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Results from: Answered Bible Questions
On or After: Sun 12/6/15 Ordered by Date
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1 Will you please pray? (?)Answered Bible general justme Wed 11/9/16, 11:47am 243858
  How many of you are like me? I have prayed that the United States would turn from the liberal agenda of same sex marriage, abortion, and the immorality out nations leadership was taken our country down that steep slope.

I have like many Christians I know have prayed, and asked the LORD to please change the direction our country was going. In all honesty I doubted that God would have Mercy on the United States, and a change would occur. Even with me honestly asking the LORD for His help, I was afraid it was too late and the US had so turned againgt the Lord He would allow further destruction, because many had turned against the LORD

I believe if we as His Followers will continue to pray for our new President Trump, and those elected to serve, we will continue to see the LORDs forgiveness and restoration.

I thank the LORD for His SON JESUS CHRIST. I ask you and those who read this to pray for all those elected, and that we commit our selves to pray for those who do not know Jesus, and especially that those who are followers of Jesus will be a light to those around them.

I thank God for His Mercy upon our Country. Will you please pray for our leaders?
2 WHAT IS DISICPLESHIP? (?)Answered Luke 15:6 MOTHER BROWN Tue 10/25/16, 7:48am 243818
3 Do demons exist today? (?)Answered Bible general justme Sun 10/16/16, 8:07am 243768
  Demons. Jesus dealt with Demons. Some say there are no more now in our church age. I say yes the demons are active and present to day.

I have never, not once heard a sermon on "demons" in my 60 years as a Christ follower. Why are demons not brought out in sermons and how to make them leave?

I an totally convinced by Scripture followers of Christ can only be oppressed, not possessed by Demons. So in what ways do Demons oppress Christians? can you give examples where you think someone was openly possessed by a demon. Clearly they could not be a Christian, so who would you think of? I would say Hitler would be one.
4 As Christians should we openly support? (?)Answered Rom 13:1 justme Sun 10/16/16, 7:56am 243771
  Every four years the election of a President brings all kinds of view points. I have yet to see one where good meaning Christians done stand on opposite ends saying Jesus is on this side and not yours. The 2016 year election is even more so than other years. Liberty Universities president Dr. fawell has come out and stated who he supports for President.

There have been a larger number of well known Christian Leaders who have also come out to cast their support for the same person as dr. Fallwell. This has me bewildered, as the person they are backing seems to be questionable in regards to their faith in Christ being genuine.

With recent revelations about the person these Christian leaders are supporting in him having some serious character flaws that bring the genuineness of his faith, this seems to his supporters did not really know the person they stood behind.

Now comes the sticky wicket. When we as Christians give political support, aren't we saying as Christians we feel this person has the things we think a Christian should have?

For me I personally would rather say I stand for the Party which supports a pro life position, rather than casting my open support for a person who may come out with serious questionable character and moral flaws.

When we as a Christian leaders place our open support for anything that could cause shame to the name of Christ, I believe it behooves at least me, to be very careful in what, who or anything I openly support saying as a Christian I approve anything.

I am keenly aware of the many serious issues this Presidential has tied to it. I get how the next persons going to the Supreme Court are dependent on who gets elected as the President. I also see how Christians supporting both persons running have attacked each other, all using the word "Christian" as if God were on their side. Once again even though these are just working class people with not much influence they too are using Christ as proof of what seems to me as Christ is backing the person I support.

Here is my question; as a citizen and Christ follower just how much written and vocal support should we give? When is it acceptable to lend our faith in Christ to support a person running for any public office? Also if you are running for office is it wise to openly say you are a Christian when running for office. Should leaders in places of leadership, like a University come out and use your position to support a person running for election?

As a side note, I believe God will give the United States the person he feels will accomplish His will.

5 smile.amazon.com (?)Answered Acts 3:19 DocTrinsograce Tue 10/11/16, 5:17pm 243863
  If anyone cares to help, this might be of interest:

The Lockman Foundation is one of the charitable organization that can be chosen at smile.amazon.com

When you purchase something from Amazon Smile, a portion of the amount you pay will be donated to the organization that you choose.
6 principles of Jesus in mat 20:1-16 (?)Answered Matthew Jennifer Tue 10/11/16, 2:01pm 243760
  What are the principles of Jesus in Matthew 20:1-16
7 What are the principles of jesus (?)Answered Bible general Jennifer Tue 10/11/16, 10:50am 243757
  What are the principles of Jesus in verse 1-16
8 Did you do it until today (?)Answered NT general jlpangilinan Wed 10/5/16, 11:35pm 243744
  Did you do it until today? or just for like of reading it. Did you wash your brothers feet? when
9 Foot washing are still applicable today? (?)Answered NT general jlpangilinan Wed 10/5/16, 12:13am 243739
  Perhaps during that time this actions is applicable, as we can read in the Bible, Christ with his Disciple done a lot of walking to preach the Gospel.

Nowadays, preacher has Royce, Force, Ferrari, and sometimes has a private Jet, walking in red carpet with their luxurious shoes, for example the sandals/shoes of the popes are highly decorated with gold, no need for foot washing necessary.
10 Am I Biblically free to marry? (?)Answered Bible general Brr101373 Sun 10/2/16, 12:18pm 243733
Marriage 1 My wife had an affair and moved to another state
with her boyfriend. I desparately wanted to reconcile but after
two years of zero contact, I filed for divorce.

Marriage 2 This marriage lasted twelve years and we had
four amazing children. Within the first two years of our
marriage, my wife had an affair. I suspected the affair but it
was approximately nine years into our marriage that her
confession was made. Things were never the same. I was
very hurt and bitter but I grew up in a broken home and didn't
want that for my children. We were both miserable and often
discussed divorce but we both wanted to keep our home
together until the kids were out of school. I am not aware of
any additional affairs but she was very regularly dishonest with
me in other matters. She had battled a pornography addiction
that started at an unusually young age and continued in that
path. Connecting with her in meaningful, open conversation
proved to be hurtful every time. My most private
insecurities would be brought up to me by "friends of friends"
after trickling down from her. I became very closed off to her
and there was an enormous wall between us. The more I shut
her out physically and emotionally, the more she became
convinced I was having an affair. She told many of our friends
that I was. At the time, I was not but I confided in a woman at
work who was going through a very difficult time as well. We
became very close friends and within six months our friendship
had evolved into sexual intimacy. I filed for divorce and
pursued this new relationship.

Marriage 3 Approximately six months into this marriage, my
brother told me about Kyle Idleman's book "Not A Fan". I
became immersed in this book and for the first time in my life, I
was a follower of Christ. Everything about me was different
and I wanted to be the me God created me to be. I remember
it hitting me like a ton of bricks. Now what God? What do I do
about the marriage I am in? I LOVE this woman but can I
expect you to bless a relationship that had ultimatey started as
an affair? I was not content with simply justifying what we had
done by citing my previous wife's affair. I still had to own up to
my sin regardless of her sin. We both apologized to her and
asked for forgiveness. She apologized as well and the co-
parenting relationship among the three of us prospered as a
result. My wife and the children's mother became friends and
would even sit together at sporting events etc. Fast forward
about a year and a half. My wife's father was pastoring a non-
denominational church. He was a "fallen" Assembly of God
pastor who had had an affair with and married the worship
leader. My wife and I had been going to his church since the
beginning of our relationship. He had also served as my
counselor through my previous divorce. He was aware of the
affair I had with his daughter and supported it. He helped us
keep it hidden as we would go out of town on various weekend
trips with them. My wife and I were both on staff receiving a
weekly check although we did nothing more than show up for
church. Many aspects of this church had long been unsettling
to me but I ignored the conviction until I no longer could. I
prayed with my wife and asked that she be in continuued
prayer about us stepping down from our ministry positions for
a period of six months. I felt led of the Spirit to do so and that
we were to focus on our family and our individual relationships
with God. She became deeply offended and agreed that I
should, but she would not. Her father took the same position.
Our families became very divided but in the end, she became
involved with a friend of her dad's. He helped her hide the
affair just as he did when he was "on my side". She filed for
divorce and soonafter married this man.

I seriously had no intentions of ever marrying again. After
three failed marriages, you might wonder why I'm even
pondering this question. But here I am today. I met an
amazing woman who is a widow. We've been together a little
over a year and I love her deeply. She recently broke up with
me and her reason was that I am not Biblically free to marry.
At this point, it is my understanding she is dating someone
else and I have no expectations of her changing her mind. I
respect her convictions and I respect her interpretation of
scripture. This question is for me. I do feel absolute peace
about marrying again. Have I deceived myself?
11 What is the translation for 1 John 5:7 (?)Answered 1 John peaceful6 Fri 09/30/16, 11:28pm 243728
  Greek Interlinear Translation says in 1 John 5:7 a closer rendition to what is found in the King James Version, why does NASB leave off "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost:
and these three are one."

What is the word for word translation in Greek for 1 John 5:7?

I have been reading mostly NASB throughout my life and just ran across this possible discrepancy. I would love to hear your commentary.

Thank you,
12 Examples of common idiomatic usage? (?)Answered Matt 28:1 Cole209 Sun 09/25/16, 8:58am 243702
The Messiah said that 3 night times would be involved with His time in the "heart of the earth". However, there are those who believe that the Messiah died on the 6th day of the week and who think that the "heart of the earth" is referring to the tomb or at the earliest to the time between the leaving of His spirit from His body and His resurrection on the 1st day of the week. But this belief allows for only 2 night times to be involved. To reconcile this discrepancy some say that the Messiah was using common Jewish idiomatic language. If you are one of them, what examples are used to support that assertion that it was common; i.e., instances where a daytime or a night time was forecast to be involved with an event when no part of the daytime or no part of the night time could have occurred?
13 Titus 1:8 the word "holy"? (?)Answered Titus 1:8 justme Sat 09/24/16, 10:12am 243694
  Titus 1:8. In the list of what an Overseer must be the Greek text says "Holy" right after the word "just". The NASB the word "HOLY" is not there. I wanted to know what other versions either included the word "Holy" or left it out. Of the most commonly used and a few not so common versions my research was a little confusing. The KJV and the NASB left out "Holy", but the HCSB, ESV, NIV, and the 1611 KJV and the NKJV had the word "Holy. And to add to my wonder, the American Standard Version which the NASB is based on has the word "Holy'. But the KJV of 1778 and the NASB of 1960, and the Updated NASB does not have the word "Holy".

I wonder if anyone has some idea as to why when the Greek has the word "Holy", yet some versions have left it out? If the Greek did not have the word "Holy" this would be understandable, but its there.
14 David's sons' priestly status (?)Answered 2 Sam 8:18 azurelaw Tue 09/20/16, 6:05pm 243690
  "...David's son were chief ministers." The Hebrew also has the meaning of "priest(s)". According to Amplified 2015 Translator's Notes:Even though the Hebrew word for priests is used in this verse, David's sons would not serve as priests because they were from the tribe of Judah, not Levi. The ancient rabbis interpreted the statement to mean that the sons enjoyed some priestly privileges.

I also think it unlikely that David would assign his sons to the office of priest for they are not of Levi tribe. Interestingly, my newest revised Chinese Union Version discarded the word "chief ministers"in their old version and use "priests" instead.

I guess we might not get a definite answer as to whether they really took the priestly office or it is just an exaggerated expression by the author about their honorable status.

Now my question: Taken the Amplified 2015 Translators' note into consideration, anywhere in the Bible mentions about any priestly privileges enjoyed by David's sons?

Thank you and

15 What is evidentialism? (?)Answered Bible general Lionstrong Thu 09/15/16, 5:22pm 243642
  Rom. 1:18, "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse."
What is evidentialism and is there biblical support for it?
16 Are we to bless Israel? (?)Answered NT general justme Wed 09/14/16, 8:09am 243628
  The Jews of today living in Israel, are they seem by God as His special people? Are we today to bless them as the promise in the OT that if we bless them God will bless us? I hear this a good much of the time on some Christian radio prograns.

I am concerned as if anyone, including the Jews reject Jesus as their LORD they too will go to hell if they reject Christ.

17 SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH (?)Answered 2 Tim 2:15 FytRobert Tue 09/13/16, 1:38am 243622
18 The right Bible for you? (?)Answered Bible general justme Fri 09/2/16, 10:57am 243571
  In a recent question I began to question just what do Christians really know about the version of the Bible they are reading? For example the newest NIV (after 1985 version) is a mixture of the Todays NIV and the NIV making it a gender neutral, version which is a very liberal version of the Bible. The ESV is really a tweaking of RSV Bible. Bothe of these Bible fit well into the more liberal Denominations, and pastors.

All to often I have encountered believers who are unaware of what the words "liberal", "gender natural", "Formal Equivalence", "Dynamic or Functional Equivalence", and the newest description "Optimal Equivalence" and finally what a "Paraphrased" The Message is one such paraphrased Bible.

All to often people have no idea what kind of Bible they want. I have been friends with a Christian Book store owner. He has said many came into his store and really having no idea what translation of the Bible they wanted, if they wanted a Study Bible, or were surprised at the cost of Bibles. By far the most popular Bible was the NIV, even when he tried to show how much better the NASB, and some other translations were. Sadly the Bible that gets the most advertisement in Christian magazines is the NIV. ( as a side note I have seen the NASB more recently). I wondered and asked him what profit he made form his bookstore annually and he said he made less than 2 percent profit. the reason is people buy from Amazon, which sells more pornography than all other stores combined. He told me that such places buy huge amounts of Bible they can sell them cheaper than he bought them for. Will the Local Christian Book store be able to survive in the next ten years? By the way my friend lost almost seventy-five thousand dollars in ten years and went out of business last year.

What as Christians should we do? Buy from a national branded book store like Life Way, Family Book stores, Lemstone, or other local book store that has Bibles. Unless Christians begin to support especially local Christian Bookstores they may well go the way of so many stores that once were but no more.

The Bible I highly and completely recommend with no hesitation is the NASb and close to that is the Holman Christian Standard Bible. Why? they are Developed and translated by all Christian people who saw the Bible as God's inspired Word, Inerrant in the original manuscripts. Because they started with the right foundation the Bible translation the finished with is solidly dependable and trustworthy.

my last word is be careful when selecting your next Bible.

19 Dr. S. Franklin Logsdon (?)Answered Bible general m smith Tue 08/30/16, 1:47pm 243551
  Will you please deal publicly with the issue of Dr. S. Franklin Logsdon, who says he is one of the main translators of the NASB and also says it is a really really bad bible.

If you have an official statement, please have the courage of your convictions and publish it on your website.

Thank you,
20 ... (?)Answered Matthew maureenash Mon 08/22/16, 9:23pm 243509
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