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Tue 10/21/14, 2:42am [CT]  

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1 Sex before marriage ? (?)Answered Bible general justme Thu 10/16/14, 4:12pm 241394
  Did you know 63 percent of single Christian adults ages 18 to 59 believe sex before marriage is ok. I wonder if the real percent is even higher.

How does you pastor deal with singles and sex in his sermons?
2 Vessels to honor or dishonor (?)Answered 2 Tim 2:20 00123 Thu 10/16/14, 8:32am 241389
  Which one is this verse meaning: (1) only gold and silver vessels give honor to the Lord as they are cleansed ones and others are not or (2) any type of vessels can if it cleanses itself?
3 Theos - Adonai (?)Answered Bible general Rolff Tue 10/14/14, 1:37am 241385
  The name for God in the Greek NT is Theos. Does the LXX use Adonai? You have answered my question, but I will sleep better with this one footnote answered.
4 Jehovah's name (?)Answered Bible general Rolff Sun 10/12/14, 11:07pm 241379
  I was singing in church today and began to wonder if Jehovah (KJV) and Yahweh in the song was equal to the YHWH of the Hebrew language. Is this a made up word because God is too holy to use his name, or is this God's name in the text of Scripture?
5 The GENEVA BIBLE anything of interest? (?)Answered Bible general justme Sun 10/12/14, 7:14pm 241377
  The GENEVA Bible was the Bible that the early Christian arrivals in America used. The GENEVA Bible was the first Bible printed in the United States.

Why has this Bible fallen out of favor over the years? I think it would be wonderful if some Bible publisher refreshed the GENEVA Bible like Lockman did for the American Standard Version.

Does anyone have any more information about the Geneva Bible that would be worth sharing?

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