this translation, in fact even looking at the amplified version it changes the 'earth' to the 'whole universe'. Looking at several other versions it says 'the works will be revealed or found out.' instead of burnt up.
The only alteration I've made that doesn't already appear in english translations I've read is the 'Heavens will draw near' rather than pass away. See the word to pass away can mean to 'come to'.
If you understand the earth and heavens to be destined for destruction and you felt the tone of peter's writings headed towards utter destruction then of course you'd say 'pass away' but if you understood the second coming as a 'On earth as it is in heaven' type scenario. then I argue you'd translate it suggesting that on his return 'the heavens will come here with a loud noise'.

I'd love to have a critique of why these words have been rendered in this way rather than a blanket answer that says 'stop asking questions, they've already all been answered'.
I'd prefer to learn from this exercise and improve my reading of new testament greek with constructive feedback, I will bow of course to the weight of history and academia, but please, help me learn.
19 A Question on Greek translation! (?)Answered 2 Pet 3:10 Vamite Sun 09/6/15, 5:01pm 242512
  Having studied the greek I rendered the verse like this:

"But the Day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will draw near with a roar and the constituents [of everything] will be separated by fire and the earth and all the works in it will be found out."

I rendered it this way with the wider theology of renewed heavens and earth in mind. It was a academic exercise of how would you render this verse if it was taken as red that the author believed there would be no destruction of the earth and the earth would be remade. Under these circumstances my translation shifts the meaning of the verse to be about
the coming Judgement of God upon all the earth and the separation of the righteous and unjust. Which fits the wider context of the chapter.

I am still learning translation, So my question is to you biblical scholars.

what do you make of my translation? (NOT THE THEOLOGY). If you were to undergo the same exercise, how would you render the greek?
20 All sins pardoned, Mark 3;29 differs. (?)Answered Mark 3:29 Fred3 Sat 09/5/15, 6:23pm 242510
  The unforgivable sin described in the NT (Mark 3:29)
All sinners are forgiven except for blaspheming against the Holy Spirit.
Atheist in essence blaspheme by saying their is no God. It seems contradictory to the idea of Jesus dying on the cross for the forgiveness of ALL our sins. Please shed some light on this matter.
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