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Results from: Answered Bible Questions
On or After: Sun 05/24/15 Ordered by Date
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1 Free will, or ? (?)Answered Rom 9:16 justme Tue 05/24/16, 10:56am 243111
  Calvinists have used Romans 9 as one of several proof texts. Some who are not as dogmatic use Romans 10 as a reason to say that this chapter is where free will enters into the debate.

I am my self wondering just how deeply this really matters. I have tried to side step the debate on being called, which to me means after a person makes the choice to become a loyal follower of Christ Jesus. It seems to me the strong Calvinist is too strong. Can someone help me understand why free will is not free will as it seems to me Calvinists are saying?

2 How long is a Sabbath day walk? (?)Answered Acts 1:12 KingWellaz Tue 05/24/16, 4:58am 243113
  I would like some clarity on the distance translated as three quarter mile from the bibles description as "a sabbath day's journey" in Acts 1:12. How long is a Sabbath day ? How long would it take to walk three quarters of a mile, a whole sabbath day of walking? Thanks in advance.
3 Needing a good christian joke book (?)Answered Bible general justme Thu 04/28/16, 9:36am 243080
  I need a book with Christian jokes, can anyone suggest a good clean Christian joke book?
4 1 Chr 10:14 contradicts 1 Sam 28:6 (?)Answered 1 Sam 15:11 azurelaw Tue 04/19/16, 2:17am 243071
  1 Chr 10:14 mentioned that Saul did not inquire of the Lord, thus he was killed. However, this conclusion contradicts to the description on 1 Sam 28:6.

Can anyone explain? Your help is very much appreciated.


5 Did Abraham divorce Hagar? (?)Answered Gen 16:3 crewcat Mon 04/18/16, 12:12pm 243065
  Did Abraham divorce Hagar?
6 WAR ROOM (prayer room)? (?)Answered Bible general justme Fri 04/15/16, 6:06am 243058
  The movie WAR ROOM is an excellent tool for encouraging personal prayer. I personally have taken steps to reach out to family and friends to make a prayer room. I wonder where do you go to be in a special place to regularly pray? If so would you mind sharing it. I do not consider sharing a point of braging, but so we each might think of better ways to pray.

Have you found a special book besides the Bible that encourages prayer?
7 Test to.prove??? (?)Answered Rom 12:2 MIDWIFE Sat 04/9/16, 6:21pm 243045
  What does the bible mean when it says test to prove ?
8 Gen 1:28, Sex in the garden of Eden? (?)Answered Gen 1:28 Paula O. Thu 03/17/16, 10:24am 243018
  When God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply in Genesis 1:28, did that mean they had sex in the garden of Eden? (It doesn't say that Adam layed with his wife until Chapter 4.)
9 Uriah the Hittite in Christ's lineage? (?)Answered Matt 1:6 Brent Douglass Mon 03/14/16, 5:53pm 243009
  Is there any way that Jesus could be considered a descendant of Uriah, with David occupying the place of the responsible brother with Uriah's widow (based on Uriah being apart from his family as a Hittite given to David's service and brought to his death at David's hand for David's sin)? This would make Solomon Uriah's legal son before God. Is this impossible, or would this be a reason for the mention of Uriah here as a foreigner?
10 Is Jesus addressing his mother abnormal? (?)Answered John 2:4 RaquelG Sun 03/13/16, 4:48pm 243004
  I know this seems irrelevant, but Jesus addressing his mother as "Woman" seems disrespectful. Is this just because the word he uses' translation into English is awkward, or is this meant to sound like a rebuke? Does anyone know a little about the verse's cultural context?
11 Why does Jesus say this? (?)Answered John 1:47 RaquelG Sun 03/13/16, 4:36pm 243003
  Why does Jesus say this? Are Israelites normally considered deceitful?
12 10 kings and beast goal in revelation (?)Answered Rev 1:17 bigman65 Fri 03/4/16, 9:05am 242991
  what is the one goal of the 10 kings and the beast
13 revelation 17 6-14 angel explain to john (?)Answered Rev 1:17 bigman65 Fri 03/4/16, 8:49am 242990
  what did the angel explain to the astonished john in revelations
14 Creation of the universe and life (?)Answered Bible general Hash_tag Sat 02/27/16, 6:29pm 242975
  Of course dr so,the rapture can in any era of time and God controls the future.Will the rapture be only on earth if there are other non earthly civilizations that God had created.Did he just create humans and life on earth because the Scriptures do not directly address the question of alien beings. The Bible does not explicitly confirm or deny the existence of intelligent life from other planets. Although the subject is not addressed explicitly, the Bible teaches implicitly that the only things He created with intelligence are the angels, man, and the animals.Can you tell me if there is life somewhere in space (which God had created)
15 Earth's fate (?)Answered Bible general Hash_tag Sat 02/27/16, 10:57am 242972
  Isnt the nature of science and bew discoveries of science proving the revelation of the earth written in the bible wrong?maybe not today,but a thought came to me about the future whether the world will end or not.As in 2012,where people thought that the world will end but here we are it is 4 years since 2012.Although God created everyrhing(including science),science tells us that earth will end either by crisis on the earth by humans,pollution,wars,diseases,etc or it might end by asteroid impacts,planetery crisis due to pollution,dying of our sun,etc.So, what if the earth ends in either of these reasons before the opening of the scrolls? CONCLUSION- And technology is improving month by month,who knows what will happen 2 decades from now? Scientists say that by 2020 or later,every family will have at least 1 cancer patient,earth might end sooner than i thought...but if we do not create a better earth for us by ending global warming or eradicating dangerous diseases, earth's resources will be depleted..and we can become an extinct race.People will live on other planets 2 decades from now (as nasa states it), isnt that sinful?,living on another planet? The bible did not mention anything about this...so what will happen if earth ends and there are still humans living on other plantes by terraforming? Please add your notes for discussion about our fate.
16 Biblically waht is the difference? (?)Answered Bible general justme Thu 02/25/16, 1:04pm 242968
  What is the difference between Eastern Orthodox and Protestant beliefs in general?

Thank you for your help.

17 The Jews Have No Biological Genesis (?)Answered Bible general f4ufighter Tue 02/23/16, 8:34am 242961
  Does "A Jewish Race," actually exist esp. re the following evidences?

While there exists the first: Edomite, Israelite, Arab, et all - no first Jew has ever existed

The word "Jews," falls out of Left Field, in The King James et al, for the first time, at 2nd Kings 16-6. The Israelites have-lived nearly 1000 years, as a Formal people with no mention of the word "Jew" - In my Bible (NASB - et al) the word is Judeans - which is not a racial reference but a reference to "all the peoples," that King Ahaz was driving out of The Land

The Jews have-never established even one "Formal nation," of their own wherewithal and volition

The Jews have "no tribes"

The Jews have "no biological," genetic-genesis

The Jews are not "a mass," of people as the "stars in the sky," or the "sands of the seas"

Jesus, over and over, refers to "the Jews," as "the Jews," i.e. as-if HE IS Not one

More and more it seems that "the Jews," is an invention of The King's English

"The Jews," have no biological genesis

Note: this is the short list

Could "the Jews," today, actually be "the Edomites," esp re Esau-Red-Edom's warfare with Jacob-Israel - even ongoing today as Esau-Red-Edom is very close to establishing his-own World Order?

Thanks for any consideration, of this matter - this matter is foundational to the current paganization of America and her sister nations

Ron Stauffer

Laurel Ms

18 Matthew 27:3 Question (?)Answered Gen 32:12 PtolomeysoterI Mon 02/22/16, 5:37pm 242959
  My question is about Judas and the accuracy of the Amplified Bible Classic Edition (AMPC) vs the Amplified Holy Bible (AMP).

In Matthew 27:3 the verses differ so much...

3 When Judas, His betrayer, saw that [Jesus] was condemned, [Judas was [a]afflicted in mind and troubled for his former folly; and] with remorse [with little more than a selfish dread of the consequences] he brought back the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders,... (AMPC)

3 When Judas, His betrayer, saw that Jesus was condemned, he was gripped with remorse and returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders,... (AMP)

Clearly these two versions paint quite a different picture of Judas... Which is correct?
19 Fool means what exactly here.? (?)Answered Matt 5:22 Winefred Sun 02/21/16, 4:26am 242949
  Why is 'You fool' such an insult to be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell? Is this technically a different Greek word than the word used 'fool' throughout the rest of the bible?
20 Info, on Christ'st Ressurection (?)Answered 2 Thess 2:3 Bill Graves Sun 02/21/16, 4:05am 242948
  How can I receive A study on Christ' resurrection ?
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